Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode Story Review – Fantastic Surprise

This was a remarkable last episode which covered all the tracks perfectly well. Ehd-e-Wafa’s last episode was Emotional, Entertaining and unpredictable right till the end. Saad’s track, of course, was the most emotional element of this last episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. All the scenes covering Saad’s operation were shot, written and performed so well. I am sure I am not the only one who cried with Saad’s family and friends, completely forgetting that I was watching a drama. Ehd-e-Wafa’s ending was powerful and meaningful in so many ways. After a long time, I watched a last episode which was very well put together. This had to be the most impactful ending which will stay with us for a long time.

Must Watch

Many people criticized Ehd-e-Wafa for giving politicians a bad name, even BBC published an article on it. I always felt that this criticism was baseless and biased. I would love to hear from all those people today if they watched this last episode and if they haven’t I suggest that they watch it with an open mind. Shahzain’s conversation with Shariq and Shehryar summed up the importance of politicians and the significant role they play on the political front. In this last episode, the writer showed impeccably how the politicians, military, bureaucracy, and civilians play their respective roles. This last episode highlighted the importance of a few good individuals and how they can make a difference by using the authority they have in the right way. More than anything else, Ehd-e-Wafa’s last episode showed that even the most dedicated soldiers like Saad have a difficult time saying goodbyes. The way a rough and tough soldier was humanized throughout in this drama was one of the best part of Saad’s track. Very often, we forget just how much such military men are putting on stake and how many lives are attached to them.Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode Story Review - Fantastic Surprise

Shahzain and Rani’s scenes were once again humorous and I am actually glad that this apology was not covered too seriously. It was also good to see Shahzain redeeming himself and changing for good. Humayun Saeed’s guest performance was a good addition to this last episode. I absolutely loved the Indian talk show scene, very well done indeed! The last few scenes shown when the credits were rolling were also remarkable, a perfect mix of old and present-day scenes which showed how far these boys had come. I would have loved to see more of Masooma.

Final Remarks

Ehd-e-Wafa turned out to be an emotional roller coaster ride in the true sense of the word. The promos were exciting and I had huge expectations from it. The first few episodes were hilarious and entertaining but once SSG fell out, things turned bitter and the writer did not do justice to all the tracks. The fact that most of the episodes were written later on probably gave the writer more of an insight into what the viewers wanted to see and as a result of that the drama truly took off starting from episode 14. There was no turning back after that. The story moved forward convincingly from here on. Ehd-e-Wafa was one of those dramas which took off a little late therefore this last episode it seems came a little too soon. Unlike many other dramas, it did not drag towards the end. It was a wholesome and entertaining journey overall which will be remembered for all the right reasons.Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode Story Review - Fantastic Surprise

The best aspect of Ehd-e-Wafa was that it reinforced so many important and positive messages. There are hardly any Pakistani dramas that focus on young people. Ehd-e-Wafa’s different tracks provided inspiration and guidance for the youth which was refreshing and much-needed. Apart from that, the strong female characters were the highlight of Ehd-e-Wafa. We got to see working women on our television screens after a long time. This was a breakthrough because women are stereotyped in Pakistani dramas on a regular basis.

Script, Direction and Performances

The writer Mustafa Afridi penned down an excellent script that did not go off track. He will be remembered for giving us some of the best female leads this year. Saife Hassan’s skillful direction showed in every scene even when there were some shortcomings in the script. Saife Hassan did exceptionally well while shooting the outdoor scenes. I respect him a lot for introducing some of the best actors in the television industry. He does not shy away from working with new actors.Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode Story Review - Fantastic Surprise

Ahad Raza Mir gave yet another outstanding performance in Ehd-e-Wafa. He never seizes to impress with his organic performances in roles which are anything but simple. The tears in his eyes today when he said goodbye to his friends and when he was going for the operation were priceless. Ahmed Ali Akbar truly outshone in his role, he made sure that he looked and acted according to the situation. Some of the expressions he gave in Ehd-e-Wafa alone were enough to make the viewers emotional. He proved that he is an exceptional actor. Wahaj Ali was equally convincing and likable throughout. These brilliant performances definitely added to the impact and entertainment value of this drama. The new actors Adnan Samad Khan, Naeema Butt and Muhammad Hunbal performed exceptionally well. The fact that these actors have already performed in theatre definitely gave them an edge but this was their first appearance on television, therefore, they deserve all the praise for giving some really good performances.

