Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Story Review – Below Expectations

After watching yet another episode of Ehd-e-Wafa which failed to hold my interest, I actually sat down and tried to figure out exactly why a drama I had so many hopes and expectations from did not turn out to be as interesting as I was hoping it would be. This episode wasn’t all bad, it had some cute moments and some funny scenes but lately I have been having a really difficult time connecting to the characters on a deeper level. So far, the reason for this is that Ehd-e-Wafa was promoted as a story of friendship “dil ka dil se hua hei Ehd-e-Wafa” yet the friendship between these boys ended so bitterly. Also, just like many other viewers out there I was expecting all the four boys to be the focus of attention yet clearly Saad and Shahzain are taking the lead. The connection which was established with these four boys was based on their friendship and love for each other yet that is one part of their lives which is clearly over for now. Also, I was expecting this drama to be more like Alpha Bravo Charlie in which the entire focus was on the training and the journeys of the boys as part of the armed forces but it seems like the writer is going to show their journeys in different fields of life. All of these changes would have been great if the story was not all over the place and if the relationship of all these boys with their families was explored a little more.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Story Review - Below Expectations

Ehd-e-Wafa has the same issue which Aangan had – the screen time has not been divided properly and the story definitely does not have the flow which keeps you looking forward to more. Shahzain’s track is putting me to sleep – it is neither entertaining nor meaningful. Saad’s track is interesting but it leaves a lot to be desired. This track gives you a few emotional moments and is the only reason why I tune into this show now. Zara Noor Abbas as Raani is cute but her scenes too are getting repetitive.

Latest Developments

Shahzain did not change his mind after all and was seen convincing his mother to go to Dua’s house with his proposal. Shahzain’s way of getting back at Saad shows his narrow-mindedness but thankfully he will soon change his mind after he falls for the vibrant and witty Raani. There were some words from Shahzain’s dialogues which were censored in this episode and there were quite a few conversations which focused entirely on Shahzain’s plans to marry Dua. Raani on the other hand likes Shahzain and will most probably win him over soon. Shahzain is definitely not a likable character and so far his track has been more confusing than anything else.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Story Review - Below Expectations

Saad told his mother about Dua and although their conversations for the most part were written well but Vaneeza Ahmad’s performance was strictly okay. Her dialogue delivery was quite plain whereas Ahad Raza Mir acted really well in these scenes. It was however good to see a few scenes covering their bond. Dua too came to the park hoping she would get to meet Saad which means that she likes him now. It would have been nice to see Dua and Saad meeting a few times before Saad left for the Academy. Saad joined the military academy and contrary to expectations he was actually ready for all the drilling. Saad’s scene with his father was sweet, he finally got the hug and the ‘approval’ he was looking for. When Saad was with his friends, he went along with everything they did and enjoyed it too. His scenes in this episode however showed that he took life more seriously now. That incident at the college changed Saad more than anyone else since he is clearly afraid of upsetting his father more than ever now…which makes me wonder if Saad was always a ‘good boy’ with a bad company! Perhaps that is why it was easier for him to cut all ties with his friends.

Some of the scenes at the academy were funny and others made me feel for the boys. Some of these scenes also had been-there-seen-that written all over them. My favorite scene from this episode came at the end since I was wondering why these boys were being forced to speak in English. I liked the officer’s dialogue about how life will change for these boys after a few years. Saad’s new friend has an interesting background, his acting is organic and it seems like he might form a special bond with Saad in the upcoming episodes. This track definitely needs more emotional moments to make it more relatable.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Story Review - Below Expectations

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa just like the previous one had its high and low moments. The visuals and the locations were stunning as usual but the story so far is not taking off. Overall, this episode of Ehd-e-Wafa failed to impress. I am highly disappointed by the fact that two of the boys are the chosen ones especially because Shehryar and Shariq had such interesting personalities. Their backgrounds too made me inquisitive, I definitely was looking forward to seeing more of them. Shehryar will make an appearance in the upcoming episode and Shariq it seems will be shown only after he gets somewhere in life.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • آدھا تیتر آدھا بٹیر بنا کر اس ڈرامے کا مزا ہی خراب کردیا ہے۔

    اگر دوستوں کی یاری دکھانی تھی تو طریقے سے دکھاتے اور فوج پہ فوکس کرنا ہے تو ان چودھریوں کے فضول سینس کو کٹ کریں یا بامقصد بنائیں۔

    سعد کا روم میٹ گلزار انٹریسٹنگ آدمی ہے۔ ہمارے آفس میں بھی تونسہ، ڈی جی خان کے لوگ ہیں، اسی طرح بولتے ہیں۔

    احد کی ایکٹنگ اچھی ہے۔

    اس کے علاوا آپ کا تجزیہ۔

    باقی بس گزارا ہے۔

  • Why is Shahzain getting so much screen time? Mustafa Afridi is a disappointment. You are right Fatima!! It is not living upto expectations.
    PS: Please check email. :)

  • Probably for the first time i’ll have to disagree with you. This episode in my opinion was very realistic and relatable. Yeah i do agree shahzain’s plot bores me now but i’m glad they are moving it at a quicker pace.
    Apart from that saad’s scenes with his family were very sweet. Moreover, the PMA part was extremely authentic. This is exactly how things are at PMA, although, i didn’t get even a single word by staffs there.
    Last scene had me in tears. Maybe i wasn’t prepared for it. Overall i think interesting part has begun I’m actually looking forward to next episode now.

