Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review – Going Strong

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho for the most part was convincing and this was definitely another interesting episode of a drama which continues to be engaging. This was the first episode in which Ayeza Khan completely stole the show with her brilliant performance. Ayeza Khan’s body language and expressions throughout covered her confidence as well as her insecurities perfectly well on screen. She is definitely not the same person she was before, Mehwish seemed to be more in control and interestingly enough looked a lot like Shahwar today! Having said that there were moments when she was seriously disturbed when things were not in her control. Spending 3 months with a man who is used to having his own way has molded Mehwish’s personality. At the same time the changes in Danish’s character were subtly visible too. Hania’s character tonight was much more likable. Apart from the confusion surrounding the mobiles in this episode and a timeline which continues to confuse, Mere Pass Tum Ho never fails to impress. The director Nadeem Baig deserves an award for paying great attention to detail and the camerawork in this drama has been beyond amazing.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review - Going Strong

Hania and Danish

Hania got to know a lot about Danish by reading her father’s diary and also because of the phone calls. While it was believable that Hania did not immediately realize that this wasn’t her father’s phone, it was hard to believe that Danish made a phone call without realizing that he wasn’t using his own phone. Mehwish’s chance telephonic conversation with Hania was the perfect way to introduce these characters to each other. This introduction was especially apt considering that Hania was also Rumi’s teacher and these two were bound to interact later on too. Hania was much more likable tonight and her conversation with Danish was covered convincingly. There were some light moments and emotional ones but when Hania commented on Mehwish, Danish completely ignored her comment. I am glad Danish did not open up and decided not to respond since he has never talked to anyone except Mateen sb about Mehwish or his personal life. This conversation showed how close Hania was to Rumi and after reading her father’s diary she was more keen than ever to help Rumi adjust in school. The chai comment was an emotional addition to this scene.

Hania comes across as a sensitive and intelligent young lady who is not afraid of speaking her mind. Apart from Mateen sb’s daughters, Danish is the only person most affected by his demise. Danish’s state of mind reminded me of the scenes in the first few episodes when he had just realized that Shahwar was taking interest in Mehwish. The deal of the apartment was slightly delayed because of this loss and therefore it remains to be seen how this plans goes forward from here on. Hira Mani’s dialogue delivery especially when she was talking to Danish was quite impressive. Humayun Saeed looked like someone who was going through hell and his acting was right on point, like always.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review - Going Strong

A whole month has passed since Danish met Rumi although it surely didn’t seem like it. The timeline in this drama has been confusing right from the beginning therefore sometimes it is difficult to relate to this time lapse.

Shahwar and Mehwish

Shahwar and Mehwish’s scenes were quite meaningful tonight. These scenes made it clear what Shahwar expected from Mehwish. The writer did a great job of utilizing each one of these scenes to show a different side of Shahwar’s personality. On the other hand he told Mehwish that she did not need to ask him before doing anything she wanted to do and on the other hand he told her he wanted her undivided attention. Shahwar is still as ‘fascinated’ by Mehwish as he was the first time he met her but he has no intention of marrying her. His dialogues tonight made it quite clear that Mehwish was his ‘mehbooba’ and he wanted things to stay that way. This obviously means that she will never be his wife and he won’t allow her to be Rumi’s mother. Adnan Siddiqui once again gave an outstanding performance throughout.

