Dusri Biwi- Episode 6

Well, I have lost count of all the dusri-biwi-type plays I have watched but have I ever come across a Biwi No.1 as gullible as Aisha? NO! I for one have never seen her THINKING about Hassan’s sudden aloofness. She is actually shown sympathizing with him?! Look, I have got nothing against wives who are NOT shukki and trust their husbands to death. But the writer here wants all the women to know: if you can’t interrogate (sorry, that’s the only word I could think of :P) your husband like a typical, shukki wife, you are bound to lose him to the ‘other’ woman! And what’s worse is that I feel the writer also wants us to sympathize with Hassan because she is trying to portray that it’s not his fault if he’s in love with two women at the same time! My God! Hassan is lying through his teeth and *sighs* Aisha falls for his lies every single time.  Dear Hassan, when you love someone, you don’t cheat on them like that.


Amir is back into action with flaring nostrils but I hold Farah and her parents responsible for his frustration because he was known for his short temper and obsessive nature. Despite being aware of that, they ditched him one week before the wedding so what else do you expect? Amir needs to get a life! Doesn’t he have a job or something?

Okay so Farah turns out to be way too faint-hearted and a few threats from Amir were enough to give her goose bumps. Hey, if she was so timid, I wonder why she didn’t think about changing her cell phone before tying the knot with Hassan. Also, Hassan is a rich guy so how about hiring a security guard? The reason why ARY is not churning out masterpieces is that they’re way too busy with the promos! Farah’s sister came in for a late night visit and in the promos they made it seem as if Ted Bundy is rising from the dead LOL!


In my last review I talked about how Farah is proving to be a saabir, docile Biwi No.2. Her outburst today didn’t come off as a total surprise because obviously, Hassan is having a hard time juggling multiple priorities. Hassan’s approach is anything but fair, however, Farah always knew what she was signing up for. But it took a couple of monologues for our titular character to realize that she is wrong and her piya is right.
Throughout the episode, I was trying to work out what is soooo strikingly amazing about Hassan that two pretty, educated, confident women would do absolutely anything to earn his nod of approval? If you have it figured out, please enlighten me!

I think Amir will enlighten Aisha as to what Hassan’s trips to ‘Islamabad’ (ahem) are all about and I am so with him on this one LOL!

I am in love with the OST and it is apt in regards to the mindset of our Biwi No.1 and 2 :P Ohh and, it’s not like Hassan can’t afford electricity but why is his house soooo dark and gloomy ughh?!! And yes, maybe I noticed it too late but Aisha’s smile is so cute <3

Last but not the least, someone please do something about the twirling in the opening sequence. Its way toooo lame and cringe-worthy!!


Maryam Mehdi



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