Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 4 Story Review – Aswad Is Here

Ohkay so, one thing has been established so far that almost all the characters in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay have been introduced. The story is pretty much about the rivalry between Mashal & Mehreen & how the situations are going to pan out differently for them based on their circumstances. Therefore, it now becomes a task for the director to keep it engaging with each passing episode because, at times, stories like these tend to become stagnant with nothing new surfacing & situations revolving around a handful of characters. Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay definitely is an intelligently written story exploring the emotions, traumas & struggles of the main characters. Props to the writer & the director for elaborating it all in such a manner where it looks engaging because so far if we look at it, the story in its totality seems to be quite simple & basic.

Aswad Is Here

This entire episode was dedicated to Aswad & how his arrival was going to change the equation shared by everyone now. Mashal seems adamant to score brownie points & she was being helped by her mother as well. While watching Aswad & Mashal’s interactions, one thing was quite clear that for Aswad, this was nothing more than a friendship. This was the kind of impression he gave right from the moment they met, whereas when it came to Mashal. it was obvious that she was smitten by him & was already daydreaming about him being her prince charming.

I will say that at a certain point in the episode, I kind of felt as if Aswad didn’t have anything else to talk about apart from Mehreen but then this was the director’s way of establishing how Mehreen still had a soft corner in his heart. Aswad may not have realized it yet but Mehreen definitely has been an important part of his life, at least his childhood & teenage years, therefore even if he doesn’t pay much heed to it, he can not help thinking or being concerned about her. Mashal has been trying really hard to make an impression but the effort Mehreen put in decorating his room was a reason big enough for Aswad to be impressed by her. I thought he would at least look into the painting a bit more but he chose not to, obviously, he has his reservations & he isn’t completely ruling everything out that Mashal has told him about Mehreen but he too has started to break the ice, which definitely isn’t something that Mashal wants.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 4 Story Review - Aswad Is Here

The first impression Aswad got of Mehreen was once again quite disturbing for him. Once again showing how easy it is for Mehreen to be misunderstood. It was also established throughout this episode that even Mehreen was tired of being misunderstood & at times she didn’t want to give such an impression but because she is so used to all of this, she couldn’t help it. Although Mehreen never wanted Mashal to feel uncomfortable with the thought of her & Aswad but just because Mashal warned her, Mehreen chose to play along & immediately felt bad the moment Mashal left. While talking to her friend Sheeba, Mehreen made it clear to her that she does acknowledge the feelings Mashal has for Aswad but sadly just because Mashal has made up her mind that Mehreen is going to ruin it for her, she chose not to explain herself. This goes to show how Mehreen doesn’t believe in competing with Mashal but because she is perceived that way, she doesn’t bother much.

Aswad complaining to Saleha once again made me wonder why doesn’t Saleha take Mehreen’s responsibility. However, it was made clear in this episode that she was waiting for Aswad to come so that she could get him married to Mehreen. Saleha knows exactly the kind of life Mehreen is leading in that household, therefore it doesn’t seem to be a wise choice to let her suffer there & only bring her to her place as a daughter-in-law. Mehreen is always quite comfortable around Saleha therefore Saleha should’ve eased her pain even before Aswad came back. Nani once again tried to convince Saleha about Mashal but even she knew that her daughter has made up her mind. It was interesting how Nani exactly knew what Tahir & Shagufta were trying to achieve, whilst also knowing what was in Saleha’s heart too.

The scenes which brought comic relief were nicely done & enjoyable to watch, however at times did seem out of the blue as if they were forcefully edited in. I am still glad that we have a character like Shabo who does what she’s supposed to & brings some kind of relief in overall tense situations. Aswad & Mehreen’s first interaction was nice but what’s better was Aswad acknowledging that he crossed the line & misbehaved with Mehreen. It shows how this apology will automatically put Mehreen’s heart at ease & she will find it easier to be herself in front of him. She will not try to avoid & will interact with him freely. Mehreen will find herself in a bit of a fix now because she has accepted Saffan’s proposal though, & it won’t be long before all the feelings she has for Aswad will be rekindled. Let’s see.

Effortless Performances

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was entertaining. I did enjoy most of it but some of the scenes seemed a bit forced like Shagufta discussing the electricity bill with Mehreen & then everyone going on & on about Mehreen at the dinner table. Mahira Khan has given a very impressive performance with each & every expression of hers making it clear what Mehreen is thinking or what she’s going through. Usman Mukhtar fits Aswad’s character effortlessly. Kubra Khan’s performance was effortless in most of the scenes but in some scenes where she had to actually show that Mashal was feeling uncomfortable, she definitely struggled. Once again, the perfect usage of OST & background score. Definitely looking forward to the next episode.

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  • I like it so far. Everyone is doing great on their part. Story is interesting and the pace is okay. Hopefully it doesn’t get too stretched out.

    Mehreen has accepted Saffan’s proposal, that’s going to hurt both of them later on.

    I have the same complain about the comedy aspect in today’s episode. The scene in the kitchen with Mashal where Shaboo directly looks into the camera like Fleabag breaking the fourth wall. That seemed odd. I wonder why did that?


    • Thank you so much LKH for sharing your insights & commenting. :) Oh yes, you’re right, Mehreen backtracking from the commitment will hurt her as much as it will hurt Saffan. Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay definitely makes a very interesting watch so far. I am glad I’m not the only one who felt this way about the comedy scenes, I think editing has a lot to do with how it turned out.