Mehwish and Shahwar’s first conversation on the breakfast table had some meaningful dialogues too. Mehwish actually defended Danish and assured Shahwar that he would never turn her son against her – this was really interesting! Shahwar did not get ‘jealous’ when he heard that, he found Mehwish’s remarks amusing and did not even stop Mehwish from meeting Danish, a development which showed he wasn’t the least bit insecure! It was funny hearing Shahwar call Danish ‘2 takay ke log’. Mehwish never asked Danish before stepping out of the house and whenever he tried to control her she used to get really annoyed but tonight she was continuously seen seeking Shahwar’s approval.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 Story Review - Going Strong

The scene covering the stock exchange rates was interesting and it made me wonder if Danish will take advantage of this opportunity. Although it is quite early for anything like that but you never know! The preview of the next episode suggested that Danish might be in a bargaining position after all. I absolutely loved Mehwish’s meeting with the principal, it was written and executed so realistically. Mehwish’s expressions when the principal refused to give her the permission to take Rumi with her showed just how offended she felt knowing she needed Danish’s permission. The guard knew perfectly well that Mehwish was waiting for Danish in the car yet he told Monty that it was some lady, this was one conversation which was difficult to relate to.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho was definitely engaging and well-put-together. The performances never fail to impress since every actor completely owns the character he or she is playing. Nadeem Baig’s direction has been impeccable and Khalil-ur-Rehman’s script continues to be interesting. The preview of the next episode suggested that Rumi will push his father to be strong – looking forward to that!

I am wondering if Anoushey Abbasi will be playing Mehwish’s sister’s role!

Did you watch this latest episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima your reviews for this drama honestly are the icing on the cake. You always come up with explanations which don’t even pop up in my head while watching the show even though I watch it with diligence. Your points about Shahwar and Mehwish gave me a new perspective, very well written. Love this drama. KRQ’s writing skills are unmatched, very few writers can write so maturely and boldly. This drama is giving Alif a tough competition and a tough time. Good job team MPTH and great job reviewit, Fatima Awan.

  • Salam FA how are u? Reviews dono weekend pe hote hn itna lmba intezar…..

    Kher this episode was good. I like hira’s character. Or jo rumi chupa tha, uff mza aya ab dekhte hn aagy kya ho ga. And yes fatima ap ne ek article likha tha, “the actors who have proved their mettle in acting” or us pe hmari discussion hui thi ayeza ki acting pe. I agree, she’s really done a great job. But i want to see more of her. She should experiment more with scripts.

    Nice review FA!

    • Waelukum Asalam AH, I am good, hope you are doing well. Bilkul! I miss our discussions too and I am so glad that you comment early nowadays:)

      Yes, that was cute, kids are sensitive and easily hurt especially when they have such huge expectations from their loved ones. That’s interesting AH, I loved Ayeza Khan tonight. Yes, would love to see her experimenting.

      Thank you. Appreciate your feedback.

  • One more thing, jb mehwish hania ko dekhti h to kehtii h hum pehle mil chuke hn kya? Hala k wo to abhi boli hi nhi thi….. To mehwish ne to bs uski awaz suni thi……

  • Why don’t u start ur own blog Fatima? In that way, we won’t have to wait for ur reviews the whole week and would be able to discuss a more no.of dramas:-)
    As a whole, I found this ep very slow.. though there were some scenes which I really enjoyed watching. Hania and Danish’s conversation was interesting to watch. LOL@ ‘will u marry me?’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Plus, I have started to gain a liking for Shahwar’s character. It always keeps guessing and the dialogues abt ‘mehbooba’, ‘pyaar karnay walon ki keemat’, ‘shadi mein divorce’ have left me really impressed πŸ‘. Lastly, I have to say Rumi’s principal is so likable!! Her acting, her personality and the way she confronts Mehwish is commendable!!
    Really looking forward to the next ep…

    • LOL!! Thank you for the suggestion Ibrahim and thanks a ton for waiting for the reviews. I also really enjoyed Shahwar/Mehwish’s scenes, very interesting especially this time around. Adnan Siddiqui has definitely added the x-factor to this character and I agree about the dialogues, this man knows exactly what he wants. Waiting to meet his wife;) I have a feeling we will see a different side of him whenever she makes an appearance.

      Yes! Shameem Hilali is such a good actress and so well-suited for this role.