    • It’s good to disagree every now and then Javeria. I am so glad that you liked this episode. LOL @ your comment about the staff.

      I really liked the last scene too, my favorite from this episode.

      Enjoyed reading your comment. Keep reading and commenting.

      • Fatima i now have all the comments on this thread and i genuinely like how you are embracing all the comments with dignity.
        Probably the best thing about ehd e wafa is everyone has his or her reasons to like or dislike it. If not anything else it at least generates a good debate about human behaviors ( ref to saad-faraz, saad- mother, saad- sister and gulzar’s scenes).

        • Thank you so much Javeria. So true, I love reading different opinions and there is no reason to take anyone’s opinion about a drama personally.

          Looking forward to our discussions in the future too. I honestly and truly appreciate the way you share your thoughts whether we agree or not.

    • I agree Javeria, I find many reviews to be harsh. Everyone has different views therefore some people find the same stuff we like as not up to mark. I think I just don’t keep high expectations but I noticed the reviews s on this site do. Especially when articles the article of the “five worst dramas of the year came out”. I don’t think many people have seen the dramas that actually are below average-therefore they don’t even watch/review them. So since the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, I’m expecting reviews to go down hill. In my opinion everyone including Vaneeza has done a great job. We just have a tendency not to credit our actors, writers, directors enough when they actually are doing a great job. I think the two friends aren’t being shown for a reason. Something probably happened to Shariq’s family or he left the country. I think eventually the bro connection will be back once they run into each other and find out what the others were going through themselves. Five stars, keep it up Ehd-e-Wafa!

      • That’s your opinion Sunshine and I respect it. I always say that the review is never the final verdict and the comments section is there so that everyone else can share their opinions which I truly value. I am sorry you feel that way about the reviews, I don’t ever write these reviews to please anyone therefore I honestly like it when people disagree with me – I will continue writing my own views in these reviews just like I always do. Yes! We can be harsh sometimes but we always make sure we get the reasons for not liking a drama across loud and clear.

        Keep reading and commenting. I appreciate your honest feedback. Criticism is so important and I value it but it won’t change how I review the dramas ☺️☺️

        And I totally disagree with you about reviewit not giving enough credit to people because these writers, directors and actors themselves have thanked us many times for appreciating them and for acknowledging their efforts.

      • I agree with you on your opinion about last night’s episode. I think it was one of the best so far. Loved vaneeza ahmed and ahad.
        However, i have been reading reviews from this site for almost 5 years now. In fact, if i have to decide whether i should watch a drama or not i look up to zahra and Fatima’s reviews. There are times when i disagree with them for example Fatima clearly didn’t like aangan but i still thought it wasn’t that bad.
        Also, we all have high expectations from our industry now, more than ever. With dramas like khaas, ishq zahenaseeb, alif, ehd e wafa one is definitely spoiled for choice.
        Moreover, people like me who have a strong connection with the army and have visited pma in person related to last night’s episode more than the people who might have only seen pma on tv.

  • I just loveedd all the saad / pma scens! I love such scenes. But shahzain and rani’s track is sooo annoying and boring. Sara pma scenes ka flow kharab horaha tha literally. I soo wish sheryar and shariq got more screen time instead. Everyone deserves equal screen time and shahzain who’s track is the mostt boring is getting the most. Overall though i liked this epi because i loveedd the pma scenes

    • I did not like that this episode showed so much of Shahzain and Raani. Osman Khalid Butt looks too old for this role. Right about equal screen time, everyone wants to see that.

  • I loved the Raani scenes in this episode, as well some Saad scenes like his hug with his Dad or his convos with his Mom. I enjoyed the PMA scenes especially because of Saad’s friend. His speech at the end had me rooting for him along with Shariq and Sheryar of course.