  • Mehreen-nama continues…. aur itna kuch hai bhee naheen kahani main… But yes, overall this episode was quite better than first three ones, thanks to Aswad, who is back and now having hands-on experience on Mehreen affairs. Direction was excellent too.

    The point OST was used just took the impact of scene one notch high. Mesmerizing!!

    Shabo is amazing, and more than just a maid.. Bas ‘had haraam’ na hojaey, is liye Mashal itna kitchen main naheen jatee… “Kyun Shabo”? “Bilkul”. She enjoys every moment and keeps us smiling too.

    Kubra looked stunning in green. Mahira acts amazingly. And Usman Mukhtar didn’t disappoint too…. Dekhtey hain kitna dam kham hai story main, aur agar Aswad ki shadi Mehreen se hogaee to ye Mashal kis had tak jaey gi,…. ??? Let’s see!!!

    Wonderful review. 😊

    • Thank you so much Urs for reading, appreciating & commenting. :) Haan jee, the episode was well-directed. I really like Shabo’s character & her scenes too. What I liked the most was how she is nice to Mehreen as well. Although in the beginning, it did look like she was also a part of the problem but at this stage, it seems she is moody & treats everyone equally, which is nice.

      OST definitely has been used perfectly & the fact that it is so beautiful definitely adds more depth to all the situations. Mashal se to umeedain achi nahi hain, aur agay jab Mehreen Aswad ki shadi hogi to Mashal shayad apni sanity ka kuch hissa hi kho de. Dekhte hain. :)

  • Rightly said Zahra! The story has been engaging so far, but the challenge for the director is to hold the interest all along.

    Aswad brought a lot of fresh air to the story with him. As expected of him, he gave away the details of the painting to Mashal and she covered it up cunningly. Aswad, though quite sensible, is foolish enough to fall for every lie that Mashal says about Mehreen. Until the last episode, I was under an impression that Saleha is oblivious of the way Mehreen is being treated in that house, turns out she’s not. This makes me wonder, why she hasn’t done anything about it, even more. I read in a random video that I watched on IG about the characters of this drama which said, Saleha is the only character in the drama who doesn’t need therapy and I agree 100%. Still, somehow, she just lets Mehreen deal with all the heartbreak all by herself. She might have offered her an emotional relief while talking to her but nothing more than that. Other than wishing to make Mehreen her daughter-in-law, she hasn’t done much about her or her situations. It might be suggested that Mehreen is self-reliant and has refused to take help or something, but for an aunt who is so close to her, I think she is not doing enough.

    I enjoyed Shabbo’s act while cooking in the kitchen, although that scene came without a warning and was quite abrupt as there was no premise for that. Dadi / Nani is always glued to the tv and everyone just keeps discussing Mehreen, whether she is present or not. It would have made more sense, if Aswad / Saleha had asked about Mehreen at the dinner table, instead of Dadi / Nani asking for her and then going on to rant about how spoiled she is.

    I thought Aswad will somehow enter Mehreen’s room and will find out that she is the one who has a thing for painting and not Mashal, but that is yet to happen I guess.

    The story, though simple, is interesting and engaging so far. I just hope that the scenarios don’t get repetitive.

    • Hi Sheetal, thank you so much for sharing your insights. I totally agree, I wish Saleha had at least more say in Mehreen’s life, especially when she happens to be one such person that Mehreen holds close to her heart & also listens to. I wish instead of thinking that she could change her life by getting her married to Aswad, she had at least done something while she was growing up & needed such support the most. However, it still is great that Saleha brings some kind of relief into Mehreen’s life.

      Yes, you’re right, Aswad did change the scenario a bit & it will be interesting to see him learning & unlearning things about Mehreen. I totally agree, the kitchen scene, although funny seemed out of the blue & poorly edited. The conversations over the dinner table seemed forced too, it’s like no one in the family has anything else to talk about, which is why it makes me worried about the time when all these conversations will start sounding repetitive. Let’s hope that never happens because there isn’t much room for that.

  • Very precise review, Zahra. you detailed out all the moments correctly, like Aswad breaking the ice by himself, his apology to Mehreen & Nani’s dilemma of handling the delicate situation of Aswad’s proposal between her daughter & son’s approaches. She definitely knows what both parties want & looks like she enjoys it. She knows that Mashal will not be Sughad wife for Aswad, but she can not tell herself this to Saleha as she is under pressure by her son & daughter in law. But, she also does not have good opinion about Mehreen. This may be because she chose not to get close to her since her childhood. So, i think her opinion does not matter and good to see how Saleha knows Mehreen correctly. I also like the part when Mehreen does not tries to diagree with her friend Sheeba who says that it is good that only she hates Mashal but other family members still love Mehreen. This shows that Mehreen do not want anyone knows her sorrows or she does not want to destroy the few happy moments in discussing her pain, at least when she is out of the house. Once again Mahira did perfectly Mehreen. Usman Mukhtar, i am watching his first drama only, so very much impressed with him. And Kubra has did good job portrating jealous & arrogant Mashal.

    • Hi Aamer, good to hear from you. Thank you so much for reading the review & commenting. Yes, Mehreen definitely doesn’t want to talk about her miseries because she just like being herself in front of her friend & she doesn’t want Sheeba to sympathize with her at all. It goes to show that Mehreen knows how to put up a brave face. :)

      You’re absolutely right, Nani knows a bit too well about both Mehreen & Mashal. But because she knows that Mashal has her parents’ who are going to stand by her, she chooses not to speak about her shortcomings & how she is not compatible with Aswad. Mahira’s performance definitely is a treat to watch in this drama.

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