Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 20 Story Review – Phenomenal

Opening Thoughts – What An Episode!

Ohkay so, this entire episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was on another level but what made it special was the cliffhanger that the writer left the viewers with. One scene added a whole new dimension to the story & now we are left thinking about the possibility of Shakira being alive. Hashim Nadeem should be very proud of himself for giving the viewers a completely different story. It makes me so happy that we have a writer like him who is capable of bringing such unique story & characters. This entire episode was perfectly balanced & covered all the aspects of both Sameer & Gauhar’s lives perfectly. The director also deserves full points for directing Ishq Zahe Naseeb brilliantly.

The Closure & The New Beginning:

Kashif & Gauhar’s meeting was one of my favorite scenes of tonight’s episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. They both had moved on their lives but emotionally they were very much with each other & were trying hard to convince themselves otherwise. Gauhar was genuinely happy to see Kashif doing so well for himself, it is because the time she spent with him made her aware of the fact that he had so many responsibilities being the only son of the family, so she connected the dots & felt happy for him. They were at the verge of telling each other that they both didn’t show up that day but they didn’t, which obviously left Kashif thinking more about what Gauhar was trying to say. All this while, Kashif has seen himself as the culprit for leaving Gauhar in the lurch & similarly, Gauhar holds herself responsible for turning her back on Kashif. I think they both will have to wait a little longer before they find out the truth. The moment where Gauhar left because she couldn’t hold her tears was beautiful, she has convinced herself to put on a brave face in front of Kashif & she wanted to stick to that.

Sameer realized that there was obviously some past that both Gauhar & Kashif must have shared. The scene where Sameer let his complexes & his yearning to be loved get the better of him was so heart-wrenching & done so so well. Sameer longs for love, he longs for undivided attention – all this while he thought he got it from Gauhar but seeing Kashif in the picture made him anxious. Sameer can not lose Gauhar, he just can not, that is why the very next day he decided to give words to his feelings & let her know what was in his heart. I must say, Hashim Nadeem has given a perfect treatment to Sameer’s character where he has not once made him look like a villain, in fact the way Sameer’s journey has been covered so far makes me feel for him. He has had a rough childhood, a twisted step-mother to deal with, his father passed away & then things were never in his favor from a tender age, so for him just the thought of losing Gauhar was unimaginable. Sameer played his cards well.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 20 Story Review - Phenomenal

The proposal scene was intense & all the expressions given by Zahid Ahmed were spot-on. Sameer was unsure of what Gauhar’s reaction will be, he wanted her to say yes, he couldn’t wait & then seeing Kashif witnessing that moment also made him anxious but Gauhar’s acceptance was enough to overcome all his fears. Those minute expressions of happiness & relief were brilliantly portrayed by Zahid Ahmed. At that moment I actually felt good for Sameer but yes, he is hiding a huge secret from Gauhar & that obviously makes this entire equation a little complex & difficult but it will definitely be interesting to see how Gauhar will take it.

Jahangir & Co’s scene was thankfully short but I once again found it extremely amusing the way his father dealt with all his friends. Saleem is getting on my nerves to be honest, it is sad to see him dancing to his wife’s tunes so much that he doesn’t mind striking a deal with Sameer every now & then, only because he knows that Sameer is interested in Gauhar, ridiculous. Well, Saleem would’ve never imagined that Sameer will also have a condition & I feel more than it being about his mother, Sameer definitely wants his secret to remain a secret & he knows that after his wedding, he will have to face Gauhar’s family every now & then, that too in the evenings & that is something he can not afford. I kind of enjoy seeing how Sameer is always very much on top of his game all the time, like considering the emotional & personal baggage that he has, one might expect him to be a little lost or spaced out at times but Sameer never goes into that zone & stays pretty focused always, which makes his character even more interesting.

Kashif & Gauhar’s phone call was nice. At first I felt Kashif was behaving recklessly, especially now when he knew that Gauhar & Sameer were going to get engaged but then I was reminded that they both did not have a proper closure, they just lost contact & never heard from each other, therefore it is perfectly fine for them to have a conversation or two to end everything properly. Kashif reminded Gauhar about all the things that the woman had said to her at the Shrine, which means although Kashif didn’t believe in her prediction before, he wanted to now. Kashif probably analyzed the way his & Gauhar’s life panned out, that is why he kind of felt he had a reason to believe the things that the woman had predicted about their fate.

