Dusri Biwi- Episode 19

Forgive me for questioning the obvious but where does THAT happen? You know, one of the numerous detestable things about this play has to be the fact that it’s extremely difficult (read impossible) to relate to! I mean, when does a man hand over his nawaasa to the woman who happens to be his daughter’s sautan? I would, for the first time EVER, pat him on the back for admitting it aloud that yes, Aisha has been through a lot and this situation is traumatic for as well but this sudden and I would definitely say, HUGE change in his approach is staggering because wasn’t he blaming Aisha for ruining his daughter’s life the other day?

Aisha is not a bechari and I don’t feel a thing for her. There, I said it. I know that she has been going through extreme circumstances and her once ideal, perfect world confined to Hassan has been shattered but my question was, is and always will be: what has she done for herself? Hassan & Farah’s parents- it seems like they all had the license to pour out their frustrations on her and she just listened to them with this painful frown of hers, when it was she who should have given THEM a piece of her mind!

Saman, you got your wish! I hope you’re happy now. It seems like Saman’s obsession with her BHAI was so powerful that it blinded Aashi and now, mommy dearest is lattu over this little guy too! If I heard them right, she named him Raahim. Mehmaan tou who hota hai jo janay kay liye ata hai aur yeh tou hamesha meray paas rahayga. And that’s more of a reason why I have this growing fear that they will show Biwi No.1 & 2 living happily ever after.

Pata nahe chalta kay Aisha khush hai ya udaas. I commend the wise duo (Bhai and Bhabi) for saying it aloud because to be very honest, I too am clueless as to WHAT makes Aisha happy? When Farah was unconscious, she was afraid kay Hassan adhooray hogaye and now that Farah has regained her consciousness, she is crying kay ab Hassan mukammal ho gaye! You know, more than the leads, I really want Bhai and Bhabi to have their happy ending because they most certainly deserve it.

I just want this purposeless drama to end and I really hope that the next episode is the second last episode because it’s not even gaining much TRPs so what’s the point?

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Maryam Mehdi



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