      • Nice review Fatima as usual. Wonder if Mehwish has gotten all fringe benefits or found el dorado from shahwer let apart a wife’s status for till-date looks kinda his mistress. After a long time she knew had a son she loves so much. And certainly she gonna mourn for her lost paradise. I wait.

        • Thank you so much MR. Well, she is just that and she is naive enough to be happy about her status! Me too! Waiting. I do feel it is a zid more than anything else.

          Good to hear from you:)

  • As always your review is brilliant in tonight’s episode everything was brilliant and the confrontation scene between Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan was the best scene of this episode I can’t wait for next episode and I’m pretty sure you are also very excited to watch next episode just keep reviewing this drama like this your reviews make this drama more interesting than it already is

  • Wo kya hai k Fatima aap ka review bohat behtereen hai hamesha ki tarah!!
    I have always been a fan of Ayeza’s acting and dialogue delivery per wo kya hai k Aiza ko achaa script choose karna nai ata (Koi Chand Rakh, Yaariayn, Thora Sa Haq etc). Humayun was brilliant as usual. Hania’s character was likable tonight for sure.
    I love Roomi’s scenes and I am gald that he will have some in next episode.
    G Fatima! I also think Anoushay will be her sister because the getup in that BTS photo did not look like she is going to be Shehwar’s wife. Also, Anoushay has put some stories on insta with Musaddiq (Monty) and I remember he asked Mehwish once about her sister.
    Wo kya hai k I still feel they need to increase the pace a lil’ bit.
    PS: Are you watching Janbaaz, Andhera Ujala’s sequel? It is a good one.

    • Pakistan Po, is this Wo kya hai k inspired from Danish’s dialogues hahaha good one! Love it.
      I agree with you about Ayeza Khan, she has been part of all the popular dramas this year even though some of them put me to sleep but yes can’t complain about her acting.
      Hena,she doesn’t look like Shahwar’s wife to me either, let’s see. I remember that conversation with Monty too.
      Nahi, I am not. Which channel?

      Thanks a ton for liking the review and for the mazedar comment.

      • Hahaha!! Yes This was Danish’s Wo kya hai! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You are always welcome ❀️
        It is on both PTV and Express Ent. 1st episode aired last week. It is good to watch a Pakistani Crime Drama after a long time except Danish Taimoor’s usual stern acting.

        • LOL!! Really enjoyed it, I read it like Danish says it with that bechargi on his face, poor guy.
          Great! Will definitely give it a go, thank you for the recommendation.
          LOL @ Danish Taimoor. I liked him in Rehaii.

  • What an episode. This drama just gets better. You are right about Ayeza Khan’s performance. Fatima your observations and your writing skills leave me speechless. Every Saturday after watching this drama I run to reviewit to read your reviews of this drama. You have a keen eye. Keep writing these awesome reviews.

    • Thank you so much Hina for the kind words, your appreciation means a lot to me. I have already watched this episode twice and I do try my best to mention everything important I notice in the review. I intend to, thanks a ton.

      Keep reading and commenting, so glad you are watching this one.

  • Thing about Aaiza is she keeps everyone happy. She does scripts like TDKKH and MPTH and then she comes up with Thora sa haq which is ridiculous to the core. I have no complaints though because she does justice to every role. With names like Mahira and Mehwish, she goes unnoticed sometimes and that pinches me because obviously she keeps on delivering and puts X factor in a drama. I have always been a fan of KRQ and rarely he disappoints. Actually actors and director has to be on the same page for his script to work. This story is not new but the way it is written, acted and directed is too good. I actually loved the scene between Mehwish and Danish, where he was getting angry and next moment he was absolutely calm. It definitely scared her. Idk but how Mehwish is so sure that Rumi will be the same and won’t ask where were you?
    PS: I don’t think Anoushey Abbasi will be his wife because certainly it will look like a mismatch. She is not in that category of actresses who can play shahwar’s wife because she is still young. Btw she was absolutely phenomenal in PA as Arifa. Really nailed that character.
    Oh and did you watch Pyarey afzal because once you have told me that you haven’t watched it yet?

