Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review – Repetitive

Ohkay so, this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay had some of the moments that were important but the rest of them did not really make much sense. Unfortunately, the drama is in that stage where the story is not moving forward & is in a loop with more or less similar situations & scenes being shown differently. I do understand that every single director has a pattern & direction style. Although Farooq Rind has proved his mettle as a director in the past, the most bothersome aspect of dramas directed by him is the over usage of music in general. It won’t be wrong to say that Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay has turned into such a noisy drama that while watching this episode, I held a remote control the entire time because I was done with the loud music. I am still haunted by what the OST of Ishq Zahe Naseeb did to me & I can totally see this one going down that lane.

Overly Complicated

First & foremost, I really think Saleha needs to stop with whatever she is doing & actually analyze what she wants to do. It is mind-boggling how every single time she tries to get in touch with Saffan, hoping that he will eradicate Mehreen’s problems. What’s sad is that she does this without actually doing anything within her family, like putting things to an end that need to be sorted & then contacting Saffan. It is amusing to see a woman of her age & experience dealing with a person like Saffan so casually as if he owes her something, therefore whenever she feels, she gives him a call in a hope that things will get sorted. Saleha’s character was definitely my favorite & she still is but it seems the writer had a loss of a train of thought at this point & got confused as to what she wanted to convey through this character. Saleha thinks Aswad loves Mehreen while still being confused & hoping to get Mehreen married to Saffan? Just in the previous episode, Saleha was happy that Aswad came back because he loved Mehreen & in this episode, because she didn’t have much to do, she once again spoke about the divorce. It is unfortunate that in a drama where the story is all about intricacies & layers of the characters, a few of them have turned out to be so one-dimensional, including Aswad.

Aswad doesn’t stop being a loser & continues to prove it further. He has never taken responsibility & once again, he made it obvious when he wanted Mehreen to sign the divorce papers before him. It gives him a sense of entitlement & power as if he owns Mehreen & can make the decision for her life. Aswad never took responsibility & never owned the equation that he had with Mashal. Similarly, he is not taking any accountability for playing a part in Mashal’s death & wants Mehreen to bear the brunt, exactly how he wanted Mashal to bear the brunt all alone for falling in love & thinking they had something special going on. At one instance, I did feel as if he wanted to keep Mehreen in his life based on how he used to feel about her in the past but it just showed how his tears stem from the hatred, disgust & disappointment he feels because of Mehreen. As far as these intricacies & complications are concerned, they have been conveyed beautifully & convincingly in this drama but on the whole, it is definitely not an easy watch because of the way it has been tackled by the director as well as the editors.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 16 Story Review - Repetitive

Mashal’s father Tahir forgave Mehreen but not because of her, only because he found out who actually is responsible for Mashal’s death. Aswad definitely deserved that slap & I am glad he got it. Here’s to hoping that it will at least serve as an eye-opener for him but the Aswad that we know will never see it that way. Instead, he will put the blame on Mehreen once again that it is only because of her that he got slapped. Aswad is completely fine with the idea of Mehreen being the culprit & never once has imagined that someone can see him as a culprit too. I really think they have stretched it a bit too far now with Shabbo not spilling the beans & keeping the secret in her heart. Although the preview of the next episode did suggest something on those lines I won’t believe it until I see her coming clean & telling the truth!

Mehreen’s mental health is deteriorating. It is so unfortunate that none of these fears of hers will ever be addressed by people around her because they are either too busy getting her divorced or tortured. Aswad likes to mentally torture her & Saleha thinks divorce from Aswad & marriage to Saffan will fix all of her problems. Unfortunately, no one is able to understand what she is feeling & what she is going through. I don’t know why after watching this particular episode, I can foresee another suicide with Mehreen taking that decision for herself. There is no way that Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is going to have a happy ending because both Aswad & Mehreen are too complicated & twisted in their own manner so there’s no way they both will ever sort their issues & put all of this behind them. Mehreen has started to feel unwanted, unloved & her depression is consuming her more & more every single day. It will be unfortunate if that happens but will be interesting if the writer comes up with something entirely different than that. The Mehreen that we’re seeing now has become too submissive & is still not fighting enough for herself. The scene where she comes asking Aswad for clarity from Tahir seemed too unconvincing. She should fight more & not let her inner demons consume her but at this stage, her character seems to be going that route only!

Too Loud

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was alright to watch. Sadly, some of the scenes were so pointless & repetitive that they literally made no sense. In the initial episodes, I actually appreciated how there were some scenes in every episode where there was no background music but that seems like a luxury now. Too loud, too unnecessary. I really think its high time Shabo tells the truth to everyone. Tahir found out about Aswad being the reason behind Mashal’s death, might as well find out about the sleeping pills too! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, my ears still hurt with all the music though!

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  • Completely agree with u Zahra, this drama reminds me too of Ishq zahe naseeb. Farooq rind started this kind of irritating story telling with that drama, continued in pyar kay sadqay (which was saved by Yumna) and now with this drama. When the story and treatment itself is pathetic, then u actually dont feel for the performances too. Still it will get ratings, same as Khuda aur mohabbat, I hate this drama but still watch it within 10mins as it has Mahira and want to know the end.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for sharing your thoughts. I so agree, I don’t want to say it but ‘irritating’ is the word. It’s okay to be this dramatic in a scene or two but to literally pull off an entire episode in such a fashion actually gets to you as a viewer. The characters already are a bit too much for the viewers to consume, why add so much drama & such loud music just for the sake of being different!

      I think you haven’t watched Pukaar, if you get the time please do & then count how many times Yumna Zaidi had to run up & down the stairs in slow-mo with the OST echoing in the background non-stop throughout the drama!

  • Very correct review, Zahra. Especially about Saleha behavior, Mehreen’s mental condition which no one cares and loss of fighting spirit in Mehreen. I liked Saleha because she knows Mehreen very well & her bond with Aswad was great. But now, both ways she fails to handle the situation. And I liked Mehreen because she was a victim fighter, not just crying victim. But now this touch also lost in Mehreen. I was also hoping that Aswad will try to find out truth by willing or meeting with her friend’s or colleagues. But looks like none of them is going to happen and we just have to wait to see where the story turns by its own and wrap up the drama by itself. I don’t know how my interest will develop further if the things are falling apart like this.

  • Did I miss something? When, why and how has Tahir’s opinion of who is responsible for Mashal’s death changed? I actually went back and checked the episode number of the previous episode to confirm I had not missed an episode in between. Who does he think is responsible now? Is he thinking about Aswad or Shagufta? I felt he was thinking of Shagufta when he told her to go punish the one who is actually responsible. But your review suggests Aswad!

    What on earth is Saleha doing? She brought those divorce papers out of the blue and somehow she thinks this will solve everything. How can she even think of Saffan now? Is he the only other guy alive and being well aware of what Aswad did to them, she still thought he would be ok to marry Mehreen?

    Those flashback scenes between Aswad and Mehreen are a sudden appearance too. Never before have they established that Mehreen was in touch with Aswad at all. Aswad, on the other hand, believes in passing the buck. When Saleha asked him to marry Mehreen, he said he will if Mehreen says yes. Now she asked him to divorce her, he again asked her to get Mehreen’s signatures first.

    I also thought Mehreen’s state of mind suggested she might resort to a suicide too, the preview suggested the same. I hope they do not go down that lane as it will be too lame to do that. No more suicides please! Wonder if Mehreen does what Mashal did, who will Aswad blame now…..Saleha?

  • Thanks for your review Zahra!

    It seems like Mehreen will lose her senses towards the end because of all these mental and physical tortures and her hallucinations.

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