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Haara Dil Episode 6 Review — Establishing Order

Last two episodes of Haara Dil have been very chaotic, life as known by our characters has gone upside down. As our characters lurk through this unknown territory that their life has become, in this episode, each one of them seeks to establish some sort of order in this chaotic universe and tries to look for ways to make things normal again.

So far the pace has been amazing, we have witnessed so much in the span of just six episodes that it feels like we have been a part of this Haara Dil Universe for a long long time which, I believe, is a win win for the whole team. There were some strong performances again starting with Rabya Kulsoom as Abeer. Abeer’s character development has been one of my favorite so far. She was portrayed as a jolly, hot headed yet immature baby sister character of the lead role Momina in the beginning but she has now grown into a wise woman. Call it the wisdom acquired by ‘gardish e dauran’ but seeing her spread wisdom to her already wise elder sister Momina is very reassuring. She is still very hot headed though.

Momina on the other hand has gone from a level headed person to someone whose better judgement has been clouded by emotions. She struggles to establish a balance between her kind nature and her need to stay true to her mother’s memory by becoming distant and callous to everyone who caused her mother harm. She finds herself in love with Arham but is unable to oversee the fact that he is Amtul’s son; the woman who is the cause of all this misery according to Momina. Naturally Arham and Momina’s love life is in turbulence right now.

Talking of some powerful scenes and quotes we finally see Afaan talk some sense into Amtul. He directly calls her out on how psychotic her obsession with destroying the people she dislikes is. And finally asks her ‘ke bhai masla kya hai tumhein Abrar ki family se?’ That was a heartfelt conversation they had especially when Afaan points out that she is the reason why nobody’s happy, if only she could be happy for her son and in general for everyone no one will be in this much agony. Even though she didn’t say anything in return her expressions looked like she actually agreed a bit with her husband for once.

Arham said which, I believe, was the strongest quote of today’s episode. Amtul keeps yapping about family honor and respect and what not, as usual, and Arham says “Jis izat ki apko itni parwa hai wohi izat kabhi kabhi dusron ko bhi de dia karein”. As for Arham we see him fighting both his family (his mother) and Momina to keep this relationship from breaking.

On Abrar’s front the baby is named Sami and we get to see more of Zeba Behen who is the friendly neighbor and was very good friends with Shagufta. Abrar is struggling with his newly gained status of  ‘single dad’ and constantly needs Zeba’s help to take care of his son since both of his daughters refuse to accept Sami as their responsibility or brother. Zeba does seem like someone who genuinely cares about this family but in doing so she causes more tension between Abrar and his daughters.

In new developments we are introduced to Fehmi who is a nurse and Zeba’s old friend and possibly the woman Abrar will marry in the coming episodes. Fehmi is a single very lively character assayed by Javeriya Abassi. By the end of the episode Zeba suggests that Abrar should get married because his son needs a mother and that is overheard by Momina who is naturally shell shocked by the idea.

Abeer tries to talk Momina into marrying Arham as soon as possible through out the episode because according to her the only thing their father cares about now is his son and they both need to secure their future one way or another. Abrar on the other hand is disappointed by how cold his daughters have become. Arham yearns to establish the lost connection with Momina and we can see that his patience is running thin.

The drama is about to tackle another taboo, old age marriage and second marriage and we are anxiously waiting for how it does so.

How did you find this episode of Haara Dil? Yay or Nay or Yanny (pun totally intended)?


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