Zara Noor Abbas was entertaining as the fun and carefree Rani and later on Rani’s transition too was shown convincingly. Once Dua’s character came into its own, Alizeh Shah too gave a decent performance. Hajra Yamin was likable as the independent and wise young lady. It was an absolute treat watching Faraz Inam on screen after such a long time. Although his screen time was limited but every time he appeared on screen, he made his presence felt. Vaneeza Ahmed nailed the poised and intelligent side of her character. Saad and his parents’ relationship was one of the best aspects of the drama, really meaningful and poignant. I absolutely loved Khalifa Sajeer Uddin as Firdous sahab, what an exceptional actor and what an emotional journey. Anjum Habibi (Shehryar’s father) made me cry in every emotional scene, he is an exceptionally talented actor who should be seen on-screen more often. Syed Muhammad Ahmed is one of my favorite actors, it was good to see him in a different role and it is especially great watching him being part of so many dramas lately. I really liked Momina Iqbal as Masooma and it would have been great if she had been given more screen time.

Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode Story Review - Fantastic Surprise

Last but not least special thanks to ISPR and MD Productions for giving us a drama which was extraordinary in so many ways – exceptional content and progressive female leads. Ehd-e-Wafa also for a change showed men and women as partners, that was truly delightful.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching and reviewing this play for the past 12 weeks or so in particular. I am glad, I did not give up on it. All of you who gave up on this drama after a few episodes should definitely give it a go now, it deserves to be watched and appreciated.

I would like to thank all those amazing readers who read the reviews every week and shared their opinions, without these discussions I wouldn’t have enjoyed watching Ehd-e-Wafa as much as I did. Keep reading and commenting, I look forward to your feedback.

Ehd-e-Wafa will be missed. I will definitely be watching some of the episodes again.

Did this last episode make you cry continuously? Share your thoughts.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • The journey was fantastic and so was the end :) The speech delivered by SSG at end summed important messages of the drama. And the drama the truly showed how we all can serve our country in our own capacity. Although, the drama had male leads, but the females character we strong and many of them were successful as career women and well in their family life, be it Dua, Saad’s mother, Dua’s mother, Rani, Ramsha, Masooma or Rameen. They also shed light on how some Indians are messing up the situation. It was great to see human side of a solider.
    Hatts of to entire team. Ahad, Ahmed and Zara should get special credit for their delivery.

  • I cried so much, even my daughter cried. This episode reminded me of old ptv dramas like how everyone used to sit down and watch them together because there was nothing objectionable. Hats off to team ehd e wafa. Much thanks to you Fatima for always giving us best reviews on time. I stopped watching this drama but after reading your review I decided to watch again. Special thanks for that.

    • Hena! It was so emotional, loved it. Saife Hasan mei yeh kamal hei, right till the end he keeps things unpredictable and interesting.

      You’re most welcome Ayesha. Thanks a ton for reading the reviews and commenting, means a lot to me.

  • That’s the episode! Loved how comprehensively they covered everything with special and most desired coverage of Army and the operation led by Saad. It was emotional to see all friends in one area – Kashmir – working for country in different fileds. I couldn’t control my tears since the scene Saad got injured till Gulzar told good news. The way everybody (Saad friends and family) reacted to Saad incident, it was very emotional. The direction was amazing esp the most difficult scenes at LOC were shot brilliantly. Humayun entry was good and I wish every famous actor of our industry had some share in this drama as part of our armed forces, ateast for few scenes.

