Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 Story Review – Love & Friendship

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa focused more on Shahzain but just like all the recent episodes, all the tracks were taken forward. The preview of this episode had suggested that there would be a serious threat to Shahzain’s life but it appears to be that this is yet another tactic by him to win the elections. He continues to be the least likeable character and it would have been so much better if just like all the other boys, he too was trying to make a difference. This recent episode was just engaging as the previous few. Shehryar and Shariq’s scene was the most emotional tonight. This episode of Ehd-e-Wafa yet again highlighted how precious true friendships are.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 Story Review - Love & Friendship

The Friends

Shariq and Shehryar’s conversation in the beginning showed that Shehryar didn’t completely trust Shahzain. His observations about Shahzain’s constant attempts to take control made perfect sense. Shariq however has always been the one who has given Shahzain the benefit of the doubt. Shehryar continues to be the most level-headed character in the play but his emotional side takes over every now and then. While handling Shahzain’s case, he was completely blinded by his association with him and did not look at things objectively. His final decision was based on whatever he heard everyone saying as opposed to gathering concrete evidence and deriving conclusions from there. Saad called to ask about Shahzain even though he too had a lot to deal with at that time. Basically all the scenes covering their friendship went to show how special their bond was. It was sad to see that Shahzain was taking advantage of the situation. While talking to Waqar and his father, he made it quite clear that Shehryar had his back. Although he knew only too well that Shehryar would never do him such favors. At the same time, he used Shariq to give him the media attention he needed. All the conversations clearly showed that Shahzain had failed as a politician but was bent on contesting another election.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 Story Review - Love & Friendship

Shariq and Shehryar’s scene was the best tonight. Through this scene, the viewers found out how their friendship started and how far they had come. Shehryar for the first time talked about Masooma and the viewers found out how guilty he felt. Although, it was apparent that he felt guilty the day after he told Masooma off but this track was not given enough screen time until now. Ahmed Ali Akbar yet again performed exceptionally well and Wahaj Ali was equally convincing in all the scenes.

The Love Stories

Saad and Dua’s love story has taken a new turn after marriage. Dua has to be the brave and patient wife who will have to endure a lot since she married an army officer. Dua is also expecting her first baby, a development which confused me about the timeline. I find myself rooting for this couple and would like to see Saad and Dua together till the end. Raani’s love for Shahzain has only grown and even though he has his flaws but clearly Raani accepts and loves him for who he is. Raani has always been shown as a strong and confident woman and now she is using her strength to protect her husband. Shahzain it seems is not only fooling his friends but he is lying to Raani too and in a way using her!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 23 Story Review - Love & Friendship

Shariq and Ramsha are going to get married soon! This definitely came as a surprise since they always came across as good friends and there hasn’t been a single romantic moment which covered this love story. Shehryar finally told Shariq about Masooma and the preview of the next episode showed that Shariq is going to help them get together…definitely waiting for that to happen.

Final Remarks

With Shahzain’s latest plan, the story yet again has taken a turn which could lead to SSG’s break up one more time! If Shahzain really is lying and he planned all this to get the voters’ sympathy and to make sure that Waqar and his father supported him then he truly does not deserve good friends or a wife like Raani! The scenes covering Saad and Dua’s track in the preview were well put together since it was difficult to figure out what is going to happen next. There have been so many dialogues which suggested that Saad will get martyred but I really hope that does not happen. Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa laid the foundations for what is coming ahead, I am waiting to see where Shahzain’s track is headed.

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Fatima Awan

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  • I didn’t even have tears on MPTH’s Danish demise its execution was more on comic side. But I think I am going to weep next week while watching Saad’s death. Saad’s letter, Gulzar’s entry and the history hint that they would show a soldier sacrificing his life while fulfilling “Ehd e Wafa”.

  • This was probably the third-last episode of Ehd e Wafa as the lat episode of this 26-episode serial is gonna be combined. But even now I can’t stop thinking about how empty my weekends would be without EeW. It has become a family ritual to gather in the TV lounge for watching this serial, crying, laughing smiling with the characters. It’s very rare u get to see a show which brings u together, gives u food for thought while simultaneously highlighting pertinent social issues. Definitely gonna miss watching these four friends and reading ur analysis on EeW. I hope HUM replaces EeW with an equally good serial

  • Ehd e wafa ki shayed yeh wahid episode hay jis se main bore hue.
    Sirf two scenes achay balky bohat achay they. Shariq aur shehryar ka scene zabardast tha. Kamal ki dialogues thy aur zabardast acting.
    Saad aur dua ki conversation as usual bohat bohat zabardast thee. Ahad raza mir ka har aik expression zabardast hota hay. The way he showed his happiness after hearing good new was awsome.bohat sarey dramas main aisi he situation pi aisi hi khosh hua jata hay but ahad ki acting and har aik expression ne es scene ko bohat different bana dia. Well done.
    Alizeh shah ki acting bhi bohat achy hay is drama main.
    Preview be dil dukha dia. Saad ki shahadat ka abhi se dukh ho raha hay

    • Shayad Shahzain pe ziada focus raha is liye aap bore hui. Saad aur Dua ke scenes ab hamesha hi achay hote hei aur yes koi nahi chahta ke Saad ko shaheed kiya jaye lekin lg raha hei ke aisa ho ga.

