Ultimate shaadi guide for the bride-to-be

Weddings can be hectic, stressful and what not especially for the bride to be. She is beginning her new life and there’s a hell lot of chores that need to be done way, way in advance before the big day. Here’s a guide to help you get you get your wedding preparations in order:

Finalize dates well in advance

Once the rishta has been done, ask your parents to finalize the marriage dates well in advance (atleast six months before). This is because you’ll have a plethora of tasks you need to complete before the wedding. Also, if you have guests coming in from abroad, you’ll need to let them know so they can get their holidays and tickets sorted.

Get your venues booked asap

Venues get booked up really fast especially if your wedding is being held in the ‘shadi season’. Get a quick look at venues which will accommodate all your needs such as space, convenience, and the most important good food.

Make a to do list

Being the bride, you absolutely need to have your to do list in check. Write down everything you need before the big day, on the actual day and after the days of the wedding. This way you won’t be forgetting anything. Keep updating things as you keep remembering them. Also cross out all tasks you have completed which will help you relieve the stress off your shoulders.

Do a market research of clothing

Doing a market research of the clothes you’re deciding to get made for the actual wedding and the days after that will immensely help you lower down your expenses. Say if you see a design somewhere and it costs a lot of money, try finding a similar design elsewhere at a different price. You can also get replicas made from Liberty Market or Anarkali. Also, don’t get a lot of fancy clothes made for your bari, it will only be a waste of money. Instead buy semi formal or casual outfits which you will be able to wear again and again.

Swap gold for artificial jewellery

Ditch the gold or diamond jewellery for artificial jewellery instead. Trust me, no one can tell the difference if you’re smart enough to know the right place to get your artificial stuff from. They look as good as real stuff.

Relax at your favorite spa

Weddings can be hectic especially for the bride. Many salons and spas offer a variety of bridal services which can help you relax and unwind before your big day. Choose one which fits your budget and makes you feel like the queen you are!

Host family get togethers especially for dance practices

After you’re married, you won’t get to spend the same amount of time with your family like before. Host family get togethers and get your cousins, phupos, chachas, tayas, khalas and all to have fun filled dholaks. Get your playlist ready as well and coordinate dances so you don’t have to worry about the perfect performance on the main day.

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