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How to make your home pet friendly

Anyone and everyone who is a pet lover knows how much mess they can make which is why animal lovers need to make their homes pet friendly. Here’s a few tips on how you can do just that:

Ditch the carpets

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Furry Pets tend to shed a lot and you don’t want your whole house covered in hair or be sneezing and not be able to clean up the place if you’ve got carpets all over. Instead of getting your whole room carpeted, try and get your room in ceramic tiles or wooden flooring. They are much more easier to clean than carpets (which by the way, cats really like to scratch to sharpen their claws). You can also invest in slip proof rugs to make the place look less untidy.

Choose furniture smartely

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You can’t really stop your furry friends from sitting on your furniture so choose a quilt or rug to place over them. Be sure to wash them regularly though. Use non toxic cleaners and sprays to clean your furniture as well in case your pets tend to scratch them. Avoid investing in super expensive furniture though because you don’t want to be upset if it gets ruined.

Move small decorations out of sight

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Move small pieces of decorations out of sight and reach of your pets. Any breakable items should be kept in enclosed cabinets as cats and dogs tend to get over excited and might jump around and such items may be prone to breakage. Again, you don’t want to get upset due to loss of such items especially if they’re expensive.

Get trash cans with lids on them

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Surely you don’t want a mess around your house if your pet knocks over your trash can while playing or running around. In this case, it is advisable to get trash cans with lids on them.

Designate eating spots for the pets

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Place your pets’ eating bowls in one designated spot and train them to eat their and also not create a mess. You can take a trip to the pet store and buy 2-3 bowls which look super cute. You should also place your furry friends food securely in cabinets and only give it to them at proper timings.

Bathe your pets regularly

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Your pets need to be groomed and bathed regularly so there is less fur and less mess around the household. This way you and your pet can also be safe from any allergies.

Secure electrical cords properly

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Secure electrical cords away and out of sight from pets at all times. You don’t want them to get tangled in them or worse get an electrical shock. Cover and tuck them as far away as possible.