Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 05 Story Review – Meaningful Interactions

Ohkay so, this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay showcased the struggles everyone was faced with in terms of emotions & feelings, especially Mehreen. This episode also elaborated upon the fact that Aswad was now getting to learn about both Mehreen & Mashal himself. He was still confused & perplexed about the realities related to Mehreen but as far as Mashal is concerned, he has a lot to learn about her yet!


As much as I like Aswad’s character, I wish there was more to him. I kind of find it amusing that all he does is talk about Mehreen & Mashal as if he has nothing else to talk about. Also, considering him being the only son, one would assume that there will be open communication between him & Saleha but that didn’t seem to be the case. Saleha doesn’t ever give Aswad a definitive answer & always stalls it, as if she too wants to hide things from him, especially about Mehreen. Saleha can clearly see that Aswad has some wrong notions about Mehreen, therefore she can be a bit more clear to help Aswad understand the situation better. However, I liked the fact that she called her son out on how he was judging Mehreen left right & center.

For a guy who has lived abroad, one would assume him to be a bit more open-minded but Aswad seems to be a bit too conservative. He judged Mehreen because of the cigarette mark on her shirt & then felt awkward that Mashal was ready to go for a coffee with him late night. As far as the characters are concerned, I really like their layers & depth but when it comes to Aswad’s character there should’ve been more, or maybe there is which is being kept for the later stages of the story.

Mehreen & Aswad’s interactions were interesting. It became a lot more clear that Mehreen was in love with Aswad but she backed out because of Mashal as she genuinely respects her feelings. She has accepted Saffan’s proposal only because she wants an escape from Mashal’s house. Mehreen’s meeting with Saffan’s mother was also interesting. It highlighted how looking at Mehreen, one would assume that she is a polite & submissive person but even Mehreen was kind of embarrassed at that opinion because she knows that she puts her mother through hell & hasn’t truly forgiven her for remarrying. Sheeba seems to have an idea that Aswad holds a special place in Mehreen’s heart but I think this should make her concerned about her cousin Saffan.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 05 Story Review - Meaningful Interactions

Mashal’s tantrums were repetitive & she too doesn’t seem to have much to offer. Throughout this episode, Mashal was uneasy at the fact that Mehreen & Aswad were interacting & only to get back at her, she once again invaded her privacy by entering her room in her absence. Mashal has used almost everything she could against Mehreen, especially to put her down in front of Aswad & it seems she is getting closer to her goal. The things Aswad said to Mashal clearly showed that he too wasn’t sure about what he felt about both these girls. His half-hearted confession also came from a place where he was kind of heartbroken upon learning the fact that Mehreen hasn’t turned into this ideal girl that he always thought she would. There was a clear disappointment on his face when he saw a mark on Mehreen’s shirt & it seemed even Mehreen was concerned thinking what would Aswad be thinking of her.

Well Directed & Heart-touching

All those scenes which dwelled into Mehreen’s thoughts & emotions were beautifully done. They add so much more meaning to her character & make you understand & feel for her a lot more. I also liked the interactions all these relatives had with each other, like Aswad with his aunt Rabia, Saleha with Mehreen & Mehreen with Aswad too. Both Mahira Khan & Kubra Khan look absolutely stunning in minimal makeup but I wish there was a bit of attention given to the products they both were using on their lips. Their lip makeup in some of the scenes is actually unsightly & ends up serving as a distraction. The OST was once again used beautifully but I felt some of the new background scores were introduced which didn’t really add much to the situation. They can stick to the original soundtrack & background musics & that should suffice. Once again, a very well directed episode with a lot of meaningful scenes & dialogues. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • You are right, Zahrah Jee, Aswad IS conservative like Umera Ahmed’s hero ( Remember Zaroon’s double standards), but yeh hero zra km aqal bhi hai! Bohat jald baaton par yaqeen kar leta hai sbki baaton par! Shaid Saleha chaahti ho kay beta har baat jaan-nay kay liye un par dependent na rhay bulkay khud apni aqal bhi istamal karay! Eklouta hai aur kbhi joint family mein nhi raha tub hi jaldi domestic politics ko smjh nhi paata!

    • Thank you so much Javed apni insights share karne ke liye. Waqay hi, Aswad kuch zaroorat se ziyada kaan ka kacha aur conservative hai. However, I really think considering ke Saleha aur Aswad ke pass aik dusre ke ilawa koi nahi raha kabhi, un dono ki relation itni open hogi jahan wo har cheez share karte honge apas mai.

