Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Story Review – Pointless

Ohkay so, the characters & their intricacies in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay are still quite interesting but unfortunately, the way the story is being taken forward through certain situations seems to be quite pointless. This is the only word that popped in my mind while watching this episode. There were so many moments that I felt did not make any sense & it is actually quite sad that for a drama as engaging as Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, it has come to that stage where I as a viewer am struggling to watch it!


The very first thing which seemed absolutely ridiculous to me was Mashal’s picture in Mehreen/Aswad’s room. Even if it was in the guest room that was in Mehreen’s use, what was Mashal’s picture doing over there, especially now that it has been established that Mehreen gets triggered by it & she starts hallucinating? Aswad was gone, Saleha is a very easy-going mother in law, therefore no one could’ve stopped Mehreen from getting rid of that picture. They have already shown that Mehreen has been thinking about Mashal non-stop, therefore they didn’t have to make it so definitive by putting a picture of Mashal on the nightstand because that is not the place where it belonged & not even the house to be honest!

I am sorry but the reason why I really liked Mehreen’s character was how she was a fighter. With everything going against her, she still pushed through. Yes, her mental health is deteriorating, therefore such slip-ups are expected from her but the Mehreen I know is definitely NOT someone who would wear a saree & put on the pinkiest shade of pink to impress Aswad, that too because Saleha Khala asked her to. It would’ve been better if they had stopped it right there when Mehreen told Saleha that she was not going to wear a saree. Alright, she wore one because she wanted to respect Saleha’s request but the way she reacted to it was obvious that she wanted to impress Aswad too & when that didn’t happen she was upset. Mehreen has always been the kind of person who has known what to do, therefore to see that changing does not really look convincing.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 15 Story Review - Pointless

I am not sure what has happened to Saleha? For her to believe that Aswad has come back because of Mehreen & the love he has for her is plain stupid – that’s the only word that can be used to describe the way she has been analyzing this situation. I mean her son literally left the next morning of his marriage to Mehreen, he has not called her once & has not been keeping in touch. He doesn’t like to talk about her & this was evident right before the marriage, so how can she believe that it’s a normal marriage & that her son intends to keep it healthy? The flashbacks have also stopped making sense because the conversation they showed between Mehreen and Aswad actually seemed confusing. Mehreen graduated recently and ever since Aswad came to Pakistan, they both have had tiffs on the phone and in person. It was established that since 5 – 6 years, Mehreen and Aswad were not in touch and Mashal was the one who would tell him everything about what was happening in Pakistan, so to see Mehreen randomly telling Aswad that she has graduated was again pointless. Yes, the director has relied heavily on the flashbacks to add another dimension in the current situations, but this one was a miss!

As far as Mashal and Mehreen are concerned, it makes sense that they turned out to be this way because of their childhood traumas and experiences, but looking at Aswad being simply vile in this episode made me think about why he was being this way. Aswad seemed like a normal child who had the most normal childhood as well. He was loved and acted as if he was being raised in a good environment, therefore I think it is safe to believe that the way his personality has shaped up now is not a result of his childhood. Keeping that thing aside, it can be easily claimed that he has turned out to be this way ever since he got in touch with Mashal & now her death has left him shattered. Therefore I will not blame Saleha or even his childhood for that matter, he grew up to be a normal person but he himself lost the plot after he started believing Mashal’s version of things. In this episode, he saw Mehreen’s condition & how rattled she was, but it took him only one dialogue from Mashal’s memory to believe that Mehreen was putting up an act. It is frustrating to see such a dumb character like Aswad who chooses not to believe or even analyze the situations based on his own mental capabilities. He is conveniently comfortable in seeing things from Mashal’s perspective. To be honest, it was understandable at the beginning of the drama but at this stage, to see Aswad not changing this pattern at all is very frustrating and off-putting & because of that, I put the entire blame on him for being so vile!

The whole maafi talafi scene was also a bit of a stretch. It seemed as if it was planned to give Shagufta a bit of a margin to say what she wanted to. The way she behaved was another story. The close-up shot of the house-help crying was again pointless. The director has definitely put the emotions to good use & right from the beginning has set the tone perfectly but now seeing the story going around in the loop & not making any progress is not doing the drama any favors. Also, they really need to cut down on the music & the overuse of the OST. No doubt they have all the reasons to be proud of what Azaan Sami Khan has created but they better not use it till the audience starts getting sick of what otherwise is a beautiful song!

Brilliant Acting By Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan was the star of this episode for sure. Her acting and performance were simply brilliant but I am really not happy with how Mehreen’s character is turning into a ‘bechari’ which she was not before her marriage. I liked a few instances where she gave it back to Aswad & also didn’t hold back in saying that maybe Mashal had committed suicide because of him. This part of Mehreen is what I want to see. Yes, she is allowed to feel vulnerable & deal with her traumas her way but for her to act according to how Saleha wants is definitely not necessary & makes her character look weak. Well, after watching this episode & seeing how everyone has been reacting, I must say one should ask Nani how she raised her children that not even a single one of them turned out to be decent human beings & they carried that forward in their children too – sad! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Hi Zahra!

    Great review as always. HKKST is indeed pointless rn. I as a viewer like other viewers, am only interested in knowing that how Mashal died?

