Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 3 Story Review – Caught Red-Handed

Tonight’s episode had the most unexpected developments since I was not expecting the story to take a serious turn so soon. I was also looking forward to meeting the boys’ families and I must say that they were introduced in the best way possible. Tonight’s episode was emotional but at the same time the writer kept the comic element of the play alive. With this episode it seems all the boys are going to move to the next phase of their lives. These 3 episodes which covered the fun filled reckless adventures of the SSG boys were a fun ride. The personalities and the circumstances of all the leading characters have been well established in these 3 weeks. Tonight’s episode in particular showed how people from completely different backgrounds can sometimes come together as friends and make bittersweet memories. This was another episode which might have reminded many viewers out there of their college friends and the times when they got into trouble. The director Saife Hasan deserves due credit for translating every single scene flawlessly on screen. Acting wise, this was the best episode of Ehd-e-Wafa since everyone performed really well.

Caught Red-Handed

In the past two weeks the viewers saw the boys planning one escape after the other without considering the fact that their adventures could have serious consequences. This time around too Shahzain was the one who took the lead. The scenes covering the boys’ antics when they teased Saad and Shahzain’s confidence when he went to talk to Dua were brilliantly acted out. Through these scenes, the writer in an intelligent manner showed different sides of their personalities once again. Shahzain continued to be the reckless yet extremely confident leader. Sheharyar and Shariq both have more or less the same personalities and as it turns out their backgrounds are similar too. Saad is the only one who has continuously been shown as the reluctant partner. He goes along with whatever the boys want to do because he knows he doesn’t have a choice but he has always been the one who worried the most about the consequences. Therefore, it was ironic that he got caught tonight but eventually everyone except Shahzain got into serious trouble. Saad’s love story too reflected the shyness in his personality which was translated on screen impeccably by Ahad Raza Mir. Wahaj Ali and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s solid performances have been the highlight of every episode. All these actors also have amazing on-screen chemistry which makes their bromance come alive on screen.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 3 Story Review - Caught Red-Handed

The Girls

Zara Noor Abbas nailed her scenes yet again in this episode. She has given her character the right treatment because of which Raani is fun to watch and she isn’t annoying. Even though some of the dialogues were not that funny but Zara’s acting made all the scenes covering Noori’s nalaiki a treat to watch. The viewers also found out in this episode that Raani and Shahzain indeed are connected in some way, the families know each other and sooner or later these two will meet. I am really looking forward to this meeting for obvious reasons!

Dua’s cousin definitely likes her but she seems to have a soft corner for Saad. When her cousin mentioned Saad, she complimented his looks and she did not like the way the chance meeting ended. While Noori is fun, Dua’s character so far is quite plain. I was hoping she would say something to the boys tonight but she sat there and listened to everything. Dua and Saad’s first actual meeting had the worst ending. Now with the families involved I am wondering how and when they will meet again. With Saad’s lack of confidence, this love story isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 3 Story Review - Caught Red-Handed

Meet The Parents

Saad’s family was already partially introduced in the first episode and in this episode the background and basic family dynamics of all the boys were covered. Sheharyar and Shariq don’t come from affluent backgrounds therefore Sheharyar’s father and Shariq’s bhabhi had the most emotional reactions to the news. Saad himself is quite conscious about his impression therefore even though his father told him off in a rather subtle manner but this was enough to make him feel responsible and the way he cried showed how ashamed he was. Malik Allah Yaar’s (Muhammad Ahmed) reaction was completely different from that of all the other parents. His attitude showed why Shahzain was so careless – he had nothing to lose and he was brought up in a completely different household. Even though Shahzain’s father celebrated the occasion but he himself wasn’t too happy about it because he knew his friends were in trouble. All the reactions and the outcomes were covered flawlessly. The acting and the execution of these scenes couldn’t have been better. Saad and Shariq’s scenes were my favorite since they were extremely emotional.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 3 Story Review - Caught Red-Handed

Final Remarks

I have warmed up to the characters in this drama so much that I am actually worried about these boys after watching this latest episode! I felt for Saad, Shariq and Sheharyar while watching the last few scenes. This, in my opinion is the real success of any drama. The preview of the next episode suggested that the boys will be expelled from college and Shahzain and Saad will have a confrontation. I hope they continue to be friends even if they no longer stay in the college. I am really looking forward to finding out what turn the story will take from here.

