Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 16!

I can’t thank team of Ishq Mein Tere enough for keeping us hooked to this show till now. The writer, the director & all the actors have done a commendable job in providing us with quality entertainment in the form of this drama.

The ring ceremony ended with Saad’s never ending coughing & this made me think again why Saad was doing all that to turn everyone’s world upside down when he himself doesn’t even know how much time he has on his hands. The whole Saad-approaches-Aiza scene wasn’t necessary. I thought he might tell her to do the honours being Laiba’s best friend & her sweet step-mom but it wasn’t meant to be so yes, I feel it could’ve been skipped because she was still a part of the function anyway.

I think Aiza’s bhabhi scenes are nothing but used as a forced comedy which can be skipped too. I wonder now after she has seen Aiza’s household, how much greedier she is going to get. Cuckoo’s annoying & I dislike the fact that she will always speak ill about every single person. If she thinks she can win Shehryar, how can she forget that he has a few family members as his responsibility too? Does she really think that she’ll be able to confine Shehryar to herself IF she gets him? I lol’ed at Saim’s pep talk to Saad but felt for that poor guy when Saad told him that ONLY & STRICTLY family members were invited for the engagement, I felt for Saim so much thinking he must’ve been shattered & heart-broken that his only family – Saad doesn’t take him as a part of his family till now. :/ A moment of silence for Saim’s misery please!

Laiba totally surprised me today & pleasantly at that when she took Cuckoo’s accusations on Aiza quite maturely. She turned Cuckoo’s brain feeding down & defended Saad when it came to his sketch of Aiza. I would’ve liked it a bit better if she had kept that sanity but seems like she lost the plot at the thought of Aiza & Saad being together & alone in Turkey. I think Laiba may have missed the fact too that Aiza insisted her to come along as well but Laiba herself refused. This was just enough of a reason for Laiba to trust Aiza but she lost it & decided to go to Turkey.

I wasn’t a fan of Laiba’s stalking antics because she on her own went to Turkey & not even a single call was made from anyone in Pakistan to Saad or Aiza asking whether Laiba reached safely or not. Yes, Laiba did tell her father that she wanted to surprise both Saad & Aiza but still I don’t think Saad’s mother would take it so lightly if she hadn’t heard anything about Laiba from either one of them. Laiba has once again believed in what Cuckoo told her & based her judgments on what she herself wanted to see. I actually pitied Aiza a lot more because all this while she kept on speaking about how much she missed her husband & sadly, all that’s going to come down crashing.

I know I am a fan of this drama & have really liked the story as well but I am not sure what will happen next & the last thing I’d want to see is Shehryar doubting his wife Aiza because I think Aiza deserves all the respect & even the blinding faith in her because she has loved Shehryar & married him with all his heart. For once, I would love to see a girl being treated with respect & even though things turn to be against her, she has her husband supporting her. Shehryar himself sent her to Turkey with his clingy nephew who was decent enough throughout his stay with her surprisingly so just because his immature kid Laiba tells him something, he is ready to just believe on what he may hear but not what he himself saw, I think Shehryar could’ve done better. I knew Aiza’s Mother-Teresa approach will put her in a difficult situation & this is exactly what’s going to happen next. I hope Shehryar & Aiza don’t part on such a petty misunderstanding because they are better than that.

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