Zidd – Episode 03!

Haha, to be honest, I enjoyed watching Zidd tonight. This episode was a blend of grave & funny situations that are often seen happening in a typical shadi wala ghar, where each & everyone is involved & contributes to the wedding in their own way.

So, Saman is all about honesty. Like I sussed, she wanted a right to file for divorce in her marriage contract. Saman took a right stand but like always, her way was wrong & just because she was well aware of the fact that none of her family member would understand what she was asking for, she decided to take situation in her hands. Her father took a firm-hand at her obviously because he couldn’t deal with her anymore as Saman has lost her credibility & he was by no means ready to support her. Where it did look like she’d surrender to her father’s order but by the end of the day, she did what she deemed fit only after she got the assurance from Omar that she wanted. It was only a matter of one question & she sealed the deal. I like Saman for the fact that she is very blunt, bold & straight forward. Yes, people like her often face repercussions for being honest but Saman feels she can never let go of her honesty & I like her character for that.

As expected, Omar’s family came to Pakistan to shop for a typical, shareef, desi & rooted sort of a bride for Omar but they were taken aback by Saman’s personality because she is anything but that. She is headstrong, opinionated & exactly the girl Omar’s mother didn’t want him to get married to. I was pleasantly surprised by the way Omar & his father reacted because they didn’t find anything odd in the demand Saman put forth. She was lawfully entitled to what she asked for & they didn’t seem to mind. Omar’s father Suhail thought she was different but good & Omar liked her for her honesty which was great.

Saman also decided to let the big secrets out. She felt it was Omar’s right to know everything about Saman’s life because she couldn’t live with the burden of hiding something from him. Obviously, it looked like Omar was shocked with what he heard as he was expecting Saman to have a clean slate but after watching the preview of next episode, I think Omar felt he was cheating Saman who knows nothing but honesty because he was carrying a baggage of guilt as he was hiding something himself. I found it very interesting that being a girl, Saman was gutsy enough to speak openly about the decisions she has made in her life while Omar being a liberal guy from USA couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth before getting married to her.

I think it was for the first time that we got to see Saman’s jovial side which I enjoyed watching the most; otherwise she is always seen as an angry bird that is unhappy & irritated. She actually seemed amused at how Omar reacted when she laid bare her secrets in front of him. I also enjoyed watching the scenes of Sonia, Raza & Appu when they were discussing the decoration of Saman’s room. Another scene that was done brilliantly was of the misapprehensive conversation between Omar & Saman’s fathers. I am sure Suhail would be speaking about something entirely different but just because Saman’s father knows that Saman hasn’t done anything to make him proud, he therefore acted like a person who is guilty for something but doesn’t want to admit. The acting of both the fathers was brilliant in that particular scene & it was written really well too.

I think they’ve very nicely blended the situational comedy in this drama that deals with serious issues that people face because of their family members. Saman tests their patience, puts them through emotional challenges every single day but somehow they find a way to deal with it. I am glad that this drama is now getting interesting. The preview seemed enticing too because looks like Omar will reveal the big secret that he was hiding from Saman as well. Let’s see what happens next. Please share your thoughts.

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