    I watched this last bumber episode with my 7-year old daughter and told her how brave army we have. In the last she said “Dad you were wrong, Saad is alive”! And it was really a great feeling to see Saad again on his feet and visiting Lawrance College with his friends sharing some moments with future of this beautiful country. Pakistan Zindabad💚💚💚

  • I think apko usman khalid butt se personally problem ha jo ap ne uska zikar krna gawara nhe smjha us ne bhe best performance di ha logo ne uskay character ko like bhe kia ha just ap k judge krne se character bura nhe hoga logo ne decide krna hota ha ap apna view deti ha sirf
    Personal problem ko kindly aik trf rakha kre biased review na dia kre

    • Fatima ke pichle episodes ke review prhei kafi discuss kiya hei aur acha hi kiya is last episode mei okb ka character discuss kiya aur acting nahi ki. Aur agr wakehi lagta hei ke Fatima ko problem hei tu ek baar in ka Balu Mahi ka review zarur parhei, sub shuk door ho jaye gay. Ek actor perform hi bura kare tu is mei review likhne walay ka kya kasoor. Ajeeb log hei.

    • Personal problem kia hogi Aashir ye kehna to khair fuzul hai but I think last episode main OKB ki perfirmabce kafi behter thee, thorra buhut credit dena banta hai, agar ziada naheen to . Khair aaj ka review bhee bas average hee hai jabke itnee zabardast aur bumper episode thee.

    • OKB ki acting ke mutaliq kafi kuch kaha hei meinay past mei. Shahzain ko discuss kiya meinay review mei.

      Dekhei ap khud tu keh rahe hei itne chahne wale hei Shahzain, OKB ki, aur zarur hei, mei kuch na bhi kahu tu kya farq parta hei LOL!!

      Everyone who has been reading my reviews on daily basis knows that I have praised and criticized him but I personally think that he was the weakest link in the drama.

      Character ki nahi actor ki baat kr rahi hu mei. Mei sb kuch side pe rukh ke phr aram se review likhti hu and yes do read balu mahi review takay ap ko pata chal jaye ke shahzain ne meri bhens nahi churaye. shukriya, pasting the link, happy reading.

      Few of the lines from the review “Osman Khalid Butt does not only have a definite screen presence as Balu but he emotes so well that you forget that he is acting. He makes his character even more attractive because of his faultless performance.”

      Kisi pe ilzam lagana buri baat hei, Allah ap ko hadayat de. Yehi aap OKB ki khud dher sari tareef kr deta tu kitna acha hota.

  • What a wholesome ending it was!! A complete package!!
    Though I had prepared myself for Saad’s death but I was still hoping that he won’t. The ending was so beautiful and emotional ❤❤
    Ahad nailed that scene where he was shot! The scene where Shariq gets to know about Saad gave me goosebumps. All 4 of them were brilliant😭

    Gulzar singing Allah Karesi Changiyaan was such a cuteee and emotional scene 💕

    So true fatima, I wish they had shown more of Masooma. Though the ending in Lawrence College was beautiful but I wanted them to end it on Shariq’s wedding with every character there but khair it was still perfect ❤

    I am so glad that we had a drama where REAL people that we see around us were shown, career oriented boys and girls, with true friendships and such beautiful relationships of them with their parents.

    It was so good to see Vaneeza and Faraz on screen after a long time.

    Ehd e wafa will truly be remembered for a long long time.
    Last but not the least, thank u so much for reviewing it. I am glad we didn’t give up on it. Watching it would not have been same without your reviews.❤ Ehd e Wafa along with your perfect reviews was Fantastic!! Kudos to the whole team involved🎉
    Pakistan Zindabad 🇵🇰

    • Yes, it most certainly was Pakistan Po. I was also so sure that he was going to lose his life especially after he made that phone call – well played ;) Very well written and directed for sure, loved it.

      You’re most welcome Pakistan Po. Oh yes, same here, imagine if we stopped watching it, what would we be missing.

      Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for always presenting your point of view so intelligently and decently. Blessed to have wonderful readers like you <3

      Sending all the love and blessings to you. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I thought I would not cry at all while watching EeW today after watching Alif’s last episode yesterday. But like for the past few weeks, once again EeW proved me wrong. Not only me, but my complete family, and, (as I am more than confident), every single viewer who were able to really feel those emotions, would have cried buckets while watching this episode.

