Intezaar – Episode 15

Intezaar – Episode 15

Jitna aap se duur bhaagnay ki koshish karti hoon, aap utnay he shiddat se apni taraf kheenchtay hain. So Zoya has started to develop feelings for Shariq but still refuses to admit them to him. Her confession gives hope to Shariq though. I do wonder, and not for the first time, what it is in Zoya that has Shariq fallen for her hook,line and sinker?!Except for her ever constant monotone, big mournful eyes and lethargic state – there is nothing else of herself that Zoya has shown or expressed to us or Shariq so really?! An educated, good looking and successful man like him – was waiting for Zoya all this while? Love knows no reason – absolutely!

Mein biwi nahin hoon aap ki. Tau ban jao na! Wah. Talk about naye naye andaaz kay proposals. Ghar mein pyaz khatam ho gaye hain. Tau aur lay ao na! Uff! The proposal fell flat anyway – no surprise there but Zoya seems to be opening up and appearing to be more friendly and warm to Shariq the following day only for her Chacha to swoop in. I find it really odd and disturbing the way her Chacha’s eyes gleam at the mention of his grandson. It is not love as such that you see in his eyes, more like a prized possession, feather in his cap kind of thing. Anyways, he is successful in bringing Zoya home despite Shariq’s mein tumhein bhool nahin sakoon ga, ye baat tum mat bhoolna. I really liked that dialogue for some reason – made me stop and ponder over those words.

Saba’s despair over Zoya leaving was very apparent and as she confesses to her phuppo later, Zoya was her ticket to freedom. By having Shariq marry Zoya, she felt she could be free again. It is really sad to see how her mother has forced her into this marriage when clearly that is not what Zoya needs. She is beginning to see things more clearly though and use her brain to send the ‘extras’ away from home so she could focus on getting Shariq and Zoya married and I am sure that this is not what the psychiatrist had in mind when she suggested marriage and at this point I doubt the writer is trying to make us believe that having to deal with this problem is what will help Zoya overcome her fears but the scene where she addresses Zoya’s Chacha although showed her to be agitated yet she was able to control herself. If that makes any sense.



They say you should be careful what you wish for. ‘Allah us ki har chahat poori karay’ . Zoya’s mother’s dua for Shariq may just be something she regrets for Shariq’s chahat is Zoya. Zoya seems to be tuning into her feelings now and shares her thoughts and feelings with her mother and Azmeer’s mother. Next week’s promo shows Chacha trying to force his son to marry Zoya so as to keep his ‘heir’ close to him and I am interested to see if Zoya takes a stand for herself and what her parents and Azmeer’s mother have to say to this proposal.

Shariq’s mother confuses me. She insisted he marry Saba even though she could quite evidently see how much Shariq wanted to marry Zoya and now she gives him her blessing to marry Zoya. How does she plan on managing, rather imagine Shariq to manage two marriages under one roof. I liked the first few episodes of this drama and then was thrown off by the introduction of the new characters and their confusing personalities and thoughts. But I find myself interested again.Supposing Zoya does marry Shariq, then what? Do they ‘together’ help heal Saba? That sounds rather lame, except I am interested to see that if that happens then how it is all played out.

Sana Javed was her usual monotonous self except in a few scenes but I liked Mikaal Zulfiqar’s acting tonight. I liked how his expression managed to convey his feelings in the scene when Zoya’s chacha asks her to come home with him.I have grown used to Saba I suppose and at least Anam Fayyaz is consistent in her acting so I am beginning to relate to her as Saba. I have to say the OST that plays in the back and the dialogues at times are what stand out for me in this drama.

Will Zoya flee from her parent’s house again or will Shariq convince her to marry him? And what becomes of pota and Saba? Waiting to find out. How do you feel about how the story is developing – would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid