Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 04!

Ohkay even though we know where this drama is going, it is still enough of an entertainment for the prime time. I am enjoying this drama even though they have offered nothing new in respect to the story but it’s the execution that is making us want to see more of it.

Aiza has totally outdone herself in her professional career & for that matter she has become a centre of everyone’s attention. Be it Saad, his mother & even Laiba’s father, everyone’s praising Aiza for her intelligence & vigilance she shows at the office. Apparently she has earned a lot more respect after getting another deal approved.

Even though Saad has found out about what he is suffering from & refuses to tell anyone in his family about it, it was a relief to know that he has a friend who supports him. According to his friend he shouldn’t hold back & confess to Aiza & Saad eventually planned it that way but sad for him that he couldn’t tell about his feelings to Aiza himself.

The whole scene of Aiza finding about what Saad feels for her unfolded just perfectly. She happened to stumble in his studio & find out a little writing of Saad’s confession. Aiza would obviously resist falling for Saad because she endears Laiba a lot & she knows how much she loves him. Even though Aiza tried to bring the subject of Laiba in front of Saad, he was just preoccupied with his one-sided love for Aiza that he didn’t want to pay attention to it.

At last, Laiba & Aiza’s relation will start declining because Laiba has gotten a heed of where Saad’s getting inclined to. Even he clearly told her to back off because he didn’t want to be dictated & now that would open another chapter of Laiba’s misery which she will blame Aiza for. Even though Laiba is not pretty much interested in what’s going on in the office she still did not appreciate the idea of Aiza getting the attention & acknowledgement in comparison to Saad. Another one of Laiba’s ordeal began when Saad himself took a stand for Aiza & clearly told her that he will not stop meeting her, I am sure she will react because she has always gotten everyone’s attention & her inferiority complexes will swoop in just about starting from now as she is already ticked off with the attention Aiza’s getting.

I believe Aiza’s doing & earning quiet well so she must change the locality of her house. In stead she should rent a decent apartment somewhere because she looks too polished for her current Area. Seems like Fauzia’s cousin Ahmed Ali has set his eye on Aiza because now everyone can see the car she owns & cash she carries, so just like her brother & sister in law, Ahmed Ali too feels that Aiza is the right choice because she would benefit him in monetary aspects a lot.

For me the drama is so far so good. Can’t wait to see what Laiba’s moves would be. Mediha Imam has done an amazing job as Laiba, her acting is as good as she looks & everyone else seems to be doing a great job as well where the acting is concerned.

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