Essential tips on how to be a good neighbor

Being socially active and interaction with people living in your community, apartment or society shows a kind gesture towards people who’ve just moved in. Here’s essential tips on how to be a good neighbor:

Introduce yourselves

When your neighbors move into your locality, start off by becoming friendly and introducing yourself to them. On the other hand, if you’re the one who has moved into the locality, get around to knowing who lives in the area, apartment or society. By initiating conversation, you’ll put people at ease and hope to warm them up to a new place. But make sure not to be too nosy or over friendly with new people around. Offer a helping hand by baking or cooking some nice food for the new people.

Don’t push people to become friends with you, just introduce yourself, tell them where you live and if they ever need you, they can simply contact you or come over to yours.

Help your new neighbors

Offer to help your neighbors in any way you can, you could help carry their groceries or set up their new home or offer to drive them around to nearby places in the initial stages of setting up their new home. Once they’ve set up, ask them about their well being from time to time, go over offering help if they need any but remember not to be nosy again.

Keep sharing spaces clean

One of the key tips of being a good and caring neighbor is to keep shared spaces clean. Many of us are the first ones to criticise our neighbors at the first sight of mismanagement or lack of maintenance but refuse to do our part in keeping our surroundings clean. Being a part of society or living in shared communties, one should be wary of keeping the surrounding clean and hygienic.

Don’t throw trash in public spaces, avoid keeping your trash bins in the passage where they’ll bother your neighbours with the smell, and sweep your section of the hallway or stairs every few days. If you’re sharing washing machines, be sure to clean the dryers every time you’re doing using them. Also, don’t hound the machines for your own usage doing loads and loads of laundry.

Don’t be a noisy neighbor

Sure you love to have your music loud at times, but remember never to disrupt someone’s peace and quiet during this time. This is quite essential for those residing in apartments but also implies to those who live in houses. Someone might have an exam or just simply be put off of loud noises. Keeping your neighbours in the loop will help you maintain friendly relations with them while enjoying your evening.

This doesn’t just apply to parties, though. Even on a daily basis, avoid keeping the television or music volume too high, avoid noisy repairs at odd hours, and keep your quarrels within your own walls.

Invite them on special occasions

Remembering your neighbours on special occasions is one way of sharing your happiness with them and ensuring that they’ll be there to support you in your bad times. Don’t do it for the sake of receiving something in return, though. Even if your gesture is not returned, sharing your happiness with them is the right thing to do.

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