Do share your thoughts about the latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa.

Fatima Awan

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  • Oh thank God you reviewed it. Honestly i might have visited at least 5 times just to see if the review has been uploaded or not. Haven’t watched the episode yet but going by the reactions i think it’d be good.
    Also, are you guys going to review alif? I have been following your and zara’s review for last 5 years at least. Lately, i have observed reduction in the number of dramas being reviewed which is actually very sad.

    • Javeria, the review of Alif has already been posted. Thanks a ton for reading the reviews, really appreciate your feedback. Do share your thoughts after watching the episode :)

      • Okay so now i’ve watched it and i’d say it was BRILLIANT. after ages i would say i am watching a serial which is not issue based( catering any social issue) but still is covering issues that are present in our personalities in a subtle and sweet manner. I had tears in my during the last scene but interaction of saad with his father and reaction of shehryar’s were equally heart breaking. Next episode is also looking really good.
        This drama is getting better and better every week.

        • Yes, it was brilliant, loved it. Looking forward to the next episode and I am pretty sure that this drama will only get better as the story progresses.

  • Thank you for the review Fatima. I thought you are not going to review it tonight.
    This has to be the best episode so far, only thing that bothered me was the overgrown shaves of all 4 ‘teenagers’ 🤣
    I even liked Zara Noor Abbas tonight.
    Looking forward to next episodes. This drama makes me nostalgic because I recognise the locations so double the fun for me, lol.

    On a separate note, reviewit’s main page doesn’t show the latest reviews and happenings. I have to go to the tab on the upper right to find new reviews and happenings. I don’t know if it’s just me or other too?

  • I loved this episode. I kept laughing in many scenes including the one where possible was chasing them. I liked how Saad’s father dealt with situation. Everyone’s personality is reflection of their families. I believe this will be a major twist in story.

    • Hahaa yes but may be that’s because we know the exact ages of them and can’t imagine them as teenagers. But i must say obi should have change his look.

  • This was the best episode of ehd e wafa for me. Loved ahad and wahaj’s acting the most! The scene of saad and faraz was my favourite! I too am so worried for them patanahi kya hoga🤧🤧 really looking forward to the next epi noww

  • She is not Shariq’s bhabhi. She is his elder sister. Yeah actually i felt really bad. Firdous sahab again tried to take revenge from them. I hope these guys don’t get expelled especially those 3. Shahzain is too adventurous and that’s what cost Saad and other boys. I think Raheel made too big a deal out of it. Obviously he likes Dua. I actually laughed 😂😂😂 at the comments of those policemen. This is our policemen do Everytime, moral policing. I think Muhammad Ahmad is Shahzain’s grandson because Rani’s father mentioned him as Malik Allahyar’s grandson. Zara noor Abbas is doing a really great job. I think Dua was surprised to see them and she felt uncomfortable when shahzain Said he makes her sketches all the time. I hope Birgadear Faraz will save them from getting expelled. Really outstanding drama and really awesome review.

    • If you watch the OST, they will get expelled, and separated, which doesn’t make sense because the OST talks about not getting Juda. Saad will join the army and Sharik will join the news. It’s all shown in the OST.

    • Thank you so much Ahsan for reading the reviews and for sharing your views here. Yes, loved Muhammad Ahmed in this episode, very amusing. I hope so too but it is highly unlikely. I like how this drama is so unpredictable.