    I think I will just wait for the last episode to know that. Till then, I will miss all these toxic episodes just to save my time. I will just invest my time in reading your reviews so please keep reviewing. I know it will be a tough job for you to watch all these stupid episodes and review them. And yeah that OST is being overused and itโ€™s getting on the nerves now.

    You are doing a great job! Keep it up. ๐Ÿ‘

  • I would say this episode wasn’t a great one but wasn’t that bad either. It surely wasn’t one of the best, but still a decent watch.

    Yes, there were a few things that could have easily been given a miss but given that it has been good through the previous ones, I’d still give it a benefit of doubt although it could go downhill from here. Let’s see if the makers are able to redeem themselves in the next few episodes.

    I do not understand Mehreen’s hallucinations. I think it was ok to show it a few times but doing it too much is not justified. Mehreen could see visuals of Mashal blaming her but Mehreen, more than anyone else, knows that she is not wrong then why is she not able to overcome all of this. Also, Mashal’s picture in the bedroom, I thought it was Mehreen’s hallucination too and that it was actually Mehreen’s own picture which she was seeing as Mashal’s.

    Aswad appeared out of nowhere, sees Mehreen in that state and still believes all of it to be her ‘acting’. This guy is just dumb enough to not identify the ‘genuine’ things and is still holding on to the lies that were told to him. Saleha has taken a 180 deg turn. She was upset with her son, but seemed ok with him when he returned. Moreover, being well aware of the dynamics between Mehreen and Aswad, she thought Mehreen should try to ‘impress’ Aswad!! She really thought it would work!! And Mehreen, just so easily goes on to do exactly that.

    At this stage, I would not mind a few slow episodes, but too much of that will make it boring.

  • Agreed word to word. I just can’t watch this family of lunatics anymore. Senseless and pointless actions and, to ne, tge main fault is in the direction of the play.

  • They ruined the whole story this novel is an interesting novel they have just the name nothing else I stopped watching this HKST from mashal death bcoz they are just ruining everything I think mahira just this role to show her high acting skills other wise it’s like Kahani ka koi sir pair nhi h or asli kahani ka koi jor nhi isk sath

    • No, in fact the novel is same as the drama, it started good but in the middle it gets worse and worse, end is a bit ok then. They, thatโ€™s why cast big names to have viewers.

  • Hello Zahra,

    I know ads are important for a website (I have one) but the ads on your page keep reloading on mobile UI and I’m unable to read the reviews. Can you try and fix this?

    You voiced everything that went through my mind while watching the episode. These are all filler episodes and so many loopholes. It was annoying that Mehreen in the past has not once tried to correct Aswad to maintain her pride – bad company, bad academic performance, stealing paintings, lying, smoking. How can she constantly listen to his nonsense and keep saying the same dialogue “aap mashal ki nazar se dekhtey hai” (if anyone would ask me ‘will you be able to do MBA”, I’d say “I got 90% if I can’t then who can?”. And if Aswad would say ‘but Mashal told me..’, “well, you can listen to her all you want doesn’t change the truth”. I’d perhaps send him a copy of my certificate via email to shut him up. I would make him apologize for being such a credulous kaan ka kacha.)

    Mehreen is becoming weak because her mental health is deteriorating, so it is going to be difficult for her to face all these toxic lunatics on her own like she used to because our brain controls our actions. I also think she is holding back adhering to the typical ‘no argument with a chauvinistic shohar attitude’ which is annoying.

    Apparently, Usman Mukhtar refused to do a scene where Aswad hits Mehreen. A bow to him for being sensible and ensuring that. I think the one who should get a slap should be the director/writer who included that scene.

  • Aswad knows that he is partially responsible for her death, which is why he is releasing all his anger on Mehreen.

    His ego is too big for him to blame himself.
    Next week promo looks interesting.

  • Hi Zahra,
    I totally agree with you. A beautiful novel by Umera Ahmed HKKST, but with very poor and slow direction has turned out to be a mess . Aswad is a confused character and failed to be a good actor. Mahira Khan who is only one doing justice to her role. Oh, Naniโ€™s role is so pathetic. She has absolutely no expressions on her face.

  • Spot on review zahra. I was fond of UA plays but I was so disappointed by seeing HKST drama that whatโ€™s the purpose of this drama to be made so long. The novel is very impactful as it was a short story but drama loses its charm by stretching it too much as there is no such twists left in the story. As everyone knows that Mashal committed sucide and we all know how aswad is toxic and with every episode to see same flashbacks n toxic behaviour is very painful and bazaare. The character of mashal is also showcase bechari aurat portrayal and we just fed up from this. Keep reviewing as your reviews kept these type of dramas alive to watch and bear:-)

  • Hello Zara I am an ardent fan of Pakistani dramas but sorry to say they are no where near reality.girls are heavily made up,and nearly all of them have scripts that does not relax you instead make you tense.Mahara is looking old now.

  • Hi Zahra, do you write for showbizpk too? Their article which reviewed this episode was very similar to yours with just a few word changes. If they are copying your work you should send them a notice or something. Plagiarism isn’t right

  • Well…a good review…. because I had not watch HKKST from episode 7 but after reading your article ..i.e “review of 15th episode”…I am awared now ….what is happening in this drama….your review is good because you dont want to see a girl bechari….like mehreen..every women has rights to do whatever she desires…..

  • You are absolutely right, even last episode was quite depressive. I thought i should stop watching this drama bcs evey body is mistreating Mahreen a lot except her Khala even her real mother is so helpless