Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 2 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Setting The Grounds:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb took the story forward a little & showed how things were shaping up in Gauhar’s present & what happened in Sameer’s past that shaped his present & future. Even though the theme of this drama is completely different to what we have ever seen before, but I like that they are setting the plot in a most conventional manner in order to help everyone relate to the characters & understand them a bit better first!

Two Completely Different Tracks:

Gauhar is surrounded by a lot of problems, her family is struggling but her association with Kashif keeps her spirits up. In such a dense situation, Kashif is a breath of fresh air for Gauhar. Even though the entire family is well aware of their problems, it is nice to see them being optimistic & openly having conversations about it as a family rather than suffering alone. At times it does look like Gauhar lives in a bubble, but when she is with her family, she actively participates in all the family discussions & even thinks of finding solutions too.

The most interesting thing to note was everyone’s reaction to Jahangir’s proposal for Gauhar, I enjoyed seeing how everyone saw it as a nuisance rather than a blessing. Also, in stead of being worried about the prospect of ending up with Jahangir, Gauhar was making fun of it with Kashif & taking it lightly because she knew even her family wasn’t thrilled with this proposal. Jahangir’s mother has obviously tried to pressurize her brother & his family to agree to this marriage using the debt as a threat because she knows that her son Jahangir doesn’t stand a chance otherwise.

Gauhar’s brother Saleem spotted Gauhar with Kashif & that’s what put her in a tight spot but again it was good that Gauhar was given a chance to explain herself & even Bushra supported her. So far, nothing about Gauhar’s side of the story is new or unique but it is being told in a convincing manner & it obviously is leading up to the story where Sameer & Gauhar’s paths will cross.

Sameer’s step mother is well aware of Sameer’s secret because she came in his life when he was just a boy. Sameer’s step mother seems stern & it looks like both she & Sameer gave each other a hard time & then despite their disliking for eachother, they somehow learned to co-exist. Even though they both have been together for a long long time, there’s still some reservation & hesitation between them but now it seems to be coming more from Sameer because at this stage of her life, his step mother yearns for some attention & company.

Sameer actually decided to give Zoya a chance because he saw it as an opportunity to overcome his personality issues. Sameer seemed tired of living a lie that is why seeing how confident & dynamic Zoya was, Sameer actually believed that she will pull him out of this darkness that resides within him. It seems Sameer’s step mother wasn’t on board with this decision because she could see that Zoya’s life will be ruined when she will finally get to know the truth about Sameer’s personality. Sameer actually thought that he was in love with Zoya, he used that as an excuse to convince his mother but it actually just was his way of overcoming his issues with the help of Zoya. For Sameer Zoya was basically a distraction which he believed will help him!

The last scene showing the conversation between the two characters was quite interesting. The way Sameer spoke about both the characters saying ‘hum’ suggested that he was referring to two of his personalities. It still is to be made clear whether Sameera is Sameer’s 2nd personality or his alter ego but nonetheless, it all actually is quite interesting. Sameer seems normal but Sameera is his dark side & not only that, all the negativity that stems in Sameer’s mind is basically Sameera’s doing too. I can’t wait to find out more about it but I am definitely liking how we are being slowly introduced to this aspect of the story!

Closing Thoughts – Unconventional:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was decent. Yes, this drama hasn’t had an extraordinary start but what makes it worth tuning to is the story which will be told in the later stages of the drama. Gauhar’s side of the story for now doesn’t seem too appealing but it all is definitely going to get more interesting. The preview of the next episode promised a lot more drama as well. I liked Gauhar’s father’s character a lot in this episode, it was nice to see his optimistic approach but it was also interesting to see that his wife & family felt he needed to do more than just being optimistic about the situation. Sonya Hussyn, Jinaan Hussain, Sami Khan & Zahid Ahmed are surely doing good & I can’t wait to see their brilliant performances in the episodes to come. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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