The Cliffhanger:

The very last scene was intense & I am sure it has left all the viewers baffled & intrigued at the same time. Did Sameer see Shakira committing suicide & now is he feeling perplexed about not knowing whether she died or not? The woman that Gauhar met – she saw a picture of Shakira in the basement & based on that she deduced that the old lady was Sameer’s mother, it is like she mistook Shakira as Sameer’s biological mother because of the photo. Is Akbar Shakira’s brother? May be Shakira didn’t die. It also makes sense that the butler must’ve brought his sister as Sameer’s governess when he was young – it seems more realistic & befitting that Akbar being one of the house helper must’ve requested Sabeeha to give his sister Shakira a chance to take care of Sameer & then Sabeeha must’ve allowed that? Knowing the kind of controlling person Sabeeha is, it makes sense that she would’ve gotten rid of all the photographs of Sameer’s biological mother, so yes, the picture that Gauhar saw in the basement was of Shakira & Sameer & because of that she thinks Shakira was his mother – the wheelchair-bound lady that she saw at the hospital some time back. All of this has become quite interesting & I can’t wait to find out more.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 20 Story Review - Phenomenal

Closing Thoughts – Phenomenal:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was brilliantly directed & acted out. It is actually quite amazing that even after all these episodes, the writer has so much in store for us. Every single episode offers one thing or the other. One scene is enough to change the thought process & it is like the writer is revealing the cards one at a time, at the right time. Ishq Zahe Naseeb has turned out to be one such drama which deals with not only just psychological disorder but so much more in such an interesting manner. This drama gives a well-rounded perspective of the main character Sameer’s life & his personality which is definitely new. Zahid Ahmed once again stole the show with his phenomenal performance & perfect expressions. Sonya Hussyn, Sami Khan & Zarnish Khan have done a brilliant job as well. In the initial part, I found most of the dialogues dubbed, which immediately affected the feel of those scenes but then as the episode progressed, it settled. I felt that may be they wanted the dialogues to be louder that is why they resorted to the dubbing & the only thing I enjoyed was that the background score was toned down in those scenes. In the rest of the episodes the audio was fine & I also liked that they kept the background score to an absolute minimum in most of the scenes. I really hope they tone down the background score even more in the rest of the episodes because it gets a bit too much. This episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was phenomenal & I can not wait to find out more, I hope they show us the conversation that Gauhar & Akbar had probably 3 episodes back soon. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Great review Zahra!! IZN is surely intriguing in its own way and is the most underrated play of recent times. Hashim Nadeem is a gem. I wish someday he will turn his novel Abdullah into a drama because it is very different and a masterpiece. All the actors have done a great job.
    I wanted to say is it just me or dialogues with duniya’s name sound weird like meri duniya se mangani xD Mera duniya se rishta, Muje duniya se shikayat nahi. It is really weird to name someone ‘duniya’.

    • Yes, in terms of viewership it is underrated. Per mostly ppl like dramas like titlii ka per snd yaariyaan wohi ghasi phitti kahaniyan. IZN needs approach and avatar to understand minute of such outstanding story

    • Thank you so much PP. Hashim Nadeem surely never disappoints. I loved Visaal too & now Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a whole new level. I hope he keeps on giving us these amazing dramas.

      Yes, I am not too keen on this character name too. :)

  • Simply amazing and mind blowing story, it hooked me up today. I truly feel for sameer more than anyone. I wish he could have a person who can understand him and give him affection. Gauher and kashid scene was superb. I m loving every bit of it except jahangir jani and co. Moreover, though ost is good but it is little bit loud. By the way, zahid ahmed wah jee kya adaakaar hai yeh. A great review

    • Thank you so much. I am glad at least someone is with me when it comes to the OST, it is very loud & I feel they overuse it which really gets to me at times.

