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Something shocking I found out last night while I was scrolling my Facebook. One showbiz page on Facebook known as All Pakistan Drama Page (APDP) shared my stolen article from a blogging website known as and I believe that this website is being operated by APDP Admin as admin share lots of articles on her page from this website but I am not sure so I can’t blame her. The one who runs this blogging site could have at least asked me before sharing my work, sharing other’s work without permission is actually called stealing.
stop stealing other work

Anyways after reading the title of article my mind clicked and I said to myself well wait a minute this was something similar I wrote 3 months ago. Clicking on the link I found out that this was not just similar but a ditto copy of your work and to be honest I don’t know whether to laugh or to curse the stealer but what’s stolen is stolen and you can’t do anything about it. There is a saying in Urdu “Nakal ke liye bhi aqal ki zarurat hoti hai” but they copied the whole article exactly in a same manner as I have written including the pictures I have included along with the article.

Let me tell you something about All Pakistan Drama Page. Before start writing on Reviewit.PK I used to give short reviews and analysis to the admin of APDP and she shared my short reviews to her page. Moreover the admin of this page is very kind and whenever I asked her to share my reviews to other showbiz pages and channel pages as well she did that. So I am hoping that the blogging site is not run by the page admin because I cannot expect her to copy other people’s work without even asking.

Here is the link of my stolen article:


And here is the link to my article:

Pakistani Celebrities who were not born in Pakistan

Furthermore about two months ago I found one article “Actresses who will make good couple with Fawad Khan” on “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” facebook page. The title was pretty much similar to my article. I forgot to copy the link of the article but here is the link to my original article.

Actresses who will make hit couple with Fawad Khan

However as I clicked on the link there were only pictures of few actresses with Fawad and some actresses differs from the list of the actresses I have provided so I cannot blame them for stealing my Idea but I can mention it as a co-incidence.

So has your work ever been stolen?