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Guide to reducing screen time for kids

Spending too much time watching cartoons or movies can cause fatigue, dry eyes and vision problems in both adults and kids. Although adults know when to stop, the same can’t be said for kids. So here’s a guide for you to help reduce screen time for kids:

You should know what your kids are watching

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You must know about what is on the internet and what your kids are watching. Nowadays, kids are so much more tech-savy than adults. Funny enough, they learn to use mobile phones much more quicker than they learn new words. As an adult, you should be well informed about the latest technological advancements, games, applications and videos which are circulating around.

Television is another medium which you must monitor and control in accordance to setting an appropriate screen time for kids. This will make sure your children do not watch anything inappropriate for their age.

Simultaneously, install apps on your mobiles or tablets which will block harmful sites and materials which are not suitable for kids to scroll or watch. Once you’re done with this, kids won’t be spending much time glued to the screen.

Kids learn from elders so practice what you preach

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Kids learn from adults so practice what you preach. Limit your own screen time so your kids won’t follow suit. Try not to scroll through your mobile in front of the kids or watch movies and such while they are asleep. Try spending more time with the kids doing useful activities such as reading books, baking, etc. This way you will be setting a good example for the kids.

Set zones with no technology

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Kids start crying and whining and throwing tantrums when they need something but you must be adamant when you decide to cut their screen time. Tell them when and where they can get screen time and stick to it. For example, no screen time during meal times, etc.

Instead try and have constructive conversations with them such as asking them about school or wanting to do an activity with them.

Talk about taboos

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Kids can be confused as to why parents are limiting their screen time. You need to talk to them and tell them why you’re doing so. Instead of letting kids think you’re being strict or controlling towards them, tell them the harmful effects of too much screen time.

Manage wisely

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Screen time is meant to be a privilege for kids. Tell your children that when they do something good, they would be offered screen time and vice versa if they fail in a test, the screen time would be taken away.

Make schedules

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It is important to make schedules to do activities which would take children off screen time. Get them to play sports, read or write stories or do fun activities. When they start getting interested in other activities, they would automatically get away from screen time and move to doing the activities.