  • Dear Fatima, I think boys will not expell out as if you remember there are many teaser which shown earlier (before starting the darama) still not shown.
    you can also see last scene of next episode where Saad’s father standing outside the boys room as well which give the feeling that he play a role to not give tough punish to boys.

    • If you watch the OST, they will get expelled, and separated, which doesn’t make sense because the OST talks about not getting Juda. Saad will join the army and Sharik will join the news. It’s all shown in the OST.

  • This is going to be very interesting. There is much more to be happen in drama. They have shot earlier few episodes, further shooting is happening. I am really intrigued to saad and dua’s love story. Shariq and his sister’s scene was very emotional. The actress playing ghazal (his sister) did really well. This was a complete turning point for their lives and for audience too. Now lets see. Amazing review as always FA.

    Acting of every actor is just flawless. I liked the character of shahzain’s father. And also fatima, this episode was so real, because these circumstances due to recklessness and carelessness are very common in young generation as I’ve seen and experienced a lot like this. So for me it was very convincing. Saif e hasan did really well.

  • This was definitely best episode so far, started off on funny note and the way it ended it moved me to tears, if they’re going to be expelled I’ll miss their bromance. Ahad and wahaj were brilliant in that emotional scenes.

  • This was definitely the best episode so far. The comedy was ok, not very entertaining and overall too much of dejavu. All 4 guys are good, but Ahad is the best and he is the main reason im watching the show. He really looks v young compared to both of his roles in YKS and Aangan. OKB should have changed his appearance as everyone mentioned, but we are used to seeing him as man child from Aun Zara days. I think Zara Noor Abbas is going overboard, it will be more enjoyable when she meets OKB and their love story starts.
    Overall I liked the serious turn, but want the love story of Ahad and Alizeh to continue.

  • Great review Fatima!
    This was by far the best episode of Ehd e Wafa yet. Ahad Raza Mir’s acting in the scene with his father and Wahaaj’s with his sister was best.
    I liked Mohammad Ahmed’s scenes and that Bewa ho gae? Made me laugh so hard.
    PS: What about CS?

  • Hi Fatima, the review was as good as the episode was. They introduced the families of the boys through a one sided phone call was quite interestingly. It looked like a movie scene, very good direction. You noticed correctly, because of his friends, shahzain was sad when his father was celebrating for his deeds. The police station scene was also wonderful, looks natural, because most of the times police were shown as bad vocal. He handle the situation with Dua’s family and with warden was very convincing. Shariq’s advice to keep quite for a while was also convincing because he came from a middle class family and does not want issues with police as well as he knows the military background of Saad. His situation analysis and come up with this spot advice, was appreciated. The secret sketch book scene was very greatly shot. One was holding Saad, so other can show the hand sketches to all. Dua or whatever the name of the actress is, should take a gap of 5 years at least and comeback after some acting classes. Because she is just a pretty face, lacks the acting skill and above to it, she is much younger for any teen girl role, at least for next 5 years. Rani is interesting and zara did played her part very well.

    • Thank you so much Aamer. Yes, very well directed indeed. Saife Hasan is my favorite director, loved the camera work too. Her name is Alizeh Shah and she was actually really good in Superstar, I feel she goes overboard which is why her acting seemed fine in a film but doesn’t look too good on the small screen. Yes, love Zara in this one.

