Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 17 Story Review – Secrets Somewhat Revealed

Opening Thoughts – Interesting & Brilliant:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was once again quite interesting. It is good to see the story of Ishq Zahe Naseeb finally progressing at a decent pace with every single episode bringing one interesting scenario after another. Another brilliant aspect of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is the spell-binding performances given by all the actors. They all have not only embraced their characters but have given such performances that they don’t let you look away from the TV screen. The director deserves full credit for having such a clear and perfect vision for a script like this & then all the actors coming together, following his lead to bring such an amazing drama to our TV screens!

Some Secrets Somewhat Revealed:

Sameer and Kashif finally came together for the sake of a project. Jabbar and Dunia were helping too but for the first time, Dunia seemed a little less focused on her work because now she had her future to plan ahead, that too with her life partner. Dunia has seen Kashif’s potential & she knows that he will deal with the project vigilantly, that is why she was now taking it easy. The shift in Dunia’s attitude, her personality & her overall demeanor is quite interesting & it has been elaborated brilliantly by Zarnish Khan. Dunia knows that Kashif was in love with someone else, that is why she has now started to feel the insecurity creeping into her thoughts. Dunia confessed that she has actually fallen in love with Kashif but then again, she said it with a lot of maturity & grace. Her confession wasn’t cheesy or did not make her look like she was desperate. Yes, she is a mature girl, who has gone through a heartbreak, that is why she was giving words to her feelings. Dunia has seen that she can trust Kashif, that is why she showed him her vulnerable side. Dunia knows that Kashif understands her, this is why she let him know that she was kind of feeling insecure & she wanted to be sure whether he was happy or not. Jabbar can totally see that Kashif is not as emotionally invested in Dunia as she is but still, he is not saying anything because he is hoping things will change & Kashif will compromise – again something that Jabbar as a father is hoping & wishing for.

Kashif found himself at crossroads. Obviously he has not forgotten Gauhar, he has not even moved on, he is just dealing with his pain by putting a brave face but he still loves Gauhar, however he did think he will be able to curb his feelings for Gauhar aside to make way for Dunia in his heart & life but once again, just the name of Gauhar was enough to make him face the truth. He has not forgotten Gauahr & he will continue to love him. Gauhar found out about Kashif & Dunia’s engagement & she decided it was best for her to leave because she couldn’t deal with it, neither did she want to face Kashif just after she had found out. Gauhar & Kashif both are guilt-stricken because they think they betrayed one another, however they both just prioritized their families over themselves. Let’s see when will they find out about the secret!

Sabiha has started manipulating Sameer again but this time around, Sameer has realized that Natasha is a spy planted by Sabiha in his office & he can clearly see that she is keeping tabs on him. Sabiha does not want Gauhar to be around Sameer because she has picked up on the fact that Gauhar is not only sharp, she is far too intelligent for Sabiha’s liking. Sabiha has her own interests in Sameer’s life & his business, she is purely selfish that is why she wants Sameer to stay away from Gauhar. Sameer however found a way to appoint Gauhar back & I loved the way Sameer reminded Gauhar of her loan for the first time. It just showed that he was eager to keep her closer, so he used the loan as an excuse to make Gauhar stay. Sameer has gotten used to the idea of having Gauhar around. He actually has developed a lot of liking for her & now that he knows that Sabiha is trying to stop him, he will obviously become more eager to be with her. Sameer is not going to follow Sabiha’s instructions, may be because for the first time, being with Gauhar has taught him what it feels like to be free, that is why he is not ready to give up on Gauhar just so easily.

Gauhar’s curiosity took her to Surraiya Begum – Sameer’s biological mother. Gauhar is not going to stop, she will continue to see her till she gets to hear her side of the story & find out the truth. Gauhar definitely left an impression on Suraiya begum, so let’s see when she will be able to persuade her to break her silence.

The confrontation between Sameer & Sabiha was intense & my absolute favorite scene of this episode. Sameer thought he had everything under control but then Sabiha stood there to test his patience. Sabiha has played the victim all her life & she has made Sameer believe that she has selflessly raised him up but for the first time, Sameer was forced to say the truth out loud. Sabiha only looked after Sameer because she had her own personal interests & she knew that she will gain a lot out of it. She only dealt with, rather tolerated Sameer because as per the will of her husband, she had no choice. Also because Sabiha knows about Sameer’s multiple personality disorder, it kind of makes sense that she has used it against him time & again, she has threatened him & intimidated him with the idea of getting him exposed, only to keep Sameer under control. For the first time Sabiha got to see that Sameer was breaking free from her cage & all of this was only because of Gauhar. Sameer reacted because Sabiha told him that he was not allowed to be with Gauhar – this should be enough to let her know that Sameer’s feelings for Gauhar are real. In that particular scene both Ismat Zaidi & Zahid Ahmed were on fire – what amazing acting I must say! Loved it!

