Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussein’s ‘Official’ Engagement Pictures Raise Some Serious Questions

Yasir Hussein’s public proposal at the Lux Style Awards and the couple’s public show of affection came under scrutiny for many weeks after the videos of the proposal went viral. While some people thoughts it was cute, others thought it was a bit too bold and then there were many more who thought that this was simply a publicity stunt. Iqra Aziz was also asked this question in many interviews but she replied that she was not expecting this at all and her reaction therefore was completely spontaneous.

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Iqra Aziz’s sister wished her sister the best for her future life in an Instagram post and congratulated her on her engagement today. She also posted a picture, which along with some other pictures of the couple has went viral as the informal engagement pictures.

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Now that the dust has settled and I am done with exams, let me put this out there as to how happy I am for you. You have always been my bacha, my sister and the one I will move worlds for if possible. I know I am not there with you since 4 years, be it your birthdays or this day. But I want you to know how excited, happy and overwhelmed I am for this phase of your life. You are an amazing daughter, sister and I am sure great fiancé too. I have met only one more pure-hearted woman than you, that is our mom. I read too many a things online about the proposal, about all the religious debate, moral debate and somewhere ethical too. I know how all of that has taken us aback and how we moved ahead despite of all the unnecessary discussions. Yasir, you are an amazing person and I am happy that you both take care of each other this well. I hope God blesses you both with the best adventures, exciting life and loving memories for this phase that is ahead of you both. My suggestion to you both is, there are fights and then there are battles. We choose our battles and not the meagre fights and we choose our battles wisely and fight for them. May you both help each other grow more and better. Baki, kuch tau log kahenge, Logun ka kaam hai kehna. Love and blessings to you both, and as Mom says, hamarey ghar ki tau pehli khushi hai.

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The interesting bit is that way back in February Iqra posted pictures in the same dress. Iqra’s hairstyle is also different now and Yasir Hussein doesn’t have a beard now yet these are somehow supposed to be the official engagement photographs.

So, naturally people are wondering if the engagement happened way back in February and that trip to Thailand was like a post engagement celebration.

Is this another publicity stunt? Well, these two sure do know how to stay in the news!

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  • the couple know to spread sensation in public. iqra with her immense acting talent and yasir with efforts to do something different joins the duo of perfect couple.

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