    First of all, I would like to praise the cinematography of this episode. Now, that’s what u call Cinema-Worthy. The camera work was stunning and how intelligently the editing was fine( the scene when Faraz told Vaneeza, there was no music in the background and every passing second increased the intensity of the scene).

    Then ,the message. Ehd e Wafa not only depicted the struggle of a soldier alongside his family, but the dilemma and responsibility of any media person to differentiate btw truth and falsehood, the individual journey of a politician and the sophistication of a CSS officer! All of this complemented by an army of strong women.

    So proud to have been a part of this journey, where I not only got to see such content but discuss it with such intelligent minds. Thank you Fatima for your thorough reviews and a big goodbye to all the discussions on this thread. Till we meet again!!!

    • Exactly what i was telling my sisters that this is actually a cinema worthy bumper episode.. last week on special ehd e wafa episode when sarwat gilani asked saifee hassan that how excited he is for the cinema screening, he replied that i am actually worried because i have made this for tv screen and for tv audience i dont knw is it worthy enough for cinema.. but No man No… it was awesome.. beautifully directed epsiode..
      And all the roles done justice … powerfull drama indeed

    • Yes absolutely! I was not the only one crying while watching this episode, everyone who watched it cried so much because we were all sure Saad was going to die. The way the family and friends’ state of mind was covered was great.

      You’re most welcome Ibrahim. I really enjoyed talking to you and getting your feedback every week, keep reading and commenting. InshaAllah see you on another thread but will definitely miss this one :(

      • Same here, Fatima. Looking forward to such detailed discussions on the next drama u wish to review.:-)

          • Great! I like the look of it, except for Mawra’s OTT acting. What I am really excited about it (surprisingly) is Sarah Khan’s character. It seems to be a narcissist or something like that. Let’s see how she potrays it.

          • Yes! I love the promos too. No high hopes from Mawra but hopefully she will deliver. Same here Sarah Khan for a change will be playing a different role. Definitely excited to watch this one.

  • I would also like to say to our awaam kuch dekhay baghair itna critical honay ki zarurat nai hti.
    First they were all like army ko acha dikhaya hai baaki sab ko bura. Baad main when shariq came into media and started his program phir ‘Politicians ko bura dikha rahay baaki sab ko acha’.
    Ab last episode ka promo aatay hi articles likhna shuru ho gaey sab k ‘tea was fantastic’ wala dialogue pehlay aaya aur Abhinandan ab aa raha hai, makers ka damagh kharab ho gya hai etc etc and now it turned out to be a flashaback. To meri taraf sey un sab logon kay liyay ✋

    • Ji bilkul! Bus kuch logo ko military ke sath wese hi masla hei, wo apna farz samaj kr criticize krte hei military ko. Haha sahi diya ;)

      • Haha 😂 It really annoys me how people won’t let others enjoy a drama just because they have problem with army.

        • The way they just couldn’t see all the positive things in this drama was extremely annoying. These are the people who were always complaining about stereotyping women in dramas yet they never appreciated the female characters in Ehd-e-Wafa somehow.

          • Yes!
            Interesting fact! I was watching Ehd e Wafa’s trailer again. In last few seconds, the scene where Saad is Shot he has the locket in his hand while in the episode he gave it to Gulzar and when he is shot he wasn’t wearing any helmet while in the episode he was wearing helmet when he was shot. So I think they changed the ending.

          • Yeah same here!
            So you are going to review Sabaat? I don’t think I will be watching it as geo’s Saturday Sunday slots are already empty and 3 of their dramas are going to end this week, so they will have 5 empty slots in total and I am hoping that they will be filled by that Ahsan Khan starrer Faiza Iftikhar drama and Khuda aur Mohabbat 3. Good luck reviewing it ❤️

          • I also want to review Ayeza and Danish’s play or Faiza Iftikhar’s upcoming drama so hopefully, see you soon on another thread;) Can only choose one LOL!! Thank you so much, Pakistan Po, for all the love and support <3

  • brilliant review and a brilliant episode fatima you mentioned about everyone’s perfomance but what about OKB’s perfomance you didn’t mention anything about his perfomance and which drama do you think was better overall ehd e wafa or meray paas tum ho?

