Habs Episode 16 & 17 Story Review

These two episodes of Habs mainly covered Sadia’s exit from the drama and its aftermath. I must say that episode 15 in particular set the bar really high in terms of intensity and performances therefore I had great expectations from these episodes. Episode 16 was definitely better than the one that aired this week. There were some scenes in the recent episode which were crucial to the plot yet apart from a weak script; some of the performances were not as impressive as before. Am I the only one who actually looks forward to Bano’s scenes more than any other? Feroze Khan’s performance in these two episodes stood out more than that of Ushna Shah’s perhaps because Ayesha’s character was more annoying than usual! Bano and Zoya’s track still holds my attention sometimes even more than the main track. Dania Anwer and Janice Tessa’s performances never falter. I absolutely love Hina Rizvi as Bobby Phupo. These actors and characters have always been the most refreshing element of the drama. Habs continues to be a visual treat. The director has gone out of his way more than once to make sure that the visuals always deliver even when the script fails.

Realizations and Regrets

Basit’s initial reaction to his mother’s illness and later on the emotional turmoil after her death was the focus of attention right from the beginning of episode 16. The entire focus of the writer was on showing how Basit never learned how to establish and retain relationships. By the end of the latest episode, he was more than willing to unlearn everything he had believed in till now and start afresh. When Sadia came back home after her stay at the hospital, I am certain I am not the only one who thought that she would survive. Ultimately, it was her guilt and Basit’s refusal to forgive her that took her life. Irsa Ghazal performed her part really well even though just like many other characters there were certain aspects of her character that did not make a lot of sense at times. Just like Basit, she never accepted her mistake wholeheartedly. Her apologies and explanations always had ifs and buts. She expected Ayesha to make the sacrifices needed to make Basit believe in love but I always felt as if she did not regret leaving her husband. The biggest regret she should have had was leaving her son behind but even that guilt was shown in more of a subtle manner than an open admission of guilt. It always seemed as if the rejection and hatred she got from Basit hurt her more than regretting her decisions. She “understood” why Basit treated her like that but her overall approach was more mechanical and practical than anything else. There were obviously many emotional scenes, my favorite one being the birthday scene in episode 15 which resonated with me even though the screenplay was not the best.

I found Ayesha’s attitude towards Basit right after Sadia’s death really odd. It was easy to understand why she was being so bitter towards him but even then it came across as strange especially coming from someone who is supposed to be sensible. She lashed out at him as if it was her mother who had passed away. Gradually, however, she started understanding what Basit was going through and asked him to have that one last conversation with his mother that he could not have during her lifetime. I had huge expectations from this ‘meeting’ but honestly speaking it was an epic fail. This scene should have been shot with Basit alone, Ayesha’s presence there was unnecessary. Even though Ayesha played a major role in bringing Basit there but she did not need to be right there with him when he was having this conversation which was something entirely personal. It is impossible for someone like Basit to open up like that in someone’s presence irrespective of the circumstances. Sadia’s death was used by the writer to show the change in Basit’s behavior which couldn’t have come otherwise. He is still learning but there was definitely a big difference in his attitude.

Habs Episode 16 & 17 Story Review

Since Basit has been through so much in life, it would have been nice to see him seeking professional help but we all know that is most often forbidden territory for our drama makers. Even when they decide to go down that road, these tracks are always half-baked and hardly ever impactful. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Ayesha has taken up the role of a therapist in Basit’s life even know I honestly feel she herself needs help since her social skills have not been her strongest point.

Bano and Zoya

Bano and Zoya are the highlights of every single episode. It is definitely strange that the leading characters do not make sense at times but these two characters have been etched out brilliantly. Bano is a beautiful, layered character that has been presented on-screen with the utmost precision. She never disappoints even when in her weakest moments, she is graceful and inspiring. Zoya’s character is the complete opposite but it has also been written exceptionally well. She is flawed to the core yet somehow I feel for her. She would have been a different person had her mother given her the love and affection she yearns for. These tracks have always kept my interest alive.

Final Remarks

I am definitely looking forward to finding out where Zoya’s track lead and I am wondering if Bano will find her soulmate in Basit’s best friend. As for Ayesha and Basit’s track, apart from Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s on-screen chemistry, there isn’t much which makes me look forward to their scenes. Ayesha appeared to be Basit’s new mommy more than his wife after Sadia’s demise. Sometimes it feels as if this track and some of the side tracks have been written by two different people.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Agree with your thoughts there Fatima!

    For someone like Basit, from fiercely protecting even the letters written to his mother in his childhood to having an entire personal conversation in front of Ayesha was a little odd.

    Also, Ayesha’s outburst could have waited for a time when she spoke to Basit alone or only in the presence of close family, it didn’t have to be right at the funeral.

    I was thinking Bano’s pair was going to be with Basit’s employee but now it seems like Basit’s friend is the chosen one for her, which is interesting.

    The upcoming track will see Basit suspecting an affair between Ayesha and his friend, which is cliche, but lets see how the director has treated this one.

    • I am glad we are on the same page Sheetal. Ayesha looked completely out of place there. I always knew it was going to be the friend since he is the director haha! Oh yes, I hope and pray that it does not take that turn. Also, now that Basit is on the ‘road to recovery’ I hope his paranoia will not be dragged.