      I feel for Sameer too, hope Gauhar understands him after their marriage. Zahid Ahmed ne to sahi mai kamal kar diya. :)

  • Loved the episode & your review!
    It is always a pleasure reading your reviews!👍🏻
    Looking forward for your review of yeh dil mera!

  • Kaisa hai yeh mera dil? Is it watchable or not? Because meiney tou office wala scene dekh key decide kiya tha i won’t watch it

  • I love this drama , but one thing bothers me that , I guess that the writer is trying to prove that lady in the shrine was absolutely correct about their futures , it’s kinda look like a wrong message to public by proving her correct . 🙈

    • I agree, I find that concept bothersome as well. It sounded like Kashif wants Gauhar to get married to Sameer so that she can come back to him. :/

  • Very nice review! This drama is unique, interesting and has something else to offer. I applaud HUM for bringing different scripts recently such as this, Ehd e Wafa and now Yeh Dil Mera. I hope ARY and Geo also experiment instead of same ghisi phiti rona dhona stories.

    • Exactly, but kya kia ja skta hai, hmara awam ka huge hissa whi ghisi piti kahaniayan dekhna chahta hai, as per their level of perception. Ese dramas hr kisi ko smjh b nhi aate. Mature dramas like inkaar, khaas, izn, tau dil ka kya hua, many more. Or haan alif. So its just lack of maturity and education.

    • Thank you so much SM for appreciating the reviews. Yes, it is so nice to see the writers experimenting more now. Alif airs on Geo & it surely is a different drama as well. :)

  • This episode belonged to Soniya Hussain and Soniya Hussain and no one else….uffff….such an amazing actor with such varied expressions!

  • It was clarified by the other household help who was sameer’s mother and who Shakira was so I think that is a read herring…..the woman that Gohar met was the biological mother.

  • When Gauhar got pics of Sameer and his mom, she had another pic of Shakra as well, and Noora confirmed that it was Sameer’s mom and another pic was Shakra, so I am sure Shakra is dead, as Noora said Sabeeha got her killed
    And yes Zahid Ahmed stole the show, he was brilliant and I really hope Gauhar gives him unconditional love and support he needs, he now feels that even Gauhar doesn’t love him and I m very confused about Zoya when his inner self told him even she loved him for money

    • Yes, that is right but may be Shakira is alive? But even Akbar spoke about Sabeeha getting his ‘sister’ killed like she has done in the past, this entire aspect is mysterious & interesting. Zahid Ahmed is brilliant as Sameer. I think he is taking a chance & when Gauhar will find out the truth about his split personality, she will feel wronged & won’t be able to respect him the way she does or love him the way Sameer expects? I feel Gauhar will feel scared & threatened by Sameera. Sad situation for Sameer though.

      • Hope there is some twist there too, I mean when Gauhar will know what her brother did and she being brave in every situation, hope she understands Sameer and gives him the attention he needs

  • Hi Z! This was the most interesting episode so far. As zahid ahmad said in his latest interviewsm that last 10 episodes are gonna be roller-coaster ride. It seems like it has started. It is phenomenal drama with memorable performances, writing and directing. And uff that cliffhanger…. I mean had me hooked. Zahids expressions, when he was crying like a kid. Awesome. Zahra i recommend you, please watch his interview. And i am really sad that ydm is not being reviewed yet.
    Amazing review Z-mirza.

    P. S. You dont reply zahra, often.

    • Thank you so much Ali. I am definitely going to watch that interview of Zahid Ahmed, I am sure he is right about the last episodes, I mean we all can see that. It is so interesting that there’s still so much that the writer has in store for us.

      Don’t worry I will review Ye Dil Mera soon & yes, I do try to reply & will be regular from now on. :)

  • Thank you for the review. I last scene was really intense and Zahid acted so well. Even I am think that that maybe that lady is Shakira. The way Akhbar was talking about the return the family is getting sounded bit cold hearted for a Mamo but as Shakiras brother, it makes sense. I am really curious to know about Shakira and Sammer’s past.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani. Yes, if we picture Akbar being the brother, then it does make sense that she could be Shakira. I just wish they show us Gauhar & Akbar’s conversation soon. Zahid Ahmed was brilliant.