    Regarding Saad being the good boy with bad company, it is a possibility. But in my opinion I think the reason he is like that is because he is from an army family and hence naturally his Dad is strict and he is always with a guard and expected to conduct himself in a certain way. Contrast that Shah Zain who has his grandfathers unconditional support (and his personality as Raani pointed out in the preview for episode 7 Lolz), Shariq who unfortunately doesn’t have a male role model/mentor, and Sheryar whose Dad seems to be like a good, understanding friend of his. So how I see it is, Saad wants that freedom to be like every other teenager, yet his father doesn’t allow it and makes it seem inappropriate, and add on to this that he seems to seek his fathers approval. I actually think the story will progress here in terms of their relationship where it will transition into a friendship soon.

    As far as scenes this week, I think a majority was Saad and Shah Zain, which is something you pointed out in your review as well and something I had pointed out last week but people strongly disliked or disagreed with. Perhaps that will change later, but for the time being, Saad and Shah Zain are main. Episode 6 promo was focused on Saad and the promo they showed today for episode 7/next week was focused on Shah Zain with a glimpse of Sheryar.

    And I loved your bit of incorporating the lyrics of the OST and linking the storyline back to them, in your review, because everyone on here commenting knows it has been bothering me for weeks, Lol.

    • Rizwana you do understand that all of us come here to read Fatima’s reviews. Your comment is so demeaning to the reviewer. Are you trying to imply that someone with her insight takes notes from your comments? Your comments are so long I am certain most people don’t even read them. I am one of them! Fatima also incorporated the OST from MPTH and anyone who has been reading her reviews since Kankar days, definitely not something she picked up from your comments. Wishful thinking.

      • What! WhT is demeaning about her comment. She is just am trying to say Maine kaha tha na…let her have fun.. Sab apna experience share kar rahe hain…she has not said anything offensive. But even I felt from the original promos ki it’s abt these two…

        • Thanks so much Vist for understanding and standing up for me in my absence, though we be just strangers! I understand that sometimes tone is not reflected on the internet, but Rehan Ali and his comments were completely unnecessary and rude, and despite you calling him out, instead of being ashamed, he was rude to you to. The irony is, he started his all because he felt I was demeaning, but who is the real demeaning one here? Hmm….

          Thanks again!

      • Thank you so much Rehan. It’s okay everyone has the right to share their views here. I respect your sentiments and I remember your emotional comments under Kankar reviews, loved those discussions too and appreciate all your support but I honestly feel everyone should have their say.

        Thank you once again. Keep reading and commenting.

      • Sorry but what was demeaning about her review? So many people on here don’t agree with Fatima’s review, why did you go after her? She seems to agree with it and liked it and was just saying that she had felt like this for a couple of weeks.

        And you took the wrong assumption from it, found it demeaning and then demeaned HER with saying “Your reviews are too long”, how rude and shameless of you.

        You seem to be a huge fan of Fatima, and respect her and seem to be butthurt over this comment, so you are now disrespecting another innocent soul over it?

        Sorry Fatima, not to drag you in the middle, but it is very very wrong of you to be neutral in such instance.

        Good job VIST for correcting this guy. And instead of being ashamed he lashed out at you too.

        • I can say whatever I want. I shared my opinion just like she shared hers. No big deal here but it appears to me that the new lot here likes to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I said nothing wrong. I said exactly how I felt. Watch your tone. No need to play the boss here.

        • Lol, butthurt. You nailed it. Thank you for understanding me. Just saw all this drama from fanboy Rehan just now. An awful thing to wake up to, but comments like Vist, yours and Naddo’s made my day. Kindness of strangers makes the world go round. Duniya isse ki waja se qayam hai. Understanding others and respecting them despite their difference in beliefs. He was indeed very rude, so his whole commentary was just ironic. Khair it is not up to us to moral police someone, uska zameer malamat nae kartha that is his problem. Again thank you! And yup, totally feel bad for Vist who got also got a rude response for sticking up for me. Goes to show what kind of guy he is and how his respect it only for certain people and not others.

          • Who is butthurt here is evident from the comments but congratulations you got the attention you were desperately looking for thanks to me. Go back to your Indian forums.

        • Fatima’s replies are always courteous. You are new here I presume so you don’t know the moderation rules. Fatima handled the situation gracefully. Rizwana’s reply is equally rude so guess what they are even.

      • Ur comment is in bad taste. Wat was wrong wid her saying that she also has been thinking the same for past weeks? I dont think she was implying Fatima takes information from her comments, you assumed wrong and then personally attacked her over it. You were da real demeaning and rude person here. You seem to be a fan of Fatima and been around for years, but dat doesn’t mean be rude and attack people.

        • Thank you Naddo! As I said to Vist, it was awfully kind of a stranger to back me up! The world runs on the kindness of strangers! Thank you again!

      • Wow, just saw this. So let me get this straight. You think my reviews are too long and don’t read them, except that you read this one. Umm, okay?

        And then you proceeded to ASK me “Are you trying to imply that someone with her insight takes notes from your comments?”