  • Great episode & nice review, Zahra. I think Saleha is giving space to Aswad to figure out the things by himself & do not want to pressurise him for marrying the choice of girl she wants because after all Aswad is young blood and his memories with Mehreen was during the childhood days only. But one thing is sure, she called Aswad to tie the knot with Mehreen but she wants him to know her more before saying yes to the proposal. As a viewer we know how much backbiting Mashal is doing for Mehreen, but her mother does not know at all. She thinks that what Aswad is thinking about Mehreen, is purely his thoughts, which is not the case here.
    I literally laughed when you said, he has nothing to talk about except Mehreen & Mashal. I liked the interaction you said between the people, especially Mehreen & Aswad. I like Mehreen’s emotions with Sheeba when they talk about Aswad. Still she does not want to tell her closest friend about her feelings. I like it. She does not want sympathy at all. During discussion with Saffan’s mother she realised that marrying second for a mother is her choice purely and her mother chooses to get married against taking care of Mehreen. This makes her more sad & angry.
    Regarding cigarette mark, I thought Aswad is surprised to see that Mehreen is too surprised to see this mark. He gave that expression that Mehreen is too far from smoking. But in next frame, he tells his mother that she is careless and smoker. Anyways. Drama is good, acting is superb for all the three leads, especially Mahira and OST is mesmerising.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for sharing your thoughts & for reading the review. Yes, as much as Saleha does want Aswad to figure things out on his own, one thing is for sure that she definitely wants him to marry Mehreen. We saw that in the promo as well where she is telling him to pick Mehreen over Mashal.

      Aswad definitely seems disappointed with how he thinks Mehreen has turned out, which definitely is an image that has been painted by Mashal. You’re right, the drama definitely is nice, it makes a very interesting watch. Would be interesting to see how things unfold. :)

  • I wait for use of OST during episode and the original soundtrack is backbone of this play. Islamabad ki khamosh rahain haon, long drive aur ye gana….

    • Bilkul sahi kaha. You know what, I am actually waiting for the lockdown to end here so that I can go on a long drive & listen to this song. :) Its beautiful.

  • Really enjoyed watching the episode. Saleha Khala did well to defend Mehreen. Aswad literally has nothing else to talk about.

    I wonder why Mehreen doesn’t lock up her room or at least hide her diary. She knows what Mashal is capable of and yet leaves everything in open.

    Sheeba ma’am got no red flags from Mehreen when she talked about Aswad? Kaise cousin hai bai. Should’ve called out Mehreen for it. Well doesn’t matter in the long run anyway :)

    LOL at your lipstick remark. I noticed that as well. Quite distracting that.

    As always, great review!

    • Thank you so much LKH for appreciating the review & for sharing your thoughts. :) Yes, Mehreen should be a bit more careful with her belongings especially when she knows what Mashal is capable of, especially after she has killed the bird. I so wish Aswad had something else to talk about because it starts looking monotonous at one point. I was concerned about Sheeba too, she was too casual with how Mehreen spoke about Aswad, despite knowing that she just met Saffan’s mother for proposal!

  • It was a nice episode overall. You’ve pointed out exactly the same points that I was thinking about while watching the episode.

    The best part of the episode was the interaction between Aswad and Mehreen (minus Mashal). It is weird though that Aswad doesn’t understand Mashal’s possessive behaviour for himself and keeps questioning why she is behaving the way she is.

    Sheeba seemed to understand exactly where Aswad stands in Mehreen’s life but still she didn’t question her acceptance of Saffan’s proposal. Saleha and Aswad are quite close to each other, at least that is what is depicted through the episodes so far. But Saleha still doesn’t do anything to change his opinion of Mehreen, or at least defend Mehreen; apart from a dialogues or two here or there, she hasn’t done much to help Aswad understand her clearly.

    When Mashal walked into Mehreen’s room, I thought she’s going to steal her inhaler again, but thank God it wasn’t that. I would have thought that the writer ran out of ideas. But with the details that she has got now, it remains to be seen if Mashal will push Mehreen towards Saffan or just to make her life more miserable, will push Saffan away from her.

    You’re so right about the lip products. Mashal’s is still bearable, Mehreen and Saleha’s lip shades are too flashy on the screen.

    P.S. – I was waiting for the review for a long time and got to read it only today.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for taking the time out to read the review & for sharing your insights. It was my son’s birthday so I got a little late in reviewing the episode. :) I am glad we both think the same way & noticed similar things. I really like Saleha’s character but if we look at it, she is not doing much to help anyone’s situation, especially Mehreen & Aswad – two people who are close to her heart.

      Sheeba seemed a bit too comfortable with the fact that Mehreen’s eyes lit up when she spoke about Aswad. Not sure what she is going to do when Saffan will be heart-broken. I think Mashal will once again push Saffan away to hurt Mehreen, but it will backfire by resulting in Aswad & Mehreen’s marriage.

      I agree about the lip colors, the red one that Kubra wore in the scene where she confronts Aswad was sooo bad.

  • Yes you are absolutely right… Aswad should have been portrayed as an ambitious successful professional with a tinge of romantic colors though… but unfortunately he appears to be an idle useless chap who’s only focus is to unravel the mysteries of his cousins’ personalities…. Sounds very unrealistic and impractical!!!

    • I will definitely have to agree with you, this is exactly how he comes across. I really hope in the later stages of the drama he has something to offer, but so far, not an impressive character.

    • So true! That’s the only thing Aswad has been doing so far and is still dumb enough to believe everything that Mashal says. Doesn’t even apply logic!