    • Thank you Sami. Mera review meri mrzi haha! I commented on his character. I think MPTH and EeW are two different dramas entirely and comparing them would be unfair. In terms of ending EeW hands down, no comparison there. In terms of educational value EeW.

      • Which one do you think is better in terms of direction, perfomances, production and special episode?

  • “Saad and Rani’s scenes were once again humorous and I am actually glad that this apology was not covered too seriously. It was also good to see Saad redeeming himself and changing for good.”
    Fatima, u did a little mistake here; u wrote Saad instead of Shahzain.

  • It was so emotional and I didn’t think I would cry as much as I did. It was brilliant show and really humanized the army. It emphasises that each individual has a role to play in society and you need to be true to yourself. So glad I watched this at home and not on the bus as I normally would have done on the way to work. Great work by all

  • What an emotional roller coaster it was…I was also thinking saad would die but happy to see all 4 of them together at the end…it was an absolutely amazing drama with a brilliant cast…I’m a huge fan of Ahad he’s such a great actor and I also loved Ahmad Ali Akbar what an amazing actor he is…all of them were fantabulous.
    I had cry many a times throughout the journey and the last episode made me cry even more🥺🥺
    The last episode covered every aspect beautifully
    Ehd-E-Wafa will remain in my heart for long time ❤❤I’m gonna miss it badly.
    And yes your is great..I totally loved it

    • Thank you so much Aashi for liking the review and commenting. Yes! So emotional and entertaining at the same time, loved every minute of it.

  • I totally agree with you Fatima your review is as good as the episode.
    Each and every word of yours true…I have same as yours…amazing review…you covered all the aspects and named almost every person you covered all what happened in the last episode 👍👍

  • If the episode wasn’t enough to make me emotional you came up with an equally emotional review.
    Ha! What a journey it was. What a play it was. I’m short of words to describe how much I loved it. Don’t remember the last time i cried buckets on any drama’s last episode. The last time I and my whole family was this excited for a drama’s last episode was when YKS aired.
    When saad’s mother said ‘ main nay faraz ko bola mujhay andar janay dain to unhon nay kaha tum bachon ki doctor ho. Saad bhi to mera bacha ha na’. I felt like my heart tore into million pieces.
    I absolutely adore everyone who was part of the show. Even though last episode belonged to Ahad Raza Mir yet again but rest of the cast was phenomenal too.
    I think if the episode had aired in cinemas it would have been a great cinematic experience.
    Saife hassan and mustafa afridi ko award na mila to main samjhun gi bikay huay awards hain. Kuinke ehd e wafa ki direction and writing was at par with mpth in fact at times better than it.
    Lastly, the feedback initial episodes of EeW got is a classic example of judgmental and emotional nation that we are. Always a little too busy in bringing down others.

    Ehd e wafa has a piece of my heart ❤️

    • Aww yes, those scenes were so emotional. I was sitting with my family but the tears came rolling down and my kids couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me LOL. Love such emotional connection in dramas, it is rare.

      I agree, Ahad deserves an award too, those tears in his eyes were kamal! I think the nation is not to be blamed, some of the episodes really were not up to the mark.

  • Hi Fatima I have been following your reviews for a while , and after watching today’s episode of Ehd E Wafa the last episode I finally found it appropriate to comment. The scenes of Saad going into battle and phoning his friends to tell them he loves them all, made me incredibly emotional, because this is the real life story of every Pak Army Soldier based at the border. Going into battle not knowing if they will return or see their family or friends again. In this case to our delight we saw Saad get wounded and then survive. However the reality is very different for many of our Shaheed Jawans, who put their life on the line for Pakistan. As we saw a few days ago with the Shahadat of Wing Commander Noman Akram who gave his life while trying to save the life of others , by not ejecting from his out of control aircraft, as to make sure he would not crash into populated areas. I hope this final episode serves as a reminder to people that while it’s very easy to bash our Army which seems to be a hot new trend these days. It is always going to be them who will lay down their lives for our country not keyboard warriors on twitter. So please my humble request is for everyone to appreciate our Army and support them always. Pakistan Zindabad Pak Fauj Paindabad.