      • You are right that focus shahzain pi tha but main es liye bore hue cz scenes ko thora drag kr ki dekhaya gaya tha

  • This was a good episode and great review.
    It was quite obvious throughout the episode that Shahzain had all this planned for his elections but those who love and care for him failed to see it. Either Shahzain should change himself which does not seem possible, that is who he is, or he does not deserve such mukhlis friends and family.
    For Saad and Dua’s track, I really hope that Saad returns home safely, I so want to see a happy end for them.
    You are so right about Shariq and Ramsha, they showed them as friends, the wedding seemed out of the blue, reminds me of the mentality of an old hindi movie dialogue ‘eik larka aur larki kabhi dost nahin hoo saktay’ :)
    Looks like we will see Masooma again in next episode and hopefully her and Sheheryar’s story will take a good turn.
    Looking forward to the next episode and your review.

    • Thank you so much Asma for liking the review and for commenting. Yes, same here, really hope so! The preview of the next episode definitely suggested something else, let’s see.
      LOL!! I am okay with them being more than dosts since they are so compatible but dikha tu dete ke pyar kese hua, kb hua, kyu hua;)
      Masooma is such a sweet girl and Shehryar is amazing, they will be so perfect together, definitely rooting for them.
      I will wait for your feedback too Asma.

  • Ehd e Wafa was over all a fun and close to reality show. However, Shahzain truly does not fit in the “chokhta” of foursome. It is acceptable to be academically challenged, it is also Ok to bunk hostel once in a while but to be hones, he is the one who not only created problems for Saad but also a rift for SSG group by his selfish behavior.
    He uses people for his own amusement and his strategy to win elections makes him not fit for Rani, who preferred him over her own brother or to be a trust worthy friend. He is simply a manipulator, who gets what he wants by hook or crook.
    That being said, I am not ready for a tragedy on line of control and hope the play ends on a happy note,

      • Seriously Fatima OKB is such a bad actor that i dont have words! He literally makes 3 facial expressions for aaaalllll situations! Thanks to his pathetic acting i thought maybe this incident was the turning point when he is going to change but alaas! N his dialogue also suggested so when he said mne maut ko bht kareeb se dekha hai( bhai phir b raj k dheet hai tu;) !Ahmed ali akbar is such a great actor with so limited screen time he still manages to steal the show

  • Fatima ramsha aur shariq main dosti hay and unki love story ko highlight nahi kia gaya but jesy aap is script ko unusual and unique dekhktee hain wesi main bhi. And is dramy main aisi partnership ka shaadi ko lead karna koi baree bath nahi.
    Mainy jab masooma ka khud iqrar karna ajeeb feel kia tab aap he nee kaha tha ki it’s a unique script and we can expect everything from it. So aap bhi is ko aisa hi accept kar lo.

    • Ji bilkul aisa hi hei meinay idhr comments mei bhi likha ke dono compatible hei aur they will make perfect partners but definitely kuch thora dikha dete ke when they decided ke shadi krni hei tu acha hota. Sb se unusual tu yeh hota ke dono ko koi aur mil jata haha

  • What an intriguing episode it was. Each episode gives some of the scenes which make you emotional. There are so many core tracks to cover so we do not find Gulzar in each episode, or else he is sorely missed.

  • Loved the drama but now showing Shahzain as a wily unscrupulous politician is getting on the nerves and so is Saad’s perfect boy look. We love our soldiers and do believe they are brave and dedicated but taking it too far in the play is not warranted. Hope they don’t kill Saad in the end to prove his patriotism with a determined soldier widow who is vowing to make Junior Saad a soldier. I also know that Shahzain has planned his injury and done nothing for his constituency but can the fourth friend be so evil while the other three are angels?

    • They will kill Saad, I bet. But I wish, agar marna hee hai, they must show all dying in the line of duty and not just a foji. ISPR produced drama is more focused on politics, LOL!

      They could also show Shahzain as a good man in contemporary politics, setting example for young aspirant politicians.

  • The ehd e wafa experience is incomplete without your reviews Fatima. Your observation and writing skills are the best. Shahzain doesn’t stop playing games. He is the most immature and irritating character. You are right about Osman Khalif Butt’s acting. The expressions on his face when he spoke the emotional dialogues, bad acting at its best.

  • Pakistanis are obsessed with the concept of shahadat. A foreign journalist once commented, everyone wants to die for Pakistan but no one wants to live for it. I guess living the reality of life is Just too boring

  • Seriously??? How come shahzain deceive his trustworthy friends. Such an intrigue turn…
    Fatima ur review is really remarkable as no more words needed to explain… 👍