Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 6 Story Review – Interesting Conversations

Ohkay so, this was quite an interesting episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. I enjoyed all the conversations between the characters & liked how Aswad’s confusion was elaborated a bit further. However, I will say that some of the dialogues sounded a bit too typical, which kind of provided comic relief for me & I enjoyed that as an underlying note too.

Pupho/Khala Ka Beta

Aswad is confused about his feelings for Mehreen, that is why he seemed visibly upset at the sight of Mehreen being with another guy. As much as his emotional & mental state was elaborated perfectly & in such a manner that made it interesting to see it all – I will say that Aswad is a typical Khala/Pupho Ka Beta. I know they couldn’t really do much to word his feelings in a better way but all the things he said to Mehreen kept on highlighting the fact that he was a typical conservative controlling man who was just trying to make Mehreen feel guilty for something as nominal as having a meal with someone. However, it is fact that Aswad himself hadn’t figured out why he is behaving in such a way, that is why to add more weight to his notion, he keeps on bringing all those lies up that Mashal has fed him about Mehreen. So far, Aswad hasn’t been able to get to the crux of it, which is Mashal’s hatred towards Mehreen. The moment he will decipher it, he will find it easy to understand Mehreen & seeing her for who she is.

Saffan showed Mehreen that he was going to stand by her & was always going to support her no matter what others say. The messages he got from Mashal could make one think how gruesomely detailed they must have been, which also made Saffan quite concerned too. I am glad that instead of discussing Mehreen’s past with her or trying to get into the details that were mentioned, Saffan cut it short & straight away understood that someone was doing it out of spite for Mehreen. It obviously wasn’t difficult for Mehreen to figure out who it was but still, she wanted to be sure before she did something to get back at Mashal.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Episode 6 Story Review - Interesting Conversations

Mashal was once again seen trying to fit in a place that probably doesn’t belong to her. It was interesting to note how uneasy Aswad got when Mashal walked into his room. I wondered if he’d come up with a label for her since she didn’t really ask for his permission & approached him the way she wanted to. I am glad in this episode, there weren’t many scenes showing Mashal feeding lies to Aswad about Mehreen, rather the focus was more on Saleha & Aswad & what they both thought about Mashal & Mehreen.

This episode was filled with interesting conversations, but my absolute favorite was the one between Mehreen & Aswad where she showed him his place & told him that he was nobody to dictate how she should lead her life. This is one quality of Mehreen that sets her apart, that she doesn’t allow anyone to say whatever they want to. She fights back always, although later she is seen being hurt & affected by it but in seclusion. She doesn’t want people to walk all over her; at least more than they already do, this is why she resorts to this attitude, which is seen as bitterness by others. Another interesting detail was Aswad’s confession of loving Mehreen, this puts everything into perspective as to why he is getting so affected & frustrated because the things that he is seeing have not turned out to be how he had imagined. I like the contrast where Aswad is in a constant state of confusion, Mehreen is sorted & clear where she knows that she loves Aswad but can not be with him & shouldn’t be with him because he doesn’t love her. All the things she said to Saleha once again highlighted how she didn’t want to be someone who was imposed on Aswad & wasn’t welcomed into his life by him.

The note at which the episode ended was definitely interesting. It is quite obvious that Mehreen will accept Aswad’s proposal only to get back at Mashal. It is unfortunate that a relationship that should begin on a positive note will be so shaky right from the beginning because Mehreen will be in guilt & Aswad will be unsure & confused about the decision made by Mehreen. I really wish Saleha had helped him understand the situation better but at least she tried, so she definitely gets the credit for it.

Well Performed & Edited Episode

This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was definitely engaging to the point that I kept on waiting for one scene after another. The editing was on-point because of which the episode seemed fast-paced & different scenarios were tackled brilliantly. I really liked Huma Nawab’s acting in this episode a lot. Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan & Haroon Shahid have been brilliant too. Somehow I felt Usman Mukhtar struggled especially in this episode or maybe because he was being such a typical Pupho/Khala Ka Beta that there wasn’t much to be impressed by Aswad. As much as I like how both Kubra & Mahira have performed Mashal & Mehreen, I will say I found it kind of funny to see actresses of their caliber literally fighting over a guy with one saying a typical line to the other such as ‘Aswad mera hai’. Another funny bit was seeing Aswad coming down the stairs as if he was already practicing how to be a ‘sharmeela dulha’, with Mashal being this beautiful confident bride who is on cloud 9 & not nervous at all. I really wish Aswad had gotten better dialogues to say because saying ‘go to hell’ to your cousin just because she was having a meal with a ‘boy’ ‘friend’ reflected more on him than her, lol. Anyhow, the promo of the next episode was interesting too with Mehreen settling the score with one blow. However what’s going to be interesting is to see how Aswad will react & accept the proposal – since he is so typical, he will easily come up with the excuse ‘Ammi nahi maan rahin’. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

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  • Interesting review Zahra! For some reason I feel that the episodes of this drama are too short, which is good, because the story is so engaging that you don’t get bored (unlike KAM3 where I fast forward the scenes to complete the episode).