  • Zahra you have once again brilliantly penned down the entire drama and every minute detail of it, not missing anything that I focused on. Your reviews keep me waiting for the next one and I must say that you are a great critic .

  • Apart from the last scene which made me thoroughly inquisitive abt Sameer’s past, I found this ep of IZN a bit over-dramatic . Gauhar’s interaction with Kashif was important but the slow motion scenes and the repeated emphasis on facial expressions was plainly boring ( it actually reminder me of the Indian serials!). Although the script is very intriguing, but sometimes it becomes very unrealistic too. The meeting of Gauhar with Kashif can be said as a turn of fate but their meeting in the same restaurant again, Donia’s sudden call and the fixing of Gauhar’s engagement on the same day as Kashif nd Donia was a bit too dramatic for me.
    Other than that, I enjoyed the ep and ur review 😊
    Btw, I watched YDM and I must to all the viewers say I was impressed 👍 It was really very intriguing and mysterious 👌🏼

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. :) I do understand your concerns but Ishq Zahe Naseeb has always been this dramatic right from the beginning, but I do appreciate that the director has opted for such a feel & it has stayed this way right from the beginning till this stage of the drama. :) Accha, waisay I have not watched Ye Dil Mera but will watch it soon.

  • Hi Zahra, The episode was very interesting and you reviewed it beautifully. Gauhar’s tear hiding scene was a good catch by you. True, she wanted to be strong in front of him. I really liked their scenes in person as well as on cell phone talk. The next day propose scene was also a good catch by you that Sameer does not want to lose Gauhar though he suspects that she has a past. This also shows that love happens to everyone, even if you are multiple personality character, this feelings can develop into you and eventually this feeling will take over other feelings. Regarding the mystery, you try to untangled it intelligently , so let’s see how it comes out. Sameer looks quite confident in today’s episode. Sonya was great all through.

    • Thank you so much Aamer for your kind words & appreciation, it means a lot. :) Yes, Sameer wants Gauhar in his life because he has gotten used to her taking care of him but Sameer is missing the point that he is hiding such a big secret from Gauhar, which might push her away from him. It could also mean a heart-break for Sameer but let’s see. Gauhar has gotten used to putting up a brave face in front of everyone, that is why she dealt with Kashif the same way as well. Sonya Hussyn has done a wonderful job as Gauhar.

  • PERFECT REVIEW as usual. Story is getting more and more interesting with every episode and I’m literally loving it
    Waise kabhi Yumna ki b tareef kr diya karein. Achi larki hai. :D Even though she appears for a minute or two, she still leaves a great impact on audience with her phenomenal acting
    Aur the other day I was wondering k Zahra baji (Can I say that?) apny MOST FAVORITE drama Jo Tu Chahe ko review krna kitna miss kr rahi hongi.

    • Thank you so much Shorbaan, oh yes, you can call me Baji, it’s totally cool. :) Oh haan appne ye baat pehle bhi kahi thi ke Yumna ki tareef kar diya karoon, I think I find her scenes eerie, which obviously means she has portrayed Sameera’s character phenomenally, isi liye I unintentionally skip her performance through my mind aur phir review mai bhi mention karne ka dehan nahi rehta. I will do that from now on, oki? :)

      Haan jee, Jo Tu Chahay ki ye episode dekhte hi neend aa gai, I am kind of relieved ke ye drama review nahi karna parh raha. :) Same old family politics.

      • Thanks a ton for replying. main smjha k aap nay comment parha nhi on last episode so I thought dubara karun. I’ve been a huge fan of Yumna since Jugnoo (Thanks to your reviews that tempted me to watch that drama). Undoubtedly she is a remarkable actress. Her character in IZN is shady and I find it very much similar to a character in a novel Gardab by Iqbal Kazmi (And I will suggest you to read it if you are into books). A girl in that novel has this split personality issue and she develops two parallel personalities as a result of some events. Interestingly that girl is not aware that she has two other “sides” too. Gardab ki ending k mutabiq those other personalities leave that girl but their traits accumulate into her. Shayad Sameer ka b yehi scene ho. Sameera might leave him but he becomes a combined version of Sameer and Sameera.