      • A separate topic: current design & functioning of
        Hi Fatima, Everyone have complained about this topic, so i will also share my views. First, the website became very poor in terms of comment, share, like sections. we don’t have any freedom, choice for anything like previous Disqus was offering, not even email feedback for the reply or likeness, until you logon to that particular review. Second, the recent updated review is not appearing on the main page. we have to turn around through google to get it. Third, the review frequency. As i heard from Zahra & you that management of the site set up frequency of drama review per week, which is 2 Drama per week. This does not make sense. How can we as viewer or commenter can wait till next week to read/share our thoughts on one week old episode?This loses interest in that drama. I don’t how you as reviewer has accepted this? Fourth, the overall design of the website. I don’t know the beginning of this site, but the name suggest it is drama review website. I understand we can add much flavor to it with latest happening or updates about showbiz, but giving them as first priority and drama review as second, does not make sense. Lastly, the admin should reveal his/her name, so commenter can address him/her directly for his/her content. I don’t have problem with the content, but the problem is, the article is without it’s author name, which does not make sense.
        Sorry Fatima, I know this is not the right place for this topic, but what can I do? Whenever we send any email to reviewit email ID, we don’t get any kind of reply. At least here you respond immediately. However i have one reservation about reviewer’s response for such issues whenever raised by few commenters; you guys just support the admin/website for their new design or new policies and tell us to be patient, even though you are aware of the troubles we face. We have patience, but we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know how you guys are bounded officially with the website, but my conclusion is; there is a serious internal management issue with this website. The website is number one for the drama review and it is only because of Zahra & You as the excellent reviewers. As I and many of the commenters don’t want to see the decline of this website further, so please take a stand and do what you think is right for the cause. Sorry again if i became so direct or loud.

        • Sorry Aamer, I did not read this comment before. Thank you so much for taking out time to write down all the issues you have been facing. I would say I agree with you on most matters and I will definitely forward your comment to the admin. Disqus was showing really nasty ads which is why the admin decided to switch it.

          The people running this website know what works best and they are satisfied with the changes they have made. If cutting down the reviews affects the traffic then they will definitely reconsider it. I talked to the admin and he told me that our readership has increased after cutting down the reviews but let’s see what the future brings.

          Appreciate your concern. Thanks

  • Nice review
    I definitely did not expect this twist and turn in the story so soon. I thought they will continue this SSG boys fun and masti for some more time at least 2 more episodes. Anyways this episode was filled with happiness and emotions. From bachy bhabhi sy milny ki zid kar rahy hein to a daaant from their parents I felt connected with each scene. Zara’s scenes are just treat to watch. I wish dua ka character bhi thora sa interesting hota. Coming towards the emotional side, I really felt bad for SSG boys especially Shariq and Shehyaar becharey shariq ko tu itni marr par gayi. Looking forward to coming episodes I hope that these four will remain friends even after college.

    • Thank you so much Ome e Nida. Same here, want their friendships flourishing. Shahzain certainly deserves telling off but I would definitely want to see them as friends in the upcoming weeks.

  • I love this drama so much, but like you said at the beginning of the review, I didn’t expect it to get so serious so soon.

    The fact that all 4 have a fallout, and it seems Saad and Shah Zain will stop speaking, and they will go different ways and lead different lives and eventually re-unite kind of makes me want to watch it less. The first 3 episodes and the OST (talking about not getting “Juda”) have given us so many laughs and “Aww” moments that I personally think not having SSG in the same frame will affect the drama overall.

    I know in real life, after graduation friends get jobs, married, have kids etc. but at least they keep in touch through out, and most are in the same city.

    In this, the biggest set back, apart from the separation, will be that two of them at least (Saad and Shah Zain) won’t be on speaking terms.

    Let’s see how long it takes them to patch up, I hope it isn’t longer than 2-3 episodes.

  • I also have to add, I hope that when Saad and Dua do get together, he *at least* texts or calls Shariq and Shehryar (keeping in mind his and Shah Zains fallout). Meaning that, I know they will be showing Saad in the army, Shariq as a news reporter etc. – all going different ways after being expelled, but I hope they still keep in touch and don’t just magically unite in the only the last episode. After all the name of the drama is Ehd-E-Wafa and even the lyrics of the newly released OST show it’s an ode to friendship, hence despite being in different educational institutions, cities and having different jobs, I hope the bromance continues via text/phones/meeting up (which as per the OST it will, minus Saad and Shah Zain – but again the OST is a 2 minute snippet so who knows).