Chup Raho – Episode 19

After the rather “quiet” episode last week, Chup Raho returned this week with plenty of screaming and some violence! Isn’t it ironic that a play titled Chup Raho is actually so loud! After kicking Rameen out of his house Numair managed to get rid of Azar too! All of us already guessed that Numair’s business was bound to suffer a big loss because Azar was not in the right state of mind to run a business. Well, I am sure we are all glad that he is finally out of the house because there was absolutely no reason for him to continue living with Numair and Manal in the first place. I wonder why Azar kept on insisting that Naila had cancer but all the conversations about Naila’s illness suggested that she has a serious disease. Numair’s plans to take his daughter abroad for treatment will not be materialized now because he might not have the resources to take his daughter to another country.

Rameen falling for Zarina’s kasams and walking on the road in the middle of the night with that T-shirt and jeans on was beyond unbelievable. A girl from her background won’t even feel comfortable wearing such an outfit at home let alone in public! Why does Rameen care so much about Azar even now? There was absolutely no reason for her to approach Azar but she did not only approach him but was also genuinely concerned about him! How can she go on loving someone who has let her down in more ways than one? Does she blame herself still even after everything that Azar did? Rameen found out about Naila’s condition from the lady who works in Manal’s house but she never called her sister although I would have expected Rameen to do just that since she has such a big heart! I am surprised that Rameen has her phone with her because I don’t remember her carrying her phone when she was thrown out of the house.

When Azar knocked at his sister’s door, it seemed like it was very late in the night mainly because of the reaction from his sister and also because Azar crossed paths with Rameen. Rameen told Madam that Zarina goes to the factory from 12 till 5 in the morning but later on we were shown Azar having dinner with his sister and husband like it was dinner time! Zarina was smoking while Rameen and Madam were talking, I am sure anyone can smell a cigarette from such a distance but Madam did not have a clue that someone was smoking just a few steps away from her!

Tonight when Zarina found out about Rameen’s background and after the conversation she had with Rameen it seemed like she was going to have a change of heart but the preview of the next episode suggested something completely different. How can someone who has been betrayed by her own sister trust a friend (more like someone Rameen barely knows) the way Rameen trusts Zarina? It would have been far more convincing if Rameen was being forced into going out with Zarina instead of being convinced that she can do her no harm! I am looking forward to Yasir Nawaz’s character’s return in the next episode. Numair told him a lot about Rameen so he must know her by name as well. Will he prove to be the night at the end of the tunnel? Will Azar kill himself? These are the questions the preview of the next episode left me with.

Honestly speaking I have come to the conclusion that there is no point of trying to make sense out of this play, I am watching it to see how things work out for Rameen and whether Numair especially gets to pay for his mistakes or not!

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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