        You ASKED as if you were interested in knowing an ANSWER and CLARIFICATION from my end. But THEN, you don’t wait for an ANSWER, jump to a CONCLUSION because you have already ANSWERED the question in your own mind and then you proceed to end with “Wishful thinking.”

        The irony here is that you called me demeaning yet you were rude to both me and Vist, as if Fatima is the only person on this website who deserves utmost respect and anyone else doesn’t.

        Sorry to say, but get out of here with your B.S. You clearly are a huge fangirl of hers, but that doesn’t mean you should go around attacking people, especially based off of an assumption.

        Since I am on here now, and to ANSWER your QUESTION though you have already passed judgement like an *insert expletive*:

        Fatima – I was in no way implying that you take your review information from my comments, rather all I was saying that I actually really liked your review, and was just stating that I have been thinking these things for the past 2 weeks and many people disagreed with me, so I am happy that now the main reviewer also views it the same way as me. Now I don’t think I am going crazy or against the status quo. It is always nice to know a reviewer for such a well known website as the same views as you. That is all I was saying. Don’t know why it was taken out of context.

        I will say though, I think you could do a better job of moderating instead of playing neutral. Your fanboy was completely out of line here. Maybe because he highly values you and respects you enough to call you “Ma’am” maybe if you call him out on his trashy behavior he will see the error and his mistakes, cause he even attacked Vist.

        Also to clarify the lyrics thing, I haven’t been on here for the years this fanboy Rehan has, so I didn’t know your history of associating lyrics with reviews, whether it be for Kankar or MPTH.

        Again, don’t know why he got so riled up, and accused me without even allowing me to clarify. I guess this is a prime example of how fans can be toxic and alienate new commentators/members.

        You and your moderators should really emphasize people to stay classy. Not because it is a responsibility of yours to teach someone morals and manners, but because it helps keep this website environment calm.

        Guess I will go back to voicing my opinion on India Forums since people like Rehan get triggered.

        • Rizwana you should read my comment again, my reply to Rehan! And if you read some of the other comments here, you will see people criticized me in the same way, did I delete their comments no?!! There are people here who have said that my reviews don’t matter, I replied to them in the same way I replied to Rehan. You don’t need to clarify anything! I have an open mind and tons of tolerance. You guys probably have different rules on the Indian forums but here people are free to criticize.

          You’re the one making assumptions now, better read all the comments to find out that it is actually okay for people to criticize each other for their opinions. We know what we are supposed to do, we have different rules here and we have been following them for many years now. When you comment on a public forum, you should be ready for all kinds of reactions, that comes with the territory. I also respect people who don’t call me maam, because how I treat people shows my class.

          • Fatima – Thanks for clarifying. My apologies, I thought this was moderated. But now I understand its a website and hence has no rules, got it. Thank you! Sorry I did not know that before. Like I said, I exclusively comment on India Forums which is highly highly moderated and has no tolerance for toxic comments and bullying, attacking and such. I have not come on here for years like Fanboy (hence why I didn’t know the lyrics association which you make). I comment on here regularly a few times on Khaas and a few times on MPTH. In the other two, everyone seems quite respectful and this is my first experience with someone so rude who is consistently defending their behavior and throwing out comments like “Watch your tone” (again irony here, so he does not have to watch his tone but others do?!?) “What will you do about it” “Dont be the boss here”

            I hope we can ALL agree that is wrong! Ethically, morally, Islamically! Thus I personally don’t believe in being silent over such situations, because the world is already such a negative, toxic place. We already wake up to horrid news stories. We come to websites like these to exchange dialogue with one another and share opinions. People don’t always have to agree in order to be civil.

            The part that is the most hurtful and shocking to me about this is so many other comments said they disagree with your review and they loved the episode but no one called them out. Maybe because they have been commenting for years and there is some camaraderie amongst everyone. Anyways, lesson learnt. Enjoyed reading your reviews while it lasted!

            As far as fanboy, the best thing to do is not to acknowledge his existence, because truth is, people who go around on the internet being vicious to others over their opinions, should not be acknowledged. He is perhaps getting validation with so much attention and it will further perpetuate his behavior. Maybe he is fighting some battle silently, and this helps him feel better about himself. Allah hu alam.

            Again, thanks for clarifying Fatima. If I have hurt your feelings unintentionally in anyway than I am sorry. I don’t know why my review was taken out of context by fanboy, but I hope you did not feel the same way. I actually DID like your review.

          • You’re most welcome Rizwana. No hard feelings. Not at all Rizwana, I actually enjoyed our discussion last week and I was looking forward to your feedback. I am glad you spoke your mind here and I agree some of Rehan’s comments are uncalled for. Allah knows best. This world would be a better place if we stop judging each other and don’t take such discussions personally.