    • Thank you so much for reading the reviews Faraz and I am so glad that you decided to comment today. You are absolutely right. Some people have an issue with the military and they couldn’t even appreciate a good drama because ISPR produced it, that is truly sad.

      • Yes absolutely , they said why is Army producing dramas, I feel that we should all take time to appreciate the ISPR as they make these dramas to be self sufficient and allow self funding. ISPR has given us so much to smile for and be proud of especially our beloved formed DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor who gave us the famous words “we shall surprise you”.

        • ISPR makes good dramas so why not? Their dramas are way better than all the other dramas we see on a regular basis which revolve around similar scenarios.

  • Hello, your review is wonderful. I just wanted to bring your attention to two things.
    1. You wrote ‘saad and rani’ twice in the second paragraph, I think you meant to say shahzain and Rani. Also it was very nice of you to mention all the characters and names but you didn’t mention Osman Khalid Butt. Even if you didn’t like his performance it would be fair to mention it in the review. Best of luck with ur future review. You are doing really well.

    • Hello Meh, thank you so much for all the suggestions. This last episode was so superb, I didn’t want to criticize anyone or praise OKB when I really felt that he didn’t deserve the praise, therefore, I discussed the character and not the actor.

      Thanks a lot, I try my best;)

  • Fantastic episode and fantastic review by you Fatima. I cried and cried and cried. Last few scenes were too good. You said it all, nothing left to say. Your reviews every week were like cherry on top. Thank you so very much for them. Which drama are you going to review next?

    • Thanks a ton Sana for liking the review and commenting. I will be reviewing Sabaat next. Do read the reviews and comment. You’re most welcome. Truly appreciate all your kindness.

  • Also i love how the whole suspense was maintained. My heart was literally beating so fast during the combat scenes. The scene where Everyone is worried for saad was so heart breaking . Also tbh i found the whole humayun scene unnecessary but Chalo koi nahi maaf kiya

  • Thankyou so much for the amazing reviews throughout. Loved reading them. Iam already missing ehd e wafa 😭 It was a beautiful beautiful play with some amazing positive messages. I agree, first few episodes didn’t meet my expectations but once ehd e wafa picked up it was so beautiful. Each episode had some beautiful scenes which I will always cherish. Saad and duas relationship, saad and gulzars friendship, saad and faraz scenes, rani and shahzains jori, sheryars journey are some of the highlights for me. As for the final episode, the star of the show was Ahad. His expressions when gping for the operation and after getting shot were so realistic. Iam so impressed. He potrayed it like a true soldier. I was literally so scared all the time while he went for the operation. Gulzar aka adnan was soo good too. His scenes with saad and then when he cries while singing was amazing. Vaneeza and faraz were also so good. Vaneeza made me cry . Iam so happy we got a nice happy end and the last scene was so wholesome !
    Overall this was one of the best last episodes of a Pakistani okay. No lose ends overall, no glaring loopholes or flaws, no over dramatic scenarios. Saife hassan and mustufa afridi deserve a huge round of applause. Ahad , adnan, Ahmed were the best performers for me. Wahaj did great too. Osman was good in some scenes but weak in some. The rest of the supporting cast did great to. I really am going to miss watching this show so much. Sorry for the longg comment loll

    • Haha not at all Fatima. Loved your comment, goes to show your love for Ehd e Wafa and it surely deserves all the love and appreciation. Yes, so many exciting and emotional scenes in this last episode. It was a long episode but it was so well put together, loved every single minute of it.

      Same here, will miss this beautiful drama and our discussions even more. You’re most welcome Fatima. Special thanks to you for reading the reviews and for commenting so regularly. I value your opinion.

