Rubaru – Episode 11!

As much as I enjoyed more than half of an episode, I wasn’t sure of the ending. I think it was rather abrupt & the scenes or rather the emotions in the scenes didn’t flow appropriately. I found Neelam & Surmed’s scenes nail-biting & I actually feel something worst should have happened to Neelam for being a home-wrecker followed by becoming a psychopath.

Finally Surmed has started to feel some affection for his wife Shabbi. It was good to see her putting in an effort & Surmed actually acknowledging it. He may not be expressive but yes, his outbursts have reduced leaving enough space for Shabbi to breathe. I must say I felt a lot more for poor Surmed after seeing what Neelam put him up with. I know he was wrong in pushing Neelam from the stairs but I think Taimoor should’ve taken control over all the things. He was too busy & too wooed by his new-found-love-chick that he completely forgot he had a few responsibilities towards Surmed as well.

Neelam faced what she had to but to see her take a U-turn in case of Surmed & act like a typical step-mom was saddening. At first, I found her sweet enough to be considerate towards Surmed but sadly for her, he wasn’t coming to terms with the fact that his father had found a new partner, hence, the mishap. I must say I want to know the brand of Neelam’s eye-liner & her curling rod. She may be in a maternity ward or she may have come home after going through a painful procedure, her eyeliner just won’t budge & her curly locks won’t loosen up. Things related to Neelam weren’t realistic be it her hip-chic fashionable ensembles considering the early 90’s or her statement necklaces but what came as a cherry on top was Toni Braxton’s song ‘un-break my heart’ released in 1996, which Neelam was listening to let’s say may be in the year 1994-1995? I am thinking it may have released in Pakistan beforehand especially for Neelam!?!?!

I must say the girl playing the role of Kiran may be annoying like anything but I actually like her choice of wardrobe. I have always liked her dresses a lot but having said that I think she has crossed alllllllllll the lines this time around. I know her spats with Teeeepu were annoying which may stir just on the mention of her tailor or anything else but what she said to him was the last thing I wanted to hear & actually I just couldn’t believe that my ears heard her litter utterance right? It was way too objectionable & it really killed the enjoyment of the whole episode for me. What’s gone into the dialogue writers these days mate? I am not sure how did the actor herself gather the courage to just blurt that BS out loud? Her pettiness wouldn’t stop here & after looking at the preview I think she still has some stamina left to make some more obnoxious statements. Yes, they should be officially out of this drama. They weren’t interesting from the very beginning & after this particular episode; I am just going to skip their scenes. & oh by the way I think Teeeeeepu was up for some over-acting in the car scene with Surmed where he was waving his hands more than it was required. I am not sure what was up with him but he clearly looked uncomfy.

The ending scenes weren’t done well I believe where at first Naani in the same frame was crying in front of Shabbi feeling sad. On the other hand Jameel Ahmed was crying too because he was missing his sister Neelam but the very next moment he came up with a huge smile on his face & Naani was all happy to hand over the property papers to Neelam just like that. This was a tiny bit of mismanagement I believe I felt in this episode but overall I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rubaru this week. Definitely looking forward to the next episode minus Kiran & her Teeeeepu’s spat!

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