            Thank you so much Rizwana, I give equal respect to those people who don’t like the reviews. But yes, when someone keeps on nagging you then it gets really annoying LOL!! Here is to more tolerance.

          • Def. I was a bit surprised. felt unnecessarily accusing you. Aisa toh kuch nahi kaha ki Fatima ne mujhse churaaya hai and so on. You were just sharing your thoughts. Pata nahi use kyun bura laga. khair chodo. Ab iski baat mat karo. Indianforums I think are exclusively forums and not site. Are they run by Indians? Because dramas discussed are I think Pakistani. Haha.

    • Asalaamu Alaikum all. Okay, I am a silent reader here and just want to comment because this is just horrible and shameful to me. We all have a duty to stand up to cyber bullying.

      Fatima – your reply was graceful, as Sumbul said.

      Sumbul – Rizwana’s reply was a defense. How does that make them even? It does not. Read all of Rehan Ali’s comments, each one is worse than the other. It is clearly showing his mentality. As Rizwana said he seems to be toxic. So Rizwana should not even defend him or herself and if they do then we will say it is even? Sorry sister, I do not agree at all. They are definitely not even. Defense is never even with offense. Offense has the burden to prove themselves innocent and like I said Rehan Ali’s each comment is worse than the previous one. Where as Rizwana, her last comment where she has apologized to Fatima even proves who is the bigger person here. Rizwana is right, the world these days is scary. We see news stories of Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, etc. People come on here to relax and talk respectfully amongst one another. Rehan was upset on behalf of Fatima, when Fatima herself was not upset.

      He has no answer as to why he made an assumption (there goes making 70 excuses for your Muslim Brother or Sister) and he kept going on and on what that assumption. I know everyone perceives things differently, but Rizwana wrote “I loved your bit of…” and he took offense to even her saying she loves something about Fatima’s reviews. Meanwhile so many people told Fatima they didn’t like her review point blank. I don’t see him commenting there. Only on Rizwana’s comments he commented. On this one and the Shahzeb one even. It’s like he was so offended with her over a misunderstanding and taking her our of context he kept going with it. No one should support this.

      Vist, Anjum, and Naddo – There are at least 20 plus people who commented on here, yet only three of you stood up. MashAllah, May Allah bless you all immensely.

      As the saying goes “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” In the name of freedom of speech and an open website, no other people except 3 told Rehan he was being unfairly harsh? Really. This is exactly what is wrong with the world right now.

      I am sorry to be preachy here, but I am very religious and a fan of Sheikh Omar Suleiman. He frequently talks about internet etiquette and even how we will be held accounting for this on the day of judgement. How sad and horrible will it be if Mr. Rehan is standing in front of Rizwana, Vist, Naddo and Anjum on the day of judgement? Is one drama review worth it all?

      I urge you all to remember “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue, and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart – and that is the weakest of faith.”

      Change it with your hand – type it, speak up against it.

      Mr. Rehan, my brother in Islam, you are very very wrong here. And in defending your behavior you subsequently wrote so many more wrong and aggressive comments. “What are you going to do about it.” “Watch your tone.” “No need to play boss here.” SubhanAllah us men have such a perfect example in our Prophet on how to treat mankind and women and yet we act like reckless fools on the internet. Brother you are wrong. I hope you see it in this life. I hope we all do. Please do not fall prey to internet bullying. It will come back to haunt you on the day of judgement my dear brothers and sisters.

      Sister Rizwana – Sorry I am presuming off your name and some of your comments you are a girl. You did the right thing. I support you as do Vist, Naddo and Anjum. It is sad that level headed people like you will be leaving this website due to people like Brother Rehan. Again, I personally apologize to you as a male, for his alpha behavior. You did not deserve it, and it was very clear and evident in your comment that you liked Fatima’s review and were just happy that you both shared similar thoughts.

      May Allah SWT bring us to the truth in disputed matters and bring us closer to Siratul Mustaqeem, Ameen Ya Rabul Alameen.

  • Also, anyone else surprised that Shah Zain has a little brother? Loved that scene between Raani and Shahzaib!

  • For me episode was not that bad. All the PMA scenes were interesting to watch. Saad’s new friend Gulzar is very entertaining. His scenes were good especially the last one. I always like to see raani scenes and also in today’s episode I liked her scene , she adds energy to this serial. Shahzain’s and saad’s character are not much appealing for me especially shahzain’s but yeah I am looking forward to see raani and shahzain scenes and their chemistry. Saad scene with his father was good.
    I wish that writer would have given equal screen space to all four characters but he disappoint us. As this serial was supposed to based on friendship of four friends but there is no friendship left. There was no shariq scene from last two episodes and no shehyar scenes in this episode. Matlab Pata nhi shariq ka result kya aya aur shehyar ny board mein top karney k baad kya kiya. I suggest that watch this serial without any expectations Bcoz I don’t think so that shariq and shehyar are gonna get their due screen space which is the biggest disappointment of this serial.

