Intezaar Episode 19 Review – 2 Biwis Ka Iklota Shauhar!

Intezaar Episode 19 Review – 2 Biwis Ka Iklota Shauhar!

Are you kidding me? Not only are Shariq and Zoya gobsmacked at Saba’s antics in this episode – I mirrored the same expression while watching it! The swift change in Saba’s attitude and her reactions are so totally unrelatable that it seriously seems that the writer herself seemed to go through some strange phases where she started off with Azmeer and Zoya’s story and then woke up one morning and started another with Shariq and Saba’s story and then remembered the first and merged it and then thought oh crap, where is this all going and turned Saba into a I -do- not- know- what and hence this story has begun. I mean, really!


Saba as we earlier knew her was a withdrawn girl, traumatized by memories from her past and afraid of venturing out of the house and meeting any strangers. Now? Now Saba who apparently can not even pour a cup of tea properly, manages to don a sari and happily announce she wants to go to a party with Shariq. This sudden change in behaviour along with the sudden jealousy that has consumed her is so unrealistic. If only Saba had been shown to develop feelings for Shariq but felt unsure, and she herself was not the one to urge Zoya to marry Shariq then – given I could also conveniently forget Saba’s childhood trauma as the writer has done-  maybe this jealous Saba would be easier to understand.


Saba does not like that Shariq is paying attention to Zoya and not her. Whereas until he got married to Zoya all she ever wanted was that Shariq stay far away from her and not speak to her or even look at her. There was all the drama of Sherry Bhai ganday hain, ganday tareeqay se dekhtay hain and now Saba dolls up so that he may look at her appreciatively. He grabs her hand thinking she is Zoya and instead of recoiling and yelling at him which she had been doing earlier, she does not seem to mind at all. Nothing had changed between her and Shariq, there had been no moments spent together bringing them closer in any way, therefore this sudden jealousy and no fear of Shariq anymore just because he has married Zoya when she so graciously in fact obsessively handed him over to Zoya herself makes no sense.

It would have been interesting to see how Saba reacted when she and Shariq went out for dinner. Being with him in the car, being in a restaurant amongst strangers – things which gave her serious anxiety earlier but apparently she seemed to have taken in stride now. This new Saba is now not only dangerous for those around her, such as when she burned Zoya’s hand but also harmful to herself. I did however find myself agreeing to the bit Mamu and Maami said about Shariq not paying Saba any attention because now all his attention is focused on Zoya. Please note I do not mean the ‘biwi haqooq’ bit they were going on about but I suppose being married and letting Saba feel closer to Shariq was the first step and true, Saba lashed out at Shariq but then okay, I give up, lol. I feel like I am going round in circles trying to understand who is thinking what. Shariq should have tried to make things work with Saba rather than pining after Zoya since Saba is his wife. But then Saba brought the house down when she was anywhere near Shariq, so what was he to do. Ah well. I’ll let Maami sort them out.


Anyways, so now Maami again has swooped in to take charge of the situation. Saba had turned a deaf ear to her mother’s advice before but now she has decided to throw herself into ‘biwi mode’. Maami has stated that Shariq spend a day with each wife, turn by turn. I snorted at that, it almost sounded as ridiculous as when I call a truce when the kids fight over who has to make sure the ketchup goes back in the fridge and I announce they take turns – and then I am caught out trying to remember whose turn it is while both are bickering again. Good luck, Shariq!

Now that I have concluded that this drama is not going to end on any logical, thought provoking note, I am prepared to see it to its end like a detached viewer (hoping it does not drag crazily though!). I am so wary of reviewing any new dramas nowadays, even if something starts off well it suddenly goes off track and so wayward midway that I truly marvel at the sanity of the writer, director and actors involved. What do I think? I think Shariq should stop having tea – this chai making business is the cause of all this fasaad. I would have thought all this mess would have put him off tea by now anyway. I, on the other hand, am going to go fix myself a cup which I really need after watching this episode! Any thoughts? Don’t blame you if you don’t have any – but would love to hear some!

Kunwal Javid