Inkaar Episode 19 Story Review – Powerful Dialogues

Tonight’s episode of Inkaar yet again showed in the most realistic manner possible the aftermath of the court’s judgment. Hafiz Illyas who had kept his cool till now, finally shared his true feelings with a friend. Hajra’s desperation and helplessness grew and her mother once again suggested an ‘easy way out’ which of course was unacceptable for Hajra. The highlight of this episode were all those beautifully penned down scenes and dialogues which shed light on the hypocrisy and injustice which unfortunately is a part of our social fabric. Yumna Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh’s performances in particular were outstanding tonight. Their characters and the relationship they share is the most heart-warming aspect of this drama.

Emotional Scenes

Tonight’s episode had so many emotional scenes starting from the apologies in the opening scenes to the confusion all these characters faced right till the end. The journeys of all the characters have been translated on screen in an impactful manner. It was also good to see Hajra’s mother playing the role of a mediator for a change. Although there have been many times when her decisions have anything but likable but overall Hajra’s mother’s character is multidimensional. She is not as strong as her husband or daughter and is usually looking for easier ways to please others. Yumna Zaidi’s expressions in the opening scene and in this episode overall were extremely powerful. A father’s apology and later on his confessions made Rehan Sheikh’s scenes some of the most intense scenes tonight. I absolutely loved what Hajra had to say about girls who are victimized in some way or the other. These dialogues were written so well and summed up how difficult it was for a woman to get justice.

Rehan Chaudhry’s track was really interesting tonight. While his mother tried to ‘rescue’ him, his stepmother kept on giving him drugs and ultimately even went to Hajra’s house to ask for her proposal. Rehan’s mother’s dialogues basically showed how simple his life was before he came to live with his stepmother. The writer has throughout laid stress on the importance of upbringing. Rehan would have been a different person if he was brought up by his own mother. Rehan was confused for a little while tonight but when he heard that staying with his stepmother would mean getting married to Hajra, making a decision was not difficult. Imran Ashraf nailed every single expression tonight especially while showing his character’s vulnerabilities and confusion. The way his stepmother tried to justify his behavior pretty much summed up why Rehan is such a twisted character.
I felt for Shayan tonight just as much as I did for Hajra and her father. He loves Hajra dearly and wants to do whatever he can to make things right yet Hajra cannot even stand to be around him because he reminds her of Rehan. Sami Khan’s expressions when Hajra tells Shayan to kill Rehan were priceless. In my opinion no other actor portrays the helplessness of a person who knows he is about to lose the love of his life better than him.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Inkaar highlighted the helplessness of all the characters in the most apt manner possible. This was an extremely upsetting episode but the preview of the next episode promised hope. Showing the vulnerabilities of these characters was crucial to the plot and these aspects make the story more realistic. This drama continues to be extremely powerful and I must say that the dialogues tonight were beyond impressive. Every actor performed extremely well and Kashif Nisar has once again shown his brilliance as a director.

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Fatima Awan

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  • the direction is the reason that makes this drama stand out, only someone as stupid as Rehaan can really believe that Hajra is now ready to marry him, it was a lovely review so no need to for me to say anything, I haven’t seen next weeks promo yet

  • As realistic as it can be. I think Hajra’s mother advice wasn’t bad this time because she knows they can do nothing and Rehan will do each and everything that his Mom told them. In a way her advice made Hajra go to shayan which she wouldn’t have done until this.
    I’m sorry but i don’t like that writer single out men when Hajra was typing those thoughts. Yes there are men who can’t see a woman asking questions and justice but not all of them. Some will feel sympathy for her but counter question her. I have been always on Hajra’s side but you know what? In all this she did some mistakes as well. She shouldn’t have went to his house. You are a daughter of ‘Hafiz Ilyas’ who knows Islam in and out. You know islam prohibts ‘Na mehrams’ to meet each other alone because Allah knew what HE was creating when HE created men. Never trust a man until he’s related to you lawfully. Even if a guy like shayan asks you to meet alone, you shouldn’t. Plus you go to a market and if a guy is teasing you, just shout and rest of the men around you will protect you and beat the shit out of that guy and btw how about those women who won’t let Hajra’s family to forget. Hajra’s mother doesn’t forget that tailor’s daughter. I think as a society irrespective of gender we do that. So it’s not just men who gang up against a woman. ‘Mard hoty hi aesy hain’. This is a very small statement and usually people hate it but if you dig deep in this statement then you will find why women say this to their daughters.
    Well i am excited to see what is the plan. I am eagerly waiting and so far this drama is beyond impressive. Extremely amazing review

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