Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 12!

Ohkay so from now onward they are going to take things slow & I don’t mind it as far as I have reasonable, relate-able characters to fill my Wednesdays. What I love about the show is the approach director has opted for in order to deal with a script like this. The writer & the director along with the whole team deserve a huge appreciation for pulling off Ishq Mein Tere like this.

The best thing about the episode was that they have not resorted to the cheekiness of romance between Aiza & Shehryar. Yes, they got married, we all know about it, they have their feelings growing towards each other, we know of that too. Now they both, like practical adults are working together & spending time with each other at both the office & their home but no effort was made to show their relation forcefully. I am glad they also didn’t move on to the problems Aiza will face just as yet, rather they are building grounds for it, with ease.

There were two predictable moments in the episode which clearly unfolded the way we didn’t expect. First one was about the sketch of Aiza, which we all thought that Shehryar will end up finding about Saad’s feelings but thankfully nothing of that sort happened. Another one was when Cuckoo & Laiba went for a shopping at the very same spot where Aiza & Saad had a brief meeting. I thought the ladies will see them & then Cuckoo will get a chance to malign Aiza more in front of Laiba but once again fortunately it never happened. They did meet Saad but clearly Aiza had left by then.

I think Aiza shouldn’t be playing Miss I-Can-Handle-It-All. She should depend & rely on her husband because she has to be in this family for the rest of her life & it would be appropriate that she lets him take a lead & tackle things for her. I think it’s a high time she starts sharing things with Shehryar because he is understanding & trusts her completely. She shouldn’t spoil it by putting her relation at stake & by walking an extra mile to meet Saad by lying to her husband. Though her intention is not at all wrong but her approach is.

At last, Saad’s friend has done something productive & he talked him out of his sheer fixation of Aiza. His friend gave him a clear reality check which Saad needed. But still Saad on his own has not gained his senses & still is being problematic for Aiza. When Laiba came to meet Saad & to pour some dirt on Aiza, Saad clearly told her to accept Aiza as her step-mother because she is older to her & Laiba shouldn’t disrespect her, so this made me thinking when Saad is so maturely telling Laiba to do what is right, why he is acting the otherwise? Why can’t he accept Aiza as her Chachi & why doesn’t he stop bothering her? Like his friend mentioned, Aiza never ever promised Saad anything nor she got a direct proposal from Saad. Aiza on her own stumbled upon the sketch which Saad himself doesn’t know of. So, in this case, Aiza is free from all the liabilities & Saad should stop making her feel like one.

No doubt Cuckoo’s intentions aren’t clean & she is just using Laiba to get what she wants – both the attention of her & her father but for the sake of Laiba, I think she has found a support she needed at a time like this. At least Cuckoo knows how to calm her down & that is good for Laiba. The ending scene was a bit dragged with Laiba’s irrationality & Saad’s chase but I did find it relief-worthy that Laiba didn’t hear Saad say he loved Aiza. IF Laiba had heard it, things would’ve gotten a lot more nastier for Aiza than her expectations so for that I am happy that Aiza wasn’t dragged into this thing rather Laiba herself saw Aiza convincing Saad to get married to her, which makes me hopeful that Laiba will understand that Aiza had no plans whatsoever of snatching Saad away from her.

Can’t wait for the next episode because I think Saad will continue to be unreasonable & Shehryar might pick on some sort of details.

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