    • Hi Ahsan, Frankly speaking, i never liked Ayeza’s acting, she looks very plastic. My opinion, she should stop signing rich girl role, because she never excelled there, she could try middle class or poor girl roles for a change, but whichever role, she has to put life into the character. In Pyarey Afzal she was somewhat OK, but there story was so beautifully handled that you will less concentrate on the actors but more on the characters. Pyarey Afzal was a wonderful work of KRQ. Yes, Anoushey there, as Arifa was great and true she will be mismatch as Shahwar’s wife here. But according to Fatima, she will play Mehwish’s sister here.

      • I’m sorry but i don’t agree with you. Farah’s role after 18th episode was very difficult to pull off. She had to show the emotions of love but deny it with the tongue. I was mesmerised and she was and still is my crush. Storyline was beyond amazing but you can’t discredit any of the actors. Though Hamza was little weak in acting but it still has impact.

    • LOL!! I agree with you, her role in the other play Thora sa Haq is completely different. You’re right Ahsan about the actors director and writer being on the same page.

      Yes, I think so too. Oh no! Still haven’t watched it. Will surely watch it one day, somehow I find HAA’s acting annoying but I have heard so much about this drama, I must watch it one day.

      • Fatima g HAA had the minimum dialogues in PA. Other characters will make you feel for his character. He wasn’t great but certainly he was above average. I think i have watched Pyarey afzal 8 times. Leave me alone, some Indian YouTube reaction channels are reacting to it and uploading whole episodes of PA. It’s a long play but surely it will keep you hooked from the get go. My favorite character was and still is Molvi SubhanAllah(Afzal’s father). Firdous sahab was mind blowing.

    • Dil ki baat ki h ap ne ahsan. Ayeza kbhi to ache script choose krti hn lekin kbbi to bohat disappointment hoti h, jesa k yaariaan, koi chand rkh, thora sa haq….. And we want ayeza in roles like, sila, sassi, kanwal baloch, which were acted by the solid performers.

      • Yes Ali Haider but as i said she keeps everyone happy. Those ridiculous to the core stories still generate trps and YouTube views

  • I think the guard didn’t tell Monty because of the fight between him and Danish over Mehwish. It was public and the guard I’m pretty sure was there. So I’m not surprised he tried to prevent something like that this time.

  • Last week I had the opportunity of sharing an Emirates flight with Adnan Siddiqui & Atif Aslam. I did know who Atif was but as I don’t have access to Pak TV in San Jose I did not know of Adnan. Both were very gracious as we had 12 hr delay due to an electrical problems we shared a lot and talked about how popular Pak serials were in India. I plan to binge watch Mere Pass Tum Ho since Adnan mentioned that such a plot had never been show on local TV>

  • Another Great Review Fatima !! This was alot better and fast episode than the previous one .I Must say this drama has been directed really really well .Some of the scenes in this episode especially at the end when Mehwish arrived to meet Rumi was a completely art .
    I think there will be huge confidence development in Danish now since his son is motivating him to stand up .Probably 2 more episodes to go before Shehwar’s Wife comes back and the 1st thing Shehwar will remind Mehwish is “2 Takkay ki Aurat ” and will kick her out .

    • Thank you so much Rehan for liking the reviews and commenting, appreciate it. Yes, Nadeem Baig is an exceptional director. Waiting for Shahwar’s wife to make an appearance and also looking forward to Danish/Shahwar meeting.

