Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 15!

So, finally the story has come to another turn & this twist is interesting. Once again no complaints & just a pleasure watching this show.

Saad has finally proposed to Laiba thinking this way he can keep Aiza from going away from his life. Aiza on her own now feels guilty that she has played Saad into this commitment because she knows the actual reason as to why he has agreed for this marriage. I think Aiza should now take a back seat & relax because finally Saad is sort of out of her life as now he has gotten a girl who is totally smitten by him & who won’t leave by his side. Aiza’s suggestion of just getting them both engaged for now & delaying the wedding was sort of wrong. I think she should’ve affirmed Shahryar’s decision of getting Laiba & Saad married ASAP because engagements usually don’t last that long & that will still keep a window of hope open for Saad as well.

I think now Cuckoo’s existence is a total annoyance & nothing else. She has lost her battle & she has literally no reasons of staying back. It’s ohkay if she wants to be there, she can be but I think we all would appreciate if she is made invisible & not much screen time is given to her because her taunts & eyebrow raises are becoming repetitive.

I lol’ed at Saad & his Saim’s conversation. I have never seen two guys being so involved in the gharelu masail, where one is crying & the other is lending a shoulder to be cried upon. I know this may sound harsh & cruel but deep down Saad knows what sort of a chronical disease he has & the way it has resurfaced, his chances of making till the end of drama are thin, so why put everyone through such a fuss of engagement where he is clearly playing with Laiba’s feelings? Why does he want to bother Aiza because may be & eventually he won’t survive so yes, for the sake of Aiza & Shahryar’s peace, I hope Saad goes out of the picture because he is just being a nuisance & sorry, I don’t feel for his character at all!

I think Aiza’s bhabhi is being ridiculous now. She has her cousin Ahmed Ali brain feeding her into taking advantage of a rich SIL & her husband. I think her demand of 2 lac rupees that too directly from Shehryar was odd because Aiza has totally given everything she has ever earned to her brother’s family & her bhabhi knows that if she will ever seek Aiza’s help, Aiza will never stay back & lend her help by any means possible, so to see her act irrationally just because she now she has sensed some potential advantages of being related to financially stable people is hideous. I think Cuckoo & Bhabhi’s verbal spat was forced & unnecessary. It was a mangni wala ghar & not even a single hovering soul of mehmaan was there to hear them bickering plus the way Bhabhi shouted, people in such occasions are fishing for such controversies to gossip upon & still no one came to find out why such loud voices were being echoed in the home. That could’ve been easily skipped because even after being told off by almost all of the family members, Cuckoo hasn’t moved an inch & hasn’t gotten a hint, she is there to stay & still will stay.

Preview of the next episode suggested something totally unexpected about Aiza & Saad going for a honeymoon. I wouldn’t have believed if they has just shown some clippings because it would’ve come across as Saad’s wishful thinking once again but to hear it from Cuckoo, it am not sure what’s happening. Oh yes! I think they might’ve left for a business trip together which Cuckoo will be naming as a honeymoon. It’s still getting interesting, so let’s wait & watch.

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