        Aur Jo tu Chahe zaroor dekhein. Na shukra pun mat Karein k itna acha drama Roz Roz nhi aata 😂 Qaisera recently stated that it will give audience a very strong message like Saaya e Deewar b nahi did. (And it got me wondering k uss mein Kya message tha.siwae isky k aik Muslim larki ko Christian say shadi nhi krni chahye?) Ho skta iss mein b aisa STRONG message ho

  • Awesome review Zahra. Ur analysis on each n every character was just too good. Shakra’s character is still a mystery. Looking forward to more reviews.

    • Aw thank you so much Mythali. :) I am looking forward to the rest of the drama too, can’t wait to find out more. :) Hope to hear more from you in the future. :)

  • Well well well, what an episode that was!! I too think that Shakira is not the lady we saw in the old people’s home. She too may be alive – but I doubt it. I really hope that’s Sameer’s real mum as I would love him to find her and feel maternal love!!

    Excellent episode, everyones acting was outstanding but as usual Zahid Ahmed stole the show.

    Fantastic review Zahra, and uploaded so quickly – thank you.

    I too, am not happy about this 2 drama reviewing policy. There are some good dramas on at the moment, and limiting the number of reviews probably lowers the numbers using your site. I know that the powers that be make the policies, but I cant see any benefit on capping the number of dramas you can review. Woyld love ye dil mera to be reviewed.

    But honestly, jo tou chahey has been a real let down. Mashal is just taking becharapan to another level. I had to forward her scenes while yawning. Apa gee is wonderful but I wish she had instilled some of that fight into mashal. And on a separate note, omg how the perfect hair and make up for her character. Ridiculous.

    Back on topic, cant wait to watch the last 9 episodes of IZN – ready for the roller coaster ride!!!

    • Thank you so much Azi for appreciating the review & acknowledging the speed, hehe. :) Yes, I have been thinking about this mystery since last night & can’t wait for it to be revealed but props to the writer who has us all confused & thinking about it over & over again. :)

      I know you all love reading the reviews but this is the new policy, let’s hope it changes soon.

      Oh yes, I saw Jo Tu Chahay & was yawning most of the time. I am getting tired of Mashal’s rona dhona. To be honest, at this point I do side with Shama when she says that Mashal is a ‘fitna’, lol mean but true because Appa Jee immediately hold everyone accountable & her over protectiveness for Mashal is making everyone else feel that way for her. To be honest, when they took a break I thought they must’ve edited out the unnecessary scenes but I was disappointed because this episode was very slow & borderline boring. I am also getting tired of seeing the family politics, like I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the writer gave such heavy title to this basic & typical story? Wrong decision.

  • I am not getting your this point that the old lady we saw earlier is Shakira, how Shakira can be this old, I hope I am right that Shakira is the care taker of Zahid Ahmed, how can she be this old, I think that old lady is his real mother, considering the brutality of his step mother and the impact on Zahid’s character, she might have done suicide infront of him because of the badchalan word his mother had said to her. I love your story telling btw❤️

    • Yes, you have a point though. :) I can’t wait to find out who she actually is. The more I think about it, the more it becomes confusing but still clear on some points, which is so interesting because this is what the writer wanted us all to think. :) I can’t wait for the truth to be revealed soon. Thank you so much Shaista. :) <3

  • You are right zahra maybe shakira is his mother! She even sings maiye ne wali lori . Or um maybe nott. Any how ishq zahenaseeb has never lost my interest which is a rarity these days cuz post 20 episodes dramas get so dragged. Zahid is doing a phenomenal job. I also have an issue with the over use of the ost. And just one thing ke bar bar somehow gohar and kashif just keep meeting co coincidentally .kabhi aik dosre ki offices mai, kabhi road pai, kabhi mazar pai, kabhi restaurant mai, lol😂

  • What a Mind blowing episode it was. I like how the writer is revealing the story step by step and still manage to keep us hooked after every episode. Zahid Ahmad has done a brilliant job. I just loved the last scene. Thanks for such a beautiful review.

  • >