  • ایک اچھا اور مکمل ڈرامہ۔ ڈرامے کے تمام کردار مضبوط اعصاب کے مالک اور با ہمت تھے۔ ناکامی کے بعد بھی اپنی زندگی کے مقصد سے پیچھے نہیں ہٹے۔ جیسا کہ معصومہ کا کردار۔ ہمارے معاشرے میں اس طرح کی بامقصد کہانی لکھنے والے رائٹرز کی بہت ضرورت ہے۔ ناکامی اور اپنے برے رویے کا اقرار کرنا اور اپنے آپ کو سدھارنے کی کوشش کرتے ہوئے دکھانا رائٹرز نے بالکل چھوڑ دیا تھا۔ رائٹرز کے لیے سب سے آسان کام ایسے کرداروں کو خودکشی کرتے ہوے دکھانا ہے۔ لیکن شاہزین نے ایسا نہیں کیا۔ اسی لیے وہ معاشرے کا ایک ذمیدار شہری بن گیا۔ یقیناً اس کا کریڈٹ آئ ایس پی آر کو ضرور جاتا ہے۔ جنہوں نے ڈرامے کو بامقصد بنایا۔ سستا جذباتی ڈرامہ نہیں بننے دیا۔ ۔

  • Outstanding drama . Entertainment at its best 👌👌Emotions, acting , direction every single thing was summed up so nicely and perfectly that there seems no room for criticism ❤️Ahad Raza Mir ‘s best performance 👏👏His father’s words n acting at the time of cap Saad’s being hurt n missing was so touching . Couldn’t stop crying . Friendship of three won hearts 💕 sentence that Friends are family you choose , so choose wisely gave a good lesson to young generation .It was a complete package for family to watch together . Well Done 👍🏻 😍👏👏👏

  • Fatima I stopped watching the drama after few episodes but read your reviews regularly. When you started praising ehd e wafa I started watching it again. Your reviews have been an essential in this journey because without them I would have stopped watching it. Once again your analysis of last episode and the drama on the whole is objective sincere and articulate. Thank you for the awesome reviews.

    • Thank you so much Agha for reading the reviews and most importantly for having faith in them, means a lot to me.

      You’re most welcome. I try my best, keep reading and commenting.

  • Hi Fatima, I took liked the last episode of EHW, it was a perfect closure for every track. But more than this episode, i liked your summary on this episode as well as EHW as a whole package. You did not left any space for me to add my own observation except one which i will add in the end. Now, i will let you know, what i liked the most from your review about this episode & EHW as a whole;
    1) Humanization part of Saad’s track
    2) how many lives are attached to the military men.
    3) Shahzain & Rani’s apology scene not covered seriously. Yes, Humor is the best part of their relationship. This character gives Zara noor abbas a new identity
    4) Humyaun saeed’s addition & Indian anchor. The anchor copies real life Indian anchor named, Arnab Goswami who does nothing but shouting on his show and favours the ruling government.
    5) Masooma story to see more. Yes, I too wanted to her from her more, how she moves ahead in life when she moved out of Shheryar’s life, but could not move away the feelings for him.
    6) Hardly any drama about youth.
    7) Strong female characters & working women on screen.
    8) Saad & his mother’s relationship was the best part of teh drama.
    9) You did mention the performances of all the noticeable characters; like Adnan Samad Khan-I am fan of him, Naeema Butt-a theater artist, very confidant & performed exceptionally well on her debut role screen. Anjum Habibi to make us cry. Syed Muhammad Ahmed is alo my favorite actor since MPTH & Khalifa Sajeer Uddin as Firdaus Sahab & Hajra Yamin. And Finally all about Ahad Raza mir & Ahmed Ali Akbar.

    My only addition is the last scene at school addressing the present student. This scene is important because it will be utmost pleasure to introduce yourself as a successful person in life who actually studied in the same school where they are learning now. It will be really a moral boost for the present students. And each of these four characters, brief out their success story beautifully. All four were on different career path, but they were honest in their work. And lastly they visiting the different spots at school & remembering the old times, too good.
    See you next time with an interesting drama.

    • Hello Aamer, long time! So good to hear from you. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time out to share how you feel about the dramas you watch and the review in such detail. I like what you added to the discussion, these closing scenes were just as meaningful as the drama itself. I agree with you completely, hearing their success stories and adding this part about these friends revisiting their college was such a great idea. Thank you for adding that.

