Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Story Review – Intense and Interesting

This was another meaningful, emotional and entertaining episode of Ehd-e-Wafa with quite a few surprises in store. Ehd-e-Wafa reminds me of Sammi now since every episode has some important social message. Shariq’s track was the most impactful one in this episode. The fact that Saad yet again did not meet his father while he was home for his holidays was a huge disappointment. The boys’ reunion didn’t turn out to be a happy one. Saad decided to confront Shahzain and yet again SSG’s reunion ended with Shehryar and Shariq being the spectators! Saad’s mature attitude at the academy and the ‘sneaky’ manner in which he confronted Shahzain showed two different sides of his personality. The story is getting interesting and it seems like Ehd-e-Wafa has a great deal to offer to its viewers. Everyone performed exceptionally well in this episode and the director Saife Hassan deserves credit for extracting flawless performances from some of the new actors as well.

The Truth Revealed

The opening scenes of tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa were disturbing and powerful. The actress playing Shariq’s sister’s role has been amazing throughout. She makes her presence felt in every scene. So far, everything we have seen clearly suggests that she is a strong woman with a definite purpose in life. She is a sensitive soul who has and continues to live a meaningful life. There was a good reason why she retaliated so aggressively to Shariq’s remarks. What followed was truly shocking and the manner in which it was all covered was really convincing. This track highlighted how sometimes people are forced into wrongdoings because the system does not leave them with another option. Although two wrongs do not make a right but the writer Mustafa Afridi definitely raised a valid point through this track and the dialogues were on point. The actors involved played their part really well too which made these scenes even more impactful. I find myself rooting for Shariq but he has a long way to go. Shariq is intelligent and driven but he is also impulsive and emotional. I am waiting to watch him grow into a more responsible and less adventurous person.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Story Review - Intense and Interesting

Raani and Shahzain

Raani and Shahzain’s scenes yet again provided some comic relief after watching a track which was really serious. Raani scenes are always entertaining and Shahzain keeps you guessing. Shahzain went out of his way to make that reunion happen but later on he did not try hard enough to mend ties with Saad. Shahzain wanted his friends to be part of the engagement. After another fight with Saad, he decided to have a simple engagement because he knew his friends were not going to be there with him. Shahzain values his friendship but he is also immature and he has a big ego as well. Raani isn’t happy with the idea of a simple engagement but she dealt with the matter tactfully. Raani knows how to turn things around to suit her needs and it seems like she is going to do just that!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Story Review - Intense and Interesting

Saad’s Reactions

There are different sides to Saad’s personality and he definitely has set his priorities straight. While his anger was justified, why couldn’t he just have that confrontation on the phone? I felt for Shehryar and Shariq who had travelled so far to meet their friends. They were not expecting Saad and Shahzain to fight this time around too. While Shehryar knew what Saad was upset about, Shariq had no idea. It would have been nice if Shahzain apologized and all of them could go back to being friends. One thing is for sure, Dua means the world to Saad and Shahzain had trespassed more than once therefore he is going to stay angry yet again for a long time. Not too happy about that! Saad’s conversation with Dua was cute and candid but in this entire month that he visited that was the only time they talked. His holiday visit should have been covered in more detail.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Story Review - Intense and Interesting

Saad’s greeting to his mother was really cute but he did not even meet Dua in this trip, his sister and father have been seriously missing in action. His scenes when he comes for these holidays have not been the best part of the play since they are most often half-baked. On the other hand, the scenes at the PMA couldn’t have been more well written and perfectly executed. The Saad we see at the academy is completely different from the one we see when he comes home to visit. He is more responsible and a leader when he is at the academy. Last week we saw him leading his group and this week too he tried to help a friend who was going through a difficult time. He is a completely different person when he is around his other friends from the college.

Final Remarks

The preview of the next episode suggested that there is more to Dua’s track – a secret which is going to be revealed in the next episode. Apart from a few glitches here and there, tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was quite interesting. Waiting to see what the next episode has in store for the viewers.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Agreed! Ehd e Wafa always is like a cherry on top of a power packed weekend. Except for the opening scene, which I found to be too disturbing and loud, I liked the rest of the episode. Zara Noor really brings a smile on ur face with just fee scenes. It is bcz of her that I have grown a slight liking towards Shazain’s track. Saad’s interaction with his mother was the most heart-warming scene of the entire episode but neither his father not sister were shown in the entire scenario. EeW should definitely learn from team Alif how to execute even a single scene with such detail and precision!! I really liked that they showed how even a cadet faces certain problems in his private life and how they affect his performance. However, the concern which I have with EeW that there are multiple storylines, a plethora of characters and a wide range of social and personal issues which it has to tackle. The question remains that whether it will be successful in doing so or like other large-scale projects like Aangan would fail to fulfill its purpose??

