Intezaar Episodes 11-13 – Manipulative Maami, Sacrificial Lamb Shariq & the Waaris!

Intezaar Episodes 11-13 – Manipulative Maami, Sacrificial Lamb Shariq & the Waaris!

So, I watched these three episodes all together today in bits and pieces while I cooked in between too and at the end of the day I can not help but compare the two. While I threw in pyaaz,tamatar,lasan and adrak into the blender – these three episodes threw in manipulative maami, bechari Zoya, confused majboor Shariq, clueless aapa and maamu and Zoya’s family, a leaf out of the book, well drama called Mann Mayal all into the blender and voila,out came this mess! And the odd bit is that even though I was almost banging my head against the wall at each turn of events and one crazy decision after the other – I could see how this is sadly, all too common a feature of our dramas and even to an extent, certain characters in real life.

After Saba’s accident, Maami decides to take Saba to meet Shariq. The moment she arrives is also when Zoya and Shariq return from the hospital after Zoya has given birth to a baby boy. Mabrook! Except Maami does not feel likewise and although this woman baffles my mind, I can not help but agree with her when she says ‘agar woh uss ki biwi nahin hai, yeh bacha uss ka nahin hai, tau woh laug iss ghar mein kar kia rahay hain?!’ Seeing the ‘love’ in Shariq’s eyes for Zoya, Maami decides the only sensible plan of action is to have Shariq and Saba wed ASAP. Shariq’s mother throws in her two cents and has a word with Zoya which sends Zoya off to do what she does best, run away to the train station and no points or hats off to Shariq for finding her there so quickly – for really where else?

So, what was with the condition Zoya lay before Shariq for her return to Shariq’s house? Marry Saba and I shall return. So, if Shariq really wants to take care of Zoya then maybe get her an apartment? Pay for the rent? Must she live in his house? Anyhow, he agrees and he returns to Saba’s house with his mother with the intention of going ahead with the nikkah. But Maami, sigh – Maami is two steps ahead of everyone, miyan be damned, Shariq be damned, hell even psychiatrist be damned – she has full fledged wedding preparations underway. The whole nikkah, qabool hai scene made me wince. Saba’s mental state confuses me and I do not particularly want to dwell on it for if I am fair, one can not judge someone who has suffered what she has but she seemed to be mentally alright otherwise. Then how does she not know what marriage entails, what a nikkah is, why she must sit with that dupatta on her head. Yes, we could say she led a very sheltered life after her childhood and her parents must have kept such information away from her but oh well.


Moving on, the wedding night was a disaster which we had already gauged from the promos. Shariq defends himself by saying Saba was out of control and he did not know what else to do. It is Maami who truly amazes me. This woman is lost in her own world, running a one man show. She has Shariq almost bullied into this marriage, then is offended when she ‘thinks’ he is not interested, then goes against the psychiatrist’s advice and rushes into the rukhsati – what? I understand she feels she is doing what is best for her child and has come to the point where she does not care who she hurts or upsets so long as Saba is cured but still! Her measures to me do not look like any form of ‘cure’ for Saba at all! Then there is Shariq’s mother who feels so weighed down by her brother’s ehsaans that she is adamant on crushing her only son’s happiness in return.

Zoya’s family also resurfaced in these episodes. Both sets of mothers seem to have collapsed into depression and we learn that Azmeer’s brother can not have children. The father, Naimat is horrified not because of the mental anguish this must cause his son but because, horror, Naimat ka waaris kahan se aye ga. Zoya’s contact with Azmeer’s mother and the sly bhabhi overhearing the conversation makes me think the obvious that now Naimat will want his grandson back in his life.


Zoya is another person who does not sit well with me. Or is it Sana Javed I am frustrated with. I am the sort of person who weeps at every emotional scene but her scenes did not make me bat an eyelid. Maybe because her acting in every drama is the same. She has the same whispered monotone and big eye look. If she is so educated and if she really must act like she does not want to be in anyone’s way then instead of living in Shariq’s house, maybe ask for a loan and have him move her into an apartment. Must she sit in the middle of all the chaos? And then with the scenes when she is thinking of him, I can not help think she has feelings for him too. Even when Shariq asks her, I do not know what sense of ‘goodness’ (barrf) makes her say to him he must marry Saba?

What drives me up the wall is that by Shariq marrying a very obviously unstable Saba at this point when he is so deeply in love with Zoya and her child spells disaster for everyone. But the sad part is – this does happen. Shariq has been persuaded to feel he must return his Maamu’s favors and this is the price. Maami has a bee in her bonnet and seeing Shariq is in love with Zoya, the practical thing would be not to throw your already vulnerable child into the mess but rather, gracefully exit but no, lots of parents do think that things will ‘sort’ themselves out once the marriage has taken place.

The story has had its share of loopholes from the beginning, true, right down to Zoya staying in Shariq’s house but I suppose what I can believe and what makes me watch this is how Shariq’s marriage to Saba affects them both, how Zoya’s presence affects Saba and what role do Zoya’s family have to play now. With the exception of Sana Javed I feel all the actors and actresses have done justice to their roles, although Saba’s character confuses me at times. These latest episodes have piqued my interest and I am curious to see how all this mess will eventually be wrapped up.

How many of you watched these latest episodes of Intezaar? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kunwal Javid