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Fun things to do in Turkey

Turkey seems to be the hot destination of almost every Pakistani these days. It is mainly because the two countries share a friendly relationship which makes it easy for Pakistanis to acquire a Turkish visa. If you’re planning a trip to Turkey in the upcoming days, here is a list of fun things to do in the country:

Visit Blue Mosque

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When you think of Istanbul, you instantly think of Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of Istanbul’s most famous attractions with its striking blue interior. Be sure to dress moderately while visiting inside.

Visit Hagia Sophia

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Hagia Sophia is just opposite Blue Mosque which used to be an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and then became a Roman Cathedral. Later it became an Eastern Orthodox cathedral again and a mosque after that and now it’s a museum. That’s alot to remember! But it’s still worth a visit!

Go to the Grand Bazaar

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The Grand Bazaar is truly grand is all its glory. It has a huge number of shops which sell an array of goods such as lamps, leather products, shoes, bags, jewellery, ceramics, spices, silverware and anything else you can think of.

Experience traditional Turkish dancing

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Turkey is home to the Mevlevi Order of Sufi whirling dervishes. The dervishes spin themselves into a trance like state bringing them close to their creator. It is a delight to watch.


Try Turkish Delights and Turkish tea

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Turkish delights and tea are a must have when you come to the country. Turkish delights are also known as Lokum and are a sweet dessert which come in various flavours that include rose, cinnamon, mint, strawberry, lemon, orange and many more. Turkish tea is a black tea which also comes in a huge number of flavors and is a must try!

Eat a Kumpir

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A kumpir is a loaded baked potato. It is a potato mixed with cheese and butter until it’s light and fluffy, and then you can choose from an assortment of toppings including olives, hot dogs, pickles, corn and many more. It’s the perfect snack to go. The best baked potato is found in Patsosis in Istanbul.

Eat Turkish ice cream

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Traditional Turkish ice cream is known as dondurma which literally means freezing. This traditional ice cream is different from regular ice creams as it has a sticky texture so as to make it resistant to melting. If you’re not a sweet person, you can still take part in the locals unique way of presenting this dessert to you.

Experience a Turkish bath

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Relax and unwind on your trip with a full body scrub and massage at the traditional Turkish Hamams. The best part about these spas are they are segregated so you get full privacy.

Take a cruise on the Bosphorous

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A cruise on the Bosphorous is a great idea to see the city from a far. You’ll ride past Dolmabahçe Palace, the Rumeli Ruins, the Maiden’s Tower, and many mosques, mansions, and gardens along the way. The cruise also has delicious food and entertainment such as whirling dervishes and belling dancing on board.

Take a day trip to Princes’ Island

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Princes’ Island is accessible by sea buses from Istanbul. It is a popular place for families and couples to visit as the place is filled with peace and tranquility. The only mode of transportation on the island are horse drawn carts and bicycles.

So when are you packing your bags for a trip to Turkey?


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