Sang e Marmar Episode 07 Review – A Rollercoaster Ride!

Ohkay so, in the (drama) world full of “becharas” & the writers being stuck on multiple marriages & extra marital affairs, despite being a drama with a very grave theme, Sang e Marmar is a breath of fresh air. Isn’t it amazing to see “strong” men & women fighting their battles as they deem fit? I am loving this drama for how they have shown the clash of egos, which usually happens when everyone is level-headed & wants to be victorious. Like all the previous episodes, this episode of Sang e Marmar was beautiful & every second of it was worth a watch. I must say, I am impressed how the director is taking the story forward because this drama keeps on getting better & better, so for that, I will thank the team of Sang e Marmar once again!

Within the clan of Gulistan Khan, there’s a difference of opinion, which made things a lot more intense. I loved how they showed Aurang, Sherbano & the mother on one side & Gulistan & Safiullah on the other. Where Sherbano & Aurang detested the idea of killing Saif ur Rehman, Gulistan Khan brain-fed Safiullah against Saif ur Rehman which will guarantee his death, in the life or after the death of Gulistan Khan. Gulistan Khan is someone who doesn’t understand a thing called forgiveness because he himself is delusional to believe that he has never committed any mistake & he won’t be held accountable for his wrongdoings ever. If Gulistan Khan, for a second had reflected on his deeds & if his conscience wouldn’t have been dead, he would’ve realized that everything that his family is facing now is a karma’s play.

Honestly speaking, the scene where Gohar’s mother was looking at his photographs sent shivers down my spine because it was the scene that I could relate to the most. When you lose someone you love the most, you have no other choice but to pick up the pieces & gather yourself & while doing that, you only have photographs that make you feel connected to someone you won’t be able to see again & they make you smile & cry at the same time while remembering the one you just lost. That entire scene was done so so so beautifully that I don’t know how to describe my feelings about it. With each passing episode, my respect for the bond that Aurang & his mother share increases. It is only Aurang who knows how to console his mother. ‘Humne sari muskurahatain tumse hi li hain Ma’, sab tumhari tarhaan hi haste hain’‘Muskurao’ – that entire conversation was just so heartfelt & beautiful. There was a mother who was mourning the death of her son yet she had another beautiful soul who was doing everything that a good son would do for his mother. By the end of that scene, we got to see for the first time that even Aurang remembers Shireen clearly & even he holds his childhood friend close to his heart & he hasn’t forgotten about her. I hope when Aurang will meet Shireen, he wouldn’t take much time in recognizing her because I have a feeling that it will give Shireen a hope that she has lost.

‘Gulistan Khan se teri aik taang ka hisab, uska aik haath kaat ke barabar kar diya hai’, Torah Khan is on the road to revenge & there’s no turning back. Torah knows that this is his time of glory & he is having a sadistic pleasure in seeing the suffering of Gulistan Khan. Torah has spent all his life in gaining Gulistan’s trust, that is why now he has become a little too complacent & fearless so much so that even his sister is finding his reactions a little odd & she has got the hint that Torah says one thing but his actions tell the tale of something entirely different. It was actually quite surprising to see how Torah has lived in such an awkward relation with Sherbano, where even he knows that she doesn’t respect him & hasn’t accepted him as her husband, but just because he has now successfully weaved a trap, he knows that anything that he will say to Sherbano won’t get back at him as even if Sherbano will go & report it to Gulistan Khan, he will have a hard time accepting the fact that Torah could say such a thing. It was actually quite interesting to see how Torah was conducting a game play using everyone as a pawn. I loved seeing his enthusiasm in front of Gulistan Khan where he said all those things to assure him that he was hungry to avenge Gohar’s murder & then I had a good laugh seeing him as a very obedient husband who would stammer in front of his wife, won’t even have the courage to look into her eyes but will still say things that will pinch her quite a lot. Good job Torah!!!