    • I am glad we agree Omm e Nida, I also think it wasn’t all that bad but like I said I was expecting better. Yes, the last scene was the best. Yes! Equal screen time would have been great. I know! I try my best LOL!! But then I miss the other two kya karu?

  • Amazing episode and it reminded me of my cousins stories about Army and Airforce. PMA life has been shown as very realistic. Last scene was brilliant! Coming from a family with several cousins in military this show has been a gift.
    I am sorry no offence but your review is a bit harsh! Perhaps you were expecting like ABC but writer and director had stated that it won’t be like that and friendship will hit a road block early.

    On a side note. Will someone review yeh dil mera as it looks different and interesting? Are you going to give this up as there is a 2 drama limit? I know MPTH is popular even though is slow for me despite good acting. 2 most trending dramas are this and MPTH.

    • Did you read Fatima’s reviews of the first few episodes? She says it as it is. I feel the exact same way and don’t think it is harsh.

    • I know! I agree, the review is harsh because I expected so much better. Yes, loved the last scene and you’re right about the PMA scenes they were realistic but I felt the emotional element was missing. I don’t watch interviews etc therefore I wasn’t expecting this – why the OST then?! Let’s see.

      SM Zahra will review YDM.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

        • You’re most welcome SM. Yes absolutely, I will continue reviewing it.

          Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate it.

      • Oh so Z-mirza is gonna review YDM. She is amazing but you interact with us more than her. May be she’s busy or anything but you always reply and care a lot.

        • Yes, she is amazing for sure.

          Thank you so much AH, we both try our best. Zahra always replies to the comments too unless she is preoccupied with something. Sometimes there are so many comments that we miss few of them, sorry about that.

  • Hello Fatima, thank you for the to the point review in which you mentioned everything which was on my mind. I have been reading your reviews for 5 years, love them and your dedication surprises me. More power to you. You have said everything I had in my mind in the review.

    • Hello Rehan, I am glad you liked the review and I truly value all those readers who have been following my reviews and giving the feedback for so many years. You guys are special.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Today episode is too good i think ..
    But i can understand ur point of view ..
    1st time i enjoyed ehd e wafa ..
    Actually there is connectivity issue in script writing ..
    I think we should give it some time ..

  • What a pathetic episode. You have mentioned the good and bad points in your review which makes you the best reviewer on this website. Honestly speaking taking out the good points wasn’t easy because I had a difficult time keeping my eyes open while watching it. I feel for Ahad, he is giving it his best. Vaneeza’s acting was pathetic, watching her scenes made me angry. Osman Khalid Butt looks like an uncle. He should bring variation in his dialogue delivery.

    • He might be giving his best, but I am not enjoying Ahads role either. I am finding it too cliched… And the acting too… Saada scenes I just don’t look fwd to watching… I don’t know what I look fwd to watching here… As I said not much expectations.. Passabke decent drama..only like the funny comedy bits and last scene otherwise oka was also boring…

        • Tbh I think all the boys are good. I like them all. Wahaj, Ahmed, okb. All talented. I find ahad to be a miscast at times. Cud be just me. Ppl may not like this but I wonder if muneeb butt wud hav been a better choice. Reason for feeling this way…. Having hard time believing ahead in this slightly unexciting and unintelligent role.i find no matter how illogical muneeb butt looks beleivable. Ahad really suits some role… But not sure why I felt this way..

          • For the sake of community, just sharing, I am the same person who sometimes posts under vist and wonder. haha. best wishes to everyone.

  • Why is even the horse-killer getting so much screen time while Sheryar and Shariq are not even being given one scene? They have to do something abt Shazain’s character bcz it’s not working for me at all after that brutal scene. I really liked Saad’s scenes in PMA and his new-made friend too. This chair did chuu😂😂 However, I have one question that why didn’t Saad get a shave at the same time when all others were getting shaved??
    BTW Fatima, will u be updating the list for the best drama serials of 2019 with dramas like Alif and MPTH coming out?

    • LOL @ horse killer. It’s not just that, the track overall is quite boring. Ahad Raza Mir is doing so well and his new friend is going to be an interesting addition.

      Ibrahim, we will be making a new list very soon since we made that list early this time around.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

    • According to pma rules if a guy has a moustache at the time of joining barbers shave it but if a guy is bearded they don’t shave it.

  • Awesome review fatima, 100%agree with everything, this drama has turned out to be way below expecations, it works only in parts for some cute scenes, otherwise fails on a whole as some scenes trying to be funny turn out to be boring and big time dejavu, nothing new . I think it will be difficult to continue with this one, or watch the whole episode in 15mins by forwarding unwanted scenes.

