Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 15 Story Review – Important Developments

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa had a lot of important developments to its credit. Some of the scenes were extremely emotional. The story is moving forward at a faster pace now and this time around some of the developments were completely unpredictable. Saad’s track was the highlight of this recent episode. Watching him grow into this responsible young man who looks out for others has been endearing. Dua’s track took an unexpected turn and the surprise was worth the wait after all.

The Tragic Death

Dua’s scene with her father was the most emotional and meaningful scene in the previous episode. Dua’s parents conversation on the dinner table and in the car tonight made much more sense after knowing that Dua was indeed adopted. Dua’s mother was always all for telling her the truth but her husband always stopped her from doing so. Dua’s father once again took a stand for his daughter but this time around it wasn’t easy for him to live with the guilt. His state of mind after the visit to his brother’s house and the accident was executed really well. With Dua’s father gone, the family dynamics changed completely. On the one hand we saw a much stronger side of Dua’s mother and on the other hand we saw her revealing an ugly truth to her at a time which wasn’t exactly ideal. Alizeh Shah‘s performance tonight was superb throughout. Right from the time when she saw her father’s dead body to the moment when her mother told her the ugly truth, Alizeh Shah translated Dua’s feelings brilliantly on screen. I especially liked Dua’s reaction when she saw her father’s dead body, it was extremely emotional and powerful.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 15 Story Review - Important Developments

Saad’s Growth

Saad’s growth as an individual and a professional has been the highlight of this drama. Ahad Raza Mir’s performance has definitely added to the overall impact this character has. In every episode the viewers get to see Saad helping someone out in some way or the other. Most of the times he is shown taking the lead while the other boys follow. Back in the college days he was shown as a shy individual who always found it difficult to take initiative. Saad moving into Sher Khan Shaheed’s room was a great way of showing just how far he had come. This was one of the most emotional scenes in tonight’s episode. Gulzar and Saad’s conversations in tonight’s episode also showed how much they understood each other now. Adnan Samad Khan too has changed his style a little which went well with the changes in his character. Gulzar is slightly more groomed now but he is still the same person he was so many years back. Gulzar giving the young cadet punishment for not knowing who was Attaullah Esakhelwi was hilarious.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 15 Story Review - Important Developments

Other Tracks

Shahzain and Raani’s scenes were once again comic. This scene came right after Dua’s heartbreaking scene and I felt that the timing of these scenes wasn’t perfect. Shariq and Ramsha’s scenes were cute. Ramsha’s personality has been appealing right from the start. Hajra Yamin’s performance is equally energetic. The idea she gave Shariq was perfect and this could be the start of a wonderful career plan. Shariq’s life is finally headed towards a direction which guarantees that all his dreams will eventually come true. Shehryar was missing from this episode but rest of the tracks were covered well.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 15 Story Review - Important Developments

Final Remarks

The preview of the next episode suggested that Dua will decide to marry Raheel after finding out the truth. Shahzain’s political career will also start from the upcoming episode. Tonight’s episode was well-put-together, emotional and a must watch. Except for Shahzain’s track, all the other tracks are keeping my interest alive at this point. Saad is a dependable, responsible and smart young man, it would be great if Dua and Saad together in the end. Raheel definitely does not deserve a decent girl like Dua. Everything that Dua’s mother said about Raheel tonight was extremely gratifying!

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Fatima Awan

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  • This definitely was a brilliant episode of EeW.. finally after quite some weeks, EeW has resonated with me on many levels. This episode, I believe belonged to the director.. the hospital scenes, then the paragliding scene was also brilliantly executed. Although Alizeh Shah gave a solid performance this time, but I thought that she at this stage lacked the professionalism and consistency required for even a greater impact.
    Ahad Raza Mir should definitely take a bow for potraying two characters (Saad and Amanullah) of two completely different dramas consistently with utmost precision ✨✨
    Absolutely loved his performance and his scenes with Gulzar.

    Another well analyzed review , Fatima👍👍.

    Fatima, just wanted to know ur opinion on this drama Kahin Deep Jalay I saw trending no. 1 on YouTube. Have u watched it?