  • Thank you Fatima for the great review. Can anyone explain to me what the problem was with the parents of Saad’s fellow cadet? I did not understand. My Urdu is not as good.

  • Dear fatima , thank you for the great review.. but today i got so irritated with how saad behaved… he was bit egoistic… i knw shahzain has ego issues too… but what is the fault of other two boys who had come from soo far and were excited to meet the friends…As u also mentioned that saad could have shown his anger on the phone rather than coming and disturbing other 2 also… thora hosla hona chahye dosto me aik dosry ko samajhnay or samjhany ka…
    Over all a good episode .

    • You’re most welcome Saiqa. Totally agree with you about Saad, he is an angry young man who does some really unreasonable things sometimes.

      Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Thanks for a great review with details! I was 100% sure Saad was going to have an issue and he purposely confronted in person instead of the phone. It would be nice if he forgave Shahzain but in reality ego comes in the way. I have heard of a similar case in real life too. It will be a while before they bury their egos!
    Shariq’s track is powerful and it will be interesting what he does. My guess for Dua is that her parents want her baat pakki with her loser cousin.
    On to the next one!

    • You’re most welcome SM, appreciate your feedback. True! But it would have been nice to see things go right for these friends for a change. Yes, or perhaps a bachpan ki mangni or is she adopted? No idea, waiting to find out.

      • I disagree because shahzain ne ghalat kia and koi bath bhi ghairat se barh kar nahi hoti and itni jaldi maaf karna asan nahi hota. Saad ne sab ki samny is liye react kiya because woh shahzain ko sab ki samny sharminda dekhna chahta tha.

        • Saad ne Shahzain ko thappad maar k uski ghairat ko bhi lalkaara tha, nai? usk bawjood he went to his home for apologizing but us ne ghar aaye hon ki beizzati kar di k you are not welcome here. So Shahzain reacted to it but phir bhi he decided to give thier friendship a chance. But Saad ka to bootha hi nai seedha hota. I don’t like Shahzain either but yahan Saad ki ghalti hai.

  • Hi Fatima, the episode was full of emotions for Shariq’s sister as well as Haris at the academy. About Shariq’s sister scenes whatever you told i am totally agree with it, the scenarios developed and her acting skills. She looks new to me, but very confident in her role. Now we need to see Shariq’s journey of self independent and responsible. He needs to stand up now. In this episode the boys reunion i enjoyed much, contacting each other after gap, inviting at one place, road travel, open top restaurant idea, all were so real. And it is good to see their detailed personal lives in parallel. Three’s lives are running good in parallel, now remaining Shaheryar’s personal life to show some interesting facts. About Haris’s track at academy is done very well and who says parents separation do not affect teen kids. Definitely it does and good to see Saad reach out to him as a friend. His room partner also worth to mention for his performance as well as giving academy life a real time situations.

  • Nice review. Commenting on this drama for the first time and that too because I have serious problems with Saad and his attitude.
    Firstly when the incident happened in Murree, Saads friends shouldn’t have left him alone however Saad is not a kid and he participated in everything willingly. It’s not like they forcefully dragged him and he resisted and was helpless. So Saad was furious and he slapped Shahzain. Fine but it was Shahzain who left his ego aside and went to Saads house to mend ways but Saad again insulted him.
    This time round again it wasn’t Saad but all others who tried to have a reunion and make everything right . Agreed Saad was upset at what Shahzain did but he could’ve handled it differently. After all he has had his fair share in ruining the friendship.
    I can’t justify Saads behaviour and that’s why he’s my least favourite in all four and considering he gets the most screen time, I wish it would have been different.

    • @muna exactly i wished army mein saad ki jaga shariq yan shehyaar chala jata bcoz saad is such a irritating character

    • Seriously that has been my issue with saad.. shahzain is childish but saad is very egoistic.. there is something about him which is not likeable.. and they will make him national hero/martyr later.. probably it is going to be difficult to relate to that..
      On other hand, shariq and shehryar are extremely likeable characters

  • Episode was fine. My dislike-ness for saad get increased. He is my least favorite character from starting and shahzain is 2nd least fav. Both have ego issues but whatever saad did that was wrong akhir shariq and shehyaar ka kya qasoor tha. If saad was going to behave like this then he didn’t need to come and meet simply phone par hi confront karky mana kardeta. I am least interested in saad, his father and family. Yeah PMA scenes are interesting. gulzar and rani scenes are enjoyable and worth watching.i am interested in progress of Shariq and shehyaar story.

  • Saad is the most furious character in this drama.But if we see him from another angle he is also very caring because when Gulzar told him about Haris,he was the one who went to him and asked him about the matter and I think he will help Haris.For him friendship matters but after his so called”relationship with Dua”👀

  • Aoa… it is 1st time i m commenting… very good review… but i m failed to understand ur point of view about saad…. i think he is just irritating…. a boy with such a behaviour shouldn’t b in army…

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