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Ishq Tamasha Episode 20 Review-On Repeat!

Watching this episode of Ishq Tamasha was like watching an episode from the very start all over again. Mirha is back at Chachi Jaan’s house and she has once again stated degrading her. Mirha is back to being an irrelevant orphan with her relatives putting her down in every second scene and she herself behaving like a slave. She has also started braiding her hair again and is out looking for a job.

The equation between Mirha and Wahaj is extremely unsettling too. He is proposing her and trying to patch up. While Mirha is giving out mixed signals like she would forgive him in the future. A man who assassinates your character does not have faith in your love and loyalty should be a given a clear shut up call. What kind of a girl is Mirha after all? She was bossing everyone around in a house where she was not related to anyone and she is being a slave in front of the people who destroyed her life and reputation. She knows she has to support herself and had considered going to a shelter in the past then why is she taking all this crap? Why tolerate Aqeela’s behaviour and not call her out on her own daughter’s missives.

Rushna is still playing games like the very first day. She is constantly blaming Mirha for Mehrab’s rude behaviour. She knows Arham is dead and she is still blaming Mirha, she must have used some common sense and figured out that a person whose brother you had an affair with will naturally not warm up to you. Aqeela is her accomplice in every plan and she is trying to win over Mehrab with English food “Pasta” (which is Italian), thus showing lack of common sense again.

This episode again hinted about Mehrab’s feelings for Mirha. He must have taken a stand by marrying her and providing her security when she was aimlessly wandering in his house. He is not really giving a shut up call to Rushna which she deserves.

Palwasha track is a total drag and maybe they are trying to make 2 or 3 more episodes out of it. All in all, we are back to square one with bechari Mirha at Aqqela’s house, Rushna running after her fantasies and a clueless spineless Wahaj.

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