    • I did that.. watched the episode in 20 mins skipping Shahzain’s scenes. Most people are not liking it and rightly so.

    • Thank you so much Tiger, your appreciation means a lot to me. I agree, if I was watching this drama on YouTube, I would definitely be forwarding some scenes. I agree with you some of the funny scenes do not make you laugh.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • Ahad raza mir….. Sb uski Acting ki tareef kr rae hain…bt i dont kno ahy mujhe uski personality mai according to his teenager role n Now PMA cedit koe charm koe energy koe appeal nai hai..aik dukhi se aatma lagta hai…specially apne father jese personality k samne to bilkul ee mediocre lagta hai… rest gulzar ki comedy i found a bit forced…

    • Complete;y agree. Mujhe toh kuch khaas nahi lagi iss baar. Mere liye toh uske best roles sammi aur yakeen ka safar the. Mujhe nahi maza aa raha ismein, na hi koi zyada acting achi lagi.

  • AOA Fatima…Absolutely agree with you.
    Extremely boring drama.
    Neither it is good as army drama nor as friendship drama.
    Pooor direction by Saife Hassan and even none of the actor is doing great job.
    soul of the drama is missing Wallah..
    Thank you for your review.
    I hope all is well with you

    • AoA Amir, long time, no see. How are you doing? Missed your feedback. I agree with you about it being neither an army drama nor a friendship one, I hope it gets better.

      Well said Amir.

      Good to hear from you.

      You’re welcome. Truly appreciate your valuable feedback.

  • Well according to me the episode was not that bad. 3.5 would also be right. Moreover I too don’t like the fact that we didn’t get to see the two characters in yesterday’s episode totally. Can’t figure out whether it’s pre planned or not. But at least it didn’t disappoint me. I think whatever they showed there was nothing objectionable. Vaneeza’s khan acting was fine but the dialogues could be more meaningful. The new entry was entertaining. PMA scenes were cool but i think saad got in army too fast like they should habe shown how he trained himself for the issb but anyway I liked the overall episode and hope to see much more. But that point when you talked about interest I don’t feel it the same way like the precap was interesting for me.

  • Well i disagree…
    Writers made it clear that this drama has no relevance to ABC…rather its about 4 friends joining 4 different fields…so we shouldn’t be comparing it to ABC.
    Saad is part of the main story,so obviously he is going to get most of the screen time…
    But i agree that Shahzain’s part should have been cut to make room for other two.

    Btw that officer in last scene, is he the guy who performed Major Aziz Bhatti’s character??

    • Who cares about what the writers say in their interviews. What matters is how the viewers feel after watching the drama. If the writer cannot write a proper story with good dialogues the interviews are a waste of time. We started watching this drama with so much enthusiasm but discontinued watching it after stupid shahzain killed the horse and the friendships ended. Useless story and over acting.

  • The DG ISPR is promoting this drama and promising the viewers that they won’t be disappointed… aur bhi dukh hei zamanay mei. Some people like this drama because of the affiliation they have with army otherwise this drama is less than average. People are criticizing this drama on every forum so DG ISPR now has stepped in to raise the patriotism.

    • I’m sorry but i think you are saying this based on a few tweets. Otherwise, ehd e wafa has had a dream reception if we go by trps, yt views, Twitter trending. Probably the only drama to trend every week. DGISPR tweeted bcz a lot of people were appreciating recent episode not bcz it was criticized.

      • Exactly Javeria! Majority have liked and praised it. Just like every drama there is a slight minority that does not like it

      • I agree Javeria, everyone I know is watching this show and everyone is talking about it too. That’s why people feel so passionately about this drama, this thread here is a proof of that 😄😄

      • Not really. The enthusiasm died down after episode 3. I follow many bloggers and I am active on twitter, the percentage is 50/50. MPTH is the only drama right now with a massive fan following. Many people did not even watch Ehd e Wafa after episode 3. I live in a hostel and here most of my hostel fellows are not liking it anymore. There are very few of us who watch it. I still hope it gets more entertaining.

        • Well actually it is still trending every week and is second most watched drama. The general public likes it and those who are not into the critical aspect and reviews.

          • I live in a big hostel in the middle of the general public quite literally. Most of the girls here are not liking it here. Even most girls stopped watching it weeks ago. In my opinion the reviewers and bloggers also are general public in some ways just people who have platforms to express their opinion to the public.

          • According to YT views the recent episodes have a pick over episodes 3 & 4. Some other review sites are praising the latest episodes as compared to earlier. I think everyone has their own way of looking at the drama.
            Plus I know a lot of males that are watching it which never watch other dramas!
            Hope it gets more entertaining for you! Respect for your father because of the military as my family is in military too

  • I loved the PMA bit in the overall sub par episode. I have to admit though that this is a stress reliever after i watch MPTH, lol. I miss Shariq and Sheheryar, their story and character has more depth and complexity and I wish they had been given a bit more if not equal screen time. Rani is too much for me, she needs to tone it down a bit and even then she will bring a zing to the show. I dont dislike her, i just feel she is extra OTT, she needs to drop the extra, haha.