  • To the point review, Fatima. Excellent. You are right, Alize Shah done very well from last few episodes, still she looks bachi from age, but furnishing her acting skills now. In Today’s episode, she has done remarkable job. After her father’s death till her mother comes to meet Taya Jee, i thought she will give in to live with her Taya jee, but bravo to her mother, who spoke out so well. We all like her stand, sure Dua too, but why in next episode, she wants to give in to marry Raheel. Her Father was her strength, though he was not her biological father, but he cared her more than a biological father, then why she disrespect her father, who took stand for her in his last days. The actor who played Dua’s father, i don’t know the name, but he performed very well.
    Saad’s getting into Sher Khan’s room/office, is an achievement itself. The man who fought & died like his name to protect his country, is greatly honored again by this drama and through this medium, the common man get to know him as many of us don’t care so much about army & their achievements. Gulzar aka Attaullah khan fan, was really hilarious. He kept the comic element in the academy throughout, else we get bore usually with all the seriousness.
    I miss Shaheryar too, last episode they forgot Shariq. They should show lives of all four in each episode. No one or two guys are preferential. Though the two leads are popular celebrity, but other two are equally maintaining their performances, sometime they excels to Shahzain. Ahad Raza mir as Saad is excellent inthis episode too. Glad to see Hajra Yamin here, she is my favorite actress. After I see her in TDKKH, i became fan of her acting & her voice. I don’t know why such talents don’t get frequent chances, unlike zero talented Aiza Khan who get every second popular drama and does the same kind of unappealing acting. Rani is keeping her new humorous identity intact. She should do such light comedy roles more often, suits her well.

    • His track and his acting is the weakest link in an otherwise decent drama. There is a good reason why Everyone is bashing him on twitter. Even he is hating the criticism but it is well deserved. Surprised at fans like yourself who praise such pathetic actors.

  • Thank you for the review. I liked the episode. Alizey Shah has started to perform well from the previous episode. So Shaizen will final have career. We are not sure what Shehryar is studying. But I think eventually the four boys will come across when they are point of their careers where they could do something for te country and thus being aligned with title of the drama.

  • I didn’t like Dua from the first. I founded her bold and not so attractive as a character. But from the past episodes her character has quite developed. So I think upcoming track will be revealing shahzain’s personality much as a politician…. Also
    I loved each and every scene. More over I don’t know why PEOPLE are saying that this character was missed in today’s episode he was given too much time…. Like man how can u cover everybody in such a short duration of a single episode. Like forget about this everybody will have screen time in every episode according to the current track. The producers can’t just blindly focus on making every single character on screen forgetting about the whole track. I dont know where it is written mandatory to be every character to be on the screen in each and every episode. So plz avoid telling us that which one was missed in every review. I like how this story is unfolding much better than typical and cliches dramas like MPTH in which a person is suddenly turned into a millionare. Looking forward for more exciting and meaningful episodes.

    • People can say what they want you, why is it annoying you so much? Are you sure your name is anonymous and not annoyed?

      • Yup I’m annoyed by people who can’t focus on productive things, who just for likes will comment anything absurd on YouTube, who for attention will come to the point where they will forget about integrity and self respect. I’m annoyed with the humans who like to be judgmental over every single thing, talking shit about people when they themselves can’t even do anything proper. I didn’t mention earlier anywhere that people shouldn’t share their views but don’t make it as fixed. U can be right and you can be false too. Like be flexible. What I say is not 100% right but it’s my common observation I watch many web dramas. etc but I don’t see people holding the issue of equal screen time out to every character again and again. SO WHEN I SEE IT IN EVERY REVIEW SO IT FED ME UP. But also I don’t dislike the whole article other points are very relatable and well presented. So what if I’m annoyed but I can’t be the person who just focus on one thing and making it a big issue.

  • I just want to say that adoption or being adopted is not “ugly” so it should not be referred to as the “ugly truth”, just calling it “truth” should have been enough. This is still a beautiful relationship between a child and parent and nothing ugly about it. I normally don’t care but this is sensitive to so many people and I think a retraction would be kind.

    I want to see more of Shahriq and Shehryar and their story to develop because I think there is more substance. I wish they had given equal time to all the stories. Dua’s scenes where very emotional. I can slap Raheel and his flaring nostrils and the Taya and Tayi need a reality check, like would they force their daugther to marry someone she clearly did not want to?

  • I think they could have made an entire drama out of Saad and Gulzar’s story line at the PMA. I would def. watch that. Loved PMA scenes, and I know I know I can’t compare them to ABC but it still gives me goose bumps.

  • Just a side question, why aren’t you guys reviewing Yeh Dil Mera? It is such a brilliant show, with unique story line and top notch performances by all. It deserves to be reviewed and discussed. We hardly ever get a show which isnt saas bahu and extra marital affairs related, so should be appreciated.