Closing Thoughts – This Episode Belonged to Ismat Zaidi & Zahid Ahmed:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was superb. I am now keen to learn more about Sabiha. It is worth noticing how the writer has kept the actual cards concealed so far & pages are being turned one after another. There is so much more to Sabiha that meets the eye & I want to find out more about her. I so hope Surraiya Begum speaks up in the next couple of episodes so that we get to understand the actual story. All the actors are performing brilliantly be it Sonya Hussyn, Sami Khan, Zarnish Khan or all the supporting actors. However, this episode surely belonged to Ismat Zaidi & Zahid Ahmed. Standing ovation for their performance in this episode for sure. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • I totally loved the episode! And yes the confrontation scene between Zahid Ahmed and Ismat Zaidi takes the cake! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen! Especially when he comes back and taunts her about the will

  • glad all the secrets are coming out, I can’t wait to see what his mother’s story will be or how Sameer will react when he finds out about his mother

  • Nothing actually happened in this episode. Epic fail of a drama. Kaashif getting engaged to Duniya (really dumb name by the way) happened out of nowhere and really didn’t make any sense. Very choppy episode. The ending made no sense. All we see is Sameer prancing around in female attire here and there and Gohar always chasing after Kaashif. So repetitive and annoying!

    Do you know the full plot of this drama? If not, don’t presume that Sameer reminded Gohar of loan to ‘keep her close.’ Rather, it seemed beginnings of a potential blackmail. There’s no chemistry between any of the actors. This drama sucks

  • Fantastic review Zahra, as always.

    This drama is becoming even more gripping. Its hard to wait a week for the next episode!!

    I have a feeling, the strange Male servant in Sameers house may be Sameer’s mums brother at the care home?

    I also think the step mother was the one who had the affair with Sameer’s dad and so his mother was made a scape goat.

    Love this drama and your reviews.

  • Zahra really look forward to your reviews for this drama every week. I like the mystery element of this serial but I wish it would move a bit faster. We’re seventeen episodes in and things are progressing too slow. We were hinted that kashif and gohar would have some sort of interaction but it didn’t happen. I really hope the story picks up to keep momentum. Amazing acting by everyone! The expectations keep building hope the director doesn t let us down.

  • It takes a completely different level of understanding of human perception to come up with a meaningful script that too with power pack performance by our actors which have done complete justice to their roles which leads to an ends on such a high note

  • I liked the episode. Sabiha and Sameer’s character seemed to be taken from an old English novel. The entire setting is so amazing.
    I wonder if Kashif and Gauher will come face to face with each other on regular basis.

  • I just love this drama.. Interesting story and excellent effort by all the actors. Sami and zahid role is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Aahh you spoke my heart out, Zahra. It was such a wonderful episode….the consistency with which the drama has maintained its quotient of brilliance and fascination is worth a plenitude of plaudits. And yes Zahid Ahmed and Ismat Zaidi were ON FIRE tonight…..the expressions, the body language, the emphatic tone of Sabiha and the serene firmness of Sameer….a treat, an absolute delight to watch! This is one drama that I wait for, the entire week….

    And yes I also loved the dialogue of Sameer when he reminded Gauhar to pay her loan. The guy knows what he wants and would go to any lengths to get it. His tenacity is tasty!

  • I liked this episode but i feel like there are wayyy too many chance meetings happening time and time again. Like wayyy to many co incidences. However i do enjoy watching it alot. I loveee zahids acting in ishq zahe naseeb

  • I must confess Zahra that I am completely hooked to this drama😍😍 The script, direction, acting… Every single thing is so beautiful about IZN!! With so much precision, the author has revealed the character of Sameer that every week u learn something new while simultaneously paying equal attention to the other tracks πŸ’―πŸ’― Hats off to the entire team of IZN❀️❀️

  • Loved your review! You captured the essence of the episode so beautifully
    This show is just so…different. it keeps you hooked, keeps you on the edge and I love that. Sometimes it gives me jane eyre vibes…I don’t know why. I can’t pinpoint it but it does.
    Also am I possibly the only one who wishes that sameer and gohar end up together? Lol. I really would like it if the show went in that direction and that sameera is ‘killed’ by sameer because his love for gohar overcomes his fixation with his past nanny. And then he and gohar can live happily ever after :P wishful thinking I know

    • I believe there is a lot more to sameer/sameera then meets the eye. Whatever he thinks sameera is feeling is sameer’s own insecurities in her shape. I think the murdered of zoya with be sabiha and she has been making sameer believed that it’s him/his split personality.

  • Assalam o Alaikum.

    Thank you so much for an apt review Zahra. I was ln’t following this drama but because of your reviews I have started to follow it. Brilliant drama I must say.

    I have a feeling sabiha begum got zoya killed and made sameer believed that it was him or his other personality. I can’t wait to find her side of the story.

  • Ishq Zahe Naseeb is one of the finest plays around these days and ur review was absolutely spot on. I generally enjoy Zahid Ahmed’s plays but he has taken things up a notch this time round. The confrontation scene with Ismat Zaidi certainly had me completely hooked and then his transformation to the menacing Sameera in the last scene was pure brilliance! Looking forward to more secrets being revealed!

  • Drama is very good but I director is fail to expose the sameer spit personality in sameera. I saw only one scene when he fellowed his girl friend. Sameer split personality should be more show as sameera how she makeup in night when she do in night. His dressing and jewellery.

  • >