Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 05

Another week with a great episode. It’s actually interesting to see how smoothly things are unfolding in this drama. I think we have seen so many unrealistically real dramas in this whole year that to see something this simple is actually doing the trick.

Aiza on her own has made some plans of bringing Laiba & Saad close to one another but she is still in a state of shock because she didn’t expect anything more from Saad then just a healthy professional relationship. Saad has his feelings rolling for Aiza but I am sure she will not accept any thing of that sort because Laiba is too dear to her. I was glad to see Saad’s positive attitude about his disease & the treatment. They kept it realistic & motivational that he just didn’t leave any hopes & locked himself in the room because he was suffering from something leathel. In fact his one-sided love was enough of a force for him to actually make a move on getting treated because he wants to return clean for Aiza & I loved the way they showed that how such a huge ordeal can be dealt in such a positive manner.

Laiba sadly got deviated away from the reality & got misapprehension about Saad actually loving her. She only eavesdropped on half of what Saad & his mother were discussing & she went into her dream-land. I was amazed that Saad’s mother picked up the right reason about Laiba’s fury towards Aiza. Obviously, she doesn’t know the exactly accurate reason but she knows that there are some harsh feelings harboring in Laiba’s heart for Aiza.

Laiba’s father thought it was a right decision to speak to Aiza about it because he knows what sort of a relation they both share. Aiza still has not totally understood why Laiba was avoiding her but I am sure she will soon find out. Saad was just in the nick of time when he stopped Laiba from looking at the painting because another hell would’ve broken loose because she had already over-reacted a lot just at the thought of them both being together during the office hours. But glad that thing has subsided for now. Saad has given a hint to Aiza about how important a thing he has to discuss with her but I am sure what he will hear will be totally unexpected.

Next episode tells a new story of Aiza getting to spend some more time with Laiba’s father on a business trip. I am sure Laiba’s father won’t be able to resist getting attentive towards Aiza because till now she has proven herself completely, so he has got no reasons not to get attracted towards her. Let’s see what happens next as I am sure it is getting a bit more interesting now!

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