    Mehreen’s scenes with Aswad and Saleha are always my favourite parts of the episodes. Though Mehreen’s interaction with Aswad in this episode was not a pleasant one, I still liked that scene because of the way Mehreen gave him a shut-up call that she will not tolerate non-sense from him. It is funny though that he believes everything that Mashal says but doesn’t ponder over what Mehreen’s truth. His reaction after seeing Mehreen with Saffan does suggest that he does feel for Mehreen, however, is trying to change his feelings based on Mashal’s lies.

    Saleha did try to show some light to Aswad but he is too blinded by Mashal’s lies to understand. I must say Saleha is more open-minded than Aswad, she did reason with him rightly that having a meal with a friend doesn’t make him her boyfriend and this boyfriend-girlfriend thinking is so typical and doesn’t suit him.

    The promo suggested that he will give in to his mother’s happiness and will agree to marry Mehreen and she too will agree. I wonder what she is going to tell Saffan though or may be Saffan will just back-off if his mother gets to know the ‘truth’ about Mehreen.

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for sharing your thoughts about the episode & for reading the review too. Yes, I totally agree, the episodes have been engaging so far because of the well-written conversations.

      I also loved the way Mehreen stood up for herself & instead of explaining herself, she just let Aswad dwell more into the confusion & resentment that he has for her. It is interesting how Mehreen always resorts to this behavior because she knows no matter what she says, no one is going to believe her version of the truth so she doesn’t even bother.

      It is a shame that Aswad being Saleha’s son has turned out to be so conservative & tunnel-visioned. I am glad that Saleha continues to be the voice of reason. I think Mehreen’s decision of marrying Aswad will be purely & solely her own without Saffan playing a part in it. She has repeatedly warned Mashal of what she is capable of, so she will definitely get back at her by snatching Aswad away from her. Let’s see. :)

  • Ooo. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than previous one. Fast paced and interesting dialogues exchanged between characters.

    I like Mehreen. I like how she isn’t damsel in distress (“yet”). I hope she continues to have this no nonsense attitude further in the drama.

    Aswad sahab is just disappointed that Mehreen hasn’t turned out to be the way he thought she should’ve. Otherwise he’d still be in love with her.

    I like how progressive is Sahela Khala. Well done Khala. We need more women like you.

    Mashal is stagnant. He entire arc is either hating Mehreen or coercing Aswad. Although I enjoy her showdowns with Mehreen.

    Next week,I feel Saffan backs off the proposal which leads to Mehreen saying Yes to Aswad. Looking forward to the episode.

    Thanks for the review Zahra.

    • Thank you so much LKH for reading the review & sharing your insights. Yes, I am glad Saleha has actually shown that she genuinely feels for Mehreen & understands her. It is a shame that a son of such a woman has turned out to be so conservative & tunnel-visioned, that too after he has had exposure to the outside world.

      Mashal & Mehreen’s interactions are always fun because the rest of the scenes usually revolve around the equation they both share. Yes, maybe Saffan will back out but I think this decision will be purely & solely Mehreen’s own driven by her hatred towards Mashal. Let’s see. :)

  • The episode was intense & your review was thorough. I feel for Meereen, because after his father, only khala & Aswad were there who really care for her. Khala still knows who Mehreen is, but Aswad, start throwing fire whenever he speak to Meereen. He does not even try to get close to ind out why Mehreen is behaving like this. Every time you faced such a person who you love since childhood, is really making Meereen on her nerves. Before she speak, he gave her a title of liar, so there is no room of justification. How Mehreen feels in this situation is unimaginable. If he is smart or remove Mashal goggles, he would understand when she said, “yes she is in hell still but sad, he does not aware of it. And above it, he says to Mehreen to not accept hun. That’s too much for her feelings. His mother does not know what all Mashal said to Aswad, hence she could not clear his image thoroughly. I like the part between Khala & Mehreen. Again, Mahira Khan excels & I love that OST in Qawwali mode.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for sharing your insights & reading the review. Yes, Aswad’s opinion about Mehreen is heavily influenced by the lies that Mashal has fed him but what makes him a weak character is how he is not using his own common sense. It is disturbing how he easily blames Mehreen for everything but doesn’t even bother getting to understand or analyze the situation. It is sad how on such a weak & shaky ground, their marital relationship will be established.

  • I read a comment here in criticizing the review but it is gone now lolz only praise comments allowed. The reviewer praises people when they praise her and the circle goes on. Shame

    • When you criticize something, explain the reason behind it not just write one liner and leave. If you don’t like something, write what made you feel that way, what was wrong with it or what was biased. That’s a the healthy way of discussion.

      Not everyone is going to second guess your reasons, if you got an issue with the review and you got to explain it properly.

      • Thank you for saying this LKH. This is exactly what I have been saying repeatedly that instead of making it all about the review or what was missing from it, why not discuss the drama or share what you actually feel about it.

    • I am not the one who decides which comment stays on the thread & which doesn’t, it is the job of moderators of the website. Also, I find it interesting how you always keep tabs on all the negative comments that come my way, even before they are deleted by the moderators. I am sure this is a perfect example of one person with multiple ID’s. :)

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