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Haara Dil Episode 2 Review — Moving Forward

So episode 2 took off where episode 1 had left. Abrar and Shagufta are shell shocked over the revelation that they are expecting a third baby. Shagufta looks pretty rattled and asks Abrar to get an abortion to which Abrar suggests that they shouldn’t make any rash decisions in a hurry and consult some more doctors meanwhile Abeer and Momina are really worried about their mother’s health. Abrar wants Shagufta to reveal this news to their daughters because he thinks they will understand but Shagufta is too ashamed to tell anyone about this and keeps accusing Abrar of being selfish.

On the other side Arham and Momina meet up because Arham is angry with Momina over how she left his sister’s mehendi and didn’t give him a chance to put things right while Momina is adamant that his mother and sister reduced her existence to nothing with the way they treated her and that Arham should be able to see that. She also suggests that Arham should stop fighting his mother because of her and that if they are destined to end together they will and may I add how cringeworthy Arham’s pickup lines are like dude relax.

Amtul and Areej are shown discussing the same thing again since they have nothing better to do, Areej keeps mocking her mother for thinking that Arham respects her wishes and will marry Anoushay to which Amtul says that eventually she is one who will prevail and not Arham’s love for Momina.

Afaan somehow manages to convince Amtul to accompany him to Abrar’s place and ask Abrar for Momina’s hand in marriage and no surprises there Amtul is in it just to ruin it. Shagufta is over the moon because she thinks Amtul now approves of Arham and Momina’s marriage but little does she know. As she prepares for their arrival her condition worsens and she vomits which worries Momina and Abeer further more for her health.

Cut to Momina getting ready to be presented in front of her Mother in Law to be, she is still struggling with her love for Arham and her fear of Amtul as she asks God to somehow make Amtul’s heart softer towards Momina. Afaan and Amtul arrive at their place and as expected Amtul starts with how they only eat food cooked in olive oil just to derogate Abrar and Shagufta. When Momina arrives to greet them she witnesses Amtul suggesting that a guy’s advances don’t matter unless he is encouraged by the girl and that Arham is into her because Momina let him.

Abrar goes berserk after hearing this as any dignified person would and asks Afaan and Amtul to leave because he doesn’t want his daughter to be married off in a family that doesn’t respect her, he further states that there is no love if there is no respect exactly what Amtul wanted.

Arham gets really mad when he finds out what happened that is when Amtul tells him that she has a status to maintain in the society and can not let him marry the daughter of a man who was brought in their house by Afaan’s mother because he had no where else to go. The argument keeps getting worse when Arham says he won’t marry anyone that should be the end of story and leaves.

Meanwhile Abrar and Shagufta are getting as many checkups as they can to be sure what they want to do next, the doctors say mostly the same things like the pregnancy is dangerous at this age and that the abortion is pretty much out of the question.

By the end of the episode the doctor reveals the baby’s gender and it’s a BOYYYYY upon hearing that Abrar’s happiness knows no bounds and Shagufta clearly knows that any hopes of getting an abortion are dead now.

Over all the drama is going with good pace, everyone’s acting is satisfactory except Danish and the woman who plays Areej, anyone can tell how fake they look also the script can be very predictable and stupid at times.

In the pre-cap we find out thatthe next episode includes some more revelations and fierce confrontations. So fingers crossed.


How’d you like the second episode of Haara Dil?

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