    OKB is wooden … like Pinocchio is less wooden.
    Saad is ok.
    Shariq and Sheheryar are MIA.

    I would have loved to see more bromance before the friendship went kaput but HUMTV knows the art of messing up a good thing. I hope this picks up and gets interesting soon.

    • Haha interesting comment Kinza, enjoyed reading it. LOL @ OKB, ab mei kya kahu haha! Hena me too, bromance was so much fun to watch, too bad it ended too soon. I really liked Shariq and Shehryar, they acted so well too :(

  • The army side of the episode is really interesting. Shahzain and rani track is good also as they are older than the other boys so makes sense that they are shown to be involved soon as it goes with their background. The saad and dua love track is a no for me because they too young imo for love etc. Maybe the actress playing dua is a weak actress and so is her character. The other two boys are missing and their backgrounds and story should be told also. I hope they don’t show what they been upto in a 5 min flashback. They deserve more screen time. Thank you for reviewing all the dramas. Love reading them.

    • You’re most welcome Guest, really appreciate your feedback. LOL @ too young, interesting observation.

      Yes definitely,I will review this one right till the end InshaAllah.

      Thank you so much, means a lot.

    • Well said. I couldn’t figure out why I don’t like ahads track. I keep saying i find his character illogical… I thought I didn’t like his falling head over heels for alizay but that’s it… Too young for love love type of stuff. Correct.

  • I think review writer has been overly critical of the episode. It had different ranges and messages for different class of viewers which are expected to be absorbed by the general public. Appreciate the fact that drama is based on light comedy, moral and ethical aspects of the story and most importantly it has a broader message of unity among people. I wish critic was not biased and overly concerned about equal screen time for all FRIENDS.

    • I respect your opinion Ghazan but why not? After all the other two were acting so well, we all have different wishes and I wish they were given more screen time LOL!! Glad you enjoyed this episode. Like I said to someone else here, I never write these reviews to get anyone’s approval and I always appreciate difference of opinion. I want others to respect my opinion as well of course therefore I stand by what I said in the review and I am not biased – not sure why I would be biased though! LOL @ overly concerned haha I actually enjoyed that one, we take our drama a little too seriously.

  • Wow!!! What a review and what a discussion. Reviewit is the perfect place for discussing dramas. Agree with everyone about The horse killer. He is getting too much screen space. Looking forward to PMA scenes. Keep writing these wonderful reviews.

    • Thank you so much Sadaf. We try our best and trust me I love these discussions too. I am also looking forward to those scenes.
      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • This episode was interesting. But I’d agree to you FA. First they have their entire focus of the two SS. Okay its ISPR drama so army scenes are must and we love those scenes. So accordingly saad will getmore screen time but shahzains track is taking too much. I really liked shariq and shehryar. They even didn’t revealed about shariq’s result. Raani scenes are amusing. And vaneeza, i think that was a good scene as well as her acting but its my opinion may be its not like i saw it.

    We love your reviews FA!

    • AH I am so glad so many people liked this episode that means there is hope. And special thanks to you for sharing your difference of opinion with such decency.

      I love your feedback too. Thank you so much. Keep reading and commenting AH.

  • Hi Fatima, I read your reviews for the past couple of episodes and decided to catch up as I had more hopes from the cast and director and actually I actually like how the story is evolving. I think the main concept of this story is to show how different each friend’s background is. Whereas Saad is a sensitive soul Shazain is the complete opposite with his temper and sass. It’s not just monetary differences but their overall outlook in life. The first episode didn’t work for me, but now I feel all characters are going through their own storyline to come to a point where the friendship between them can be restored when they are fully grown – up. I am sure the other two friends will get their screen time in upcoming episodes. Overall I still believe this to be a different kind of drama which has a bit of everything and therefore its refreshing to watch. Hope they can keep it fresh.

    • Hello Seher, yes the difference in the personalities was quite obvious from the onset, Shahzain was always the leader, the one making the decisions, the nalaik one, the male version of Raani. You must have read that I mentioned that in my reviews as well.

      Appreciate your feedback. Glad you are liking this one.

  • Assalamoalaikum
    I agree with you that the scenes are not equally divided between the characters.saad and shahzain is dominating the play and this is the weakest point of this script because if you are showing us the story of four friends then you must include the four main characters with equality.
    In this whole episode i enjoyed just the last scene.It was the best and most impactful one. I am looking forwad to see gulzar husain as a great army officer