I must say, I loved the optimism of Durkhane that too in such a grave situation. Where Shireen has lost all the hope & she has halfheartedly accepted her defeat, she has Durkhane by her side who won’t let her down, especially for a mistake that she is not responsible for. Durkhane thinks that just by speaking directly to Gulistan or even Aurang, she will be able to save the day & will persuade them into believing that everything was Gohar’s fault, but she is underestimating Gulistan Khan. Gulistan Khan knew what sort of a person Gohar was & with a lot of honestly, he told Safiullah to brush the truth under the carpet as he knows that if people will get the idea that Saif ur Rehman was justified in killing Gohar, Gulistan will not only lose his dignity, but he will also end up losing his authority & power. Like Aurang said, it is just an intoxication of power due to which no one is ready to understand the entire situation & no one is keen on knowing the reason which forced Saif ur Rehman to take such a step. I loved how they showed a difference between a logical & an irrational person, where Aurang was keen on understanding everything. there was Safiullah who was bent on following the orders of his father without even bothering to find out the truth. That was the moment where Torah Khan realized that he has a competitor in the form of Aurang because of whom he will now have to be very very careful as he is someone who questions, reasons & tries to rationalize the situation, while the lack of all these things were benefiting Torah the most because if there’s one thing he knows how to play with, it is an emotion & Aurang is anything but emotional!

Honestly speaking, I so wish Torah’s sister, due to her affection for Aurang, doesn’t end up telling on her brother because Torah has worked all his life, he has literally spent his days & nights preparing for his mother’s revenge, so now when things are shaping up in his favor, I hope along with Aurang, she doesn’t ruin Torah’s plans because I also feel that Gulistan Khan should be punished for what he did. I have a feeling that Torah’s sister will end up getting involved because she would want to save her brother & stop him from ruining more lives & I hope that doesn’t spoil the beautiful relation both Torah & his sister share. I must say, the scene where Torah & his sister reminisce about their mother’s death was heart-wrenching. A boy of that age, experiencing his mother’s death that came after a long period of suffering & also has a sister to take care of, imagine how his mind & heart must’ve shaped up. Everything that Torah says in front of Sherbano & Gulistan sounds like a properly thought out lie but the things he said to his sister genuinely & honestly described his feelings.

This entire episode was beautiful, filled with riveting performances once again. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen, can you? I must say I love the sense of humor of the dialogue writer because in such serious discussions & conversations, he adds a little touch of sarcasm which is actually quite amusing. ‘Biscuit bhi mangwao, duur se aye hain pait khali hoga’, like seriously, Gulistan Khan is arrogant & he does favors on people by making sure that those who’re receiving his favors actually ‘notice’ his generosity. In this episode in particular, there were so many beautiful dialogues that struck a chord, so I thank the dialogue writer especially for doing such a wonderful job with the dialogues. I must say, there’s absolutely nothing that I can fault with this drama. The screenplay is amazing, the direction is on-fleek, the acting is phenomenal & last but not the least, we have such beautifully written; strong & amazing characters who actually make their presence worthwhile. Whether it is Saif’s wife who plans & plots, or it is Saif who is emotional but not too smart, or even Torah’s sister who had a very limited screen-time, each & every single character makes an impact & creates a difference in the story. I love the fact that all the characters in this drama have a purpose & there’s not even a single character that feels like it should’ve been omitted. This episode, after Noman Ejaz, without a doubt belonged to Masroor Paras, he has actually owned the character of Torah & has given it such a treatment that actually makes me feel that no other actor would’ve been able to achieve. Torah Khan has so many shades, so many emotions, so many regrets, which are flawlessly portrayed by Masroor Paras & I thank him for that. The preview of the next episode has already got me excited, seems like Saif’s wife is going to put up a great show in front of Gulistan Khan & I can’t wait to see that. This drama is roller-coaster ride of emotions & is unfolding like a beautiful journey that you just can’t have enough of. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Sang e Marmar.

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ps: Can HUM TV cut down on showing the drama tickers while prime-time drama is on air? They are not only distracting but are actually quite annoying. I just hope someone from the channel pays heed to this!!!

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