      Good to know you enjoyed this last episode just as much as all of us here did.

      InshaAllah, will look forward to your feedback.

  • Aise dost mil jaye aur kya chahyeh life mein. Missed my friends who are far away from me. I cried so much. Thank you for the super review.

    • You’re welcome Jamshed. I am blessed with some wonderful friends and we watched most of these episodes together, therefore, that is another reason why Ehd e Wafa is special.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • An all encompassing episode and good review. I read all the reviews of ehd e wafa but commenting first time. I remember episodes in which you mentioned somethings in reviews which i did not even notice. Good observational skills Fatima. In this episode Ahad raza mir was the show stealer. I am waiting for his next drama. Does anyone know here which it will be. Thankyou

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Hina. Your appreciation means a lot to me. Agree with you about Ahad.

      Keep reading and commenting.

    • His current drama ‘ye dil mera’ airs every Wednesday 8 pm on hum tv.
      Apart from that, a webseries ‘dhoop ki deewar’ may come in near future.

  • Well as expected it was a Army show
    Aiming that Army’s sacrifices are matchless and we should always be thankful to Army

  • You said it all. This drama was so inspirational and full of good messages. Especially the last episode was brilliant. The way makers use this medium to show the world real face of india without giving any wrong detail. I think we never used our strong medium of Television for thia purpose hence india always used their cinema to spread fake things Uri was an example. I really loved this. Each and every scene was likable. It is not likely to love the episode throughout. Every aspect of this drama was great.
    Ehd e wafa and alif will live in my heart forever. We need more dramas like these.

    Well reviewed FA!

    • Thank you AH, why do I feel like we haven’t talked for ages. So good to see your comment here. Absolutely right! Exactly what I was thinking, thora tu banta hei hamara bhi especially that Abhinandan bit, on point for sure. Oh yes, we definitely need more such dramas.

      Really appreciate your feedback. Hope you will be watching Sabaat:)

  • And what a coincidence for SAHAD. Nikah, alif and ehde wafa ending, sajal hitting 5 M. Really happy for these two. Dil se dua niklti h.

    • I was thinking the same Ali, what a coincidence, both the dramas ended at the same time and Sajal and Ahad were loved in both. So happy for them.

  • What an episode and what a review. Dil garden garden ho gaya. Khush rahein hamesha. Pak foj ke jawanu ko salam. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • Thank you for reviewing this amazing drama. What a fantastic journey it was? Nice ending when I was almost sure Saad would be shaheed. This drama is going to leave a void and may be a while before we get something like this again.
    Thank you.

  • I’m so emotional after seeing this last episode, it feels like I actually knew the SSG gang!! That’s the impact Ehd e Wafa has had on its viewers! Absolutely brilliant wrap up to this play. Especially the final message by the 4 leads!! Everything from the writing to the directing to the performances were so well put together. A complete package! Only one small critique .. In reality Dua would not have been allowed in the surgery. Simply because no matter how amazing you are, you can not treat your loved one. And God forbid if something happens to them, the mental trauma that you endure is monumental.
    All said and done, I will surely miss tuning in to Ehd e Wafa every week.

  • Bohat zabardast review tha. Mery khyal main mujhy kuch kehni ki zarorat hi nahi cz app ne sab kuch itni khubsoorat tariqy se bayan kiya hay ki kuch bacha hi nahi. Bus mujhy afsoos es bath ka hay ki alif aur ehd e wafa khatam ho gaya and ab weekend pi dekhny ko kuch nahi hoga

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  • Every Sunday we used wait to watch this wonderful drama with our family. Please extent my congratulations to all the actors for their best performance

  • Review was very good but you missed Shaza in performance. He did a great job too.

  • A very comrehensive recap and review of a good drama. A little more balance could make it more convincing ……. after all ,there were some ‘minuses ‘ too in earlier episodes.

  • Shahzain is doing great job in ehd e wafa. His character is basically portray nagetuve . Shehryar character s positive so accepted whole heatedly. Otherwise shahzain acting is better than sharik.

  • >