  • Hi Fatima, It was a good progressive episode and a thorough review from you. Danish & Hania’s meeting was very perfect. Danish’s holding up talking Mehwish & personal life with Hania, is likable as he does not want to open up with every other person he met. Rumi-marrying-Hania conversation was a good humor & refreshing to bring a moment of joy in the life of tragedy stricken people like Rumi, Hania & Danish. The chai moment was really done well, i like the spontaneous of Danish asking for the tea there. The whole scene beginning with sad face, then discussion about the deceased family member and then ended up with light smile, let you feel that it is a real house where a death happened recently. You are right, Mehwish looked very confident, but very plastic and rude. She used to have very few emotions but that too were gone by now. Shahwar’s cool & confident attitude is well portrayed by Adnan. I really miss Mateen Sahib because if Danish start sharing his personal details with Hania, it is like with every other drama, but with Mateen shahib, it was a different chemistry. Still looking forward to Danish;s plan after selling his flat.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you so much for liking the review and for the detailed comment, appreciate it. Yes, Hania and Danish’s meeting was also meaningful, liked the dialogues especially the chai one, really well done. Plastic is right – isn’t that what she is! Nothing genuine about her. I agree with you Aamer, Adnan Siddiqui has done a great job for sure. Yes! I am waiting for another surprise and wondering if Mateen sb left something for his friend.

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Perfect review Fatima, I liked this episode. Now we know wat to expect in future and where the story is going. The only unbelievable thing was the mobile exchange, even if the mobiles are same, if you receive a call or dial a number, u can find out, its not that everything in the phone will be the same, so it was little childish and could have been presented in a better way. Hira Mani’s role is good and I think she is perfect for such a role, she is natural in it. Somehow the story now reminds me of typical Jeetendra style 80’s family drama movies .

    This drama has become a blockbuster and is entertaining no doubt, but I hope that it doesn’t get termed a classic.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I also felt it was unbelievable especially from Danish’s side. I agree with you, I really liked Hira Mani’s acting in this episode, definitely looking forward to seeing more of her.

      Appreciate your feedback, you always add something interesting to the discussion. Keep reading and commenting.

      • Hi Fatima, forgot to mention about the kid’s dialogue, maa chod ke chalo jaaye to maa nahi rehti, and now in upcoming episode, Im not your weakness, im ur strength…all this is too much. Its ok for a teenager to say such dialogues but not such a small kid, they should concentrate more on his cuteness and not give him such heavy dialogues. No kid in any crcumstances will say such a thing, and also he wont have such a hatred for his mother as his understanding of overall situation is still less. We still don’t know that what Danish has told him abt mehwish.

        Looking forward to next episode meeting between Danish and shehwar.

  • Still Mehwish’s friend who is responsible for Mehwish and Shehwar’s meeting is missing, disappeared literally. I want her back on screen!!!!!!

  • What an episode and mind blowing performances by all. That scene between Hania and Danish beyond outstanding. No words and your review is too good.

    • Thank you so much Nimra for liking the review, really appreciate it. Yes, those dialogues were really well written and loved Hira Mani’s dialogue delivery.

  • Really good episode and very well written review sister. Ayeza was phenomenal she nailed it..

  • Ab sirf paisey chaahiye 20 sey 25 crore.

    Itney paison ka kya karengey aap?

    Apni pasand ki her cheez khareedonga, dosti, wafadaari, mohabbat aur CHALGOZAY πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ˜œπŸ˜…

  • Fatima’s Comment “the guard knew perfectly well that Mehwish was waiting for Danish in the car yet he told Monty that it was some lady, this was one conversation which was difficult to relate to.”

    I think guide was hiding it deliberately.

  • Perfect ReviewπŸ‘ Regarding guard and minty interaction,
    I think guard seems to understand and know status between Danish and his wife. After all he was witness to night when he bring her back from airport, when Shahwar visited In his Absence, when Mehwish left in car with Shahwar.
    I think director beautifully showed that guard and people like him knows, understands and are sensitivel. They sincerely want to protect people like Danish from people like Monty /society

  • Excellent episode, apart from the timeline as you mentioned. I wish they would air double episodes, as the time flies by. I struggle to wait a week for the next episode.

    Your review is so in depth and covered everything that happened.

    I quite like Haniah and look forward to more high quality drama!!

  • >