Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 23 Story Review – The New Chapter

Opening Thoughts – A Good Episode:

Ohkay so, I am glad that finally the story moved forward & yes, apart from a few scenes, the background music wasn’t loud either which made this episode easy to watch. After watching the previous episode & comparing it with this one, this episode for sure looked like a totally different work in terms of direction as well as editing & no I am not complaining. I really hope we’re past the flashbacks, fillers & unnecessary repetitive scenes & here’s to hoping that they are now starting to wrap this drama up. I did like whatever was shown in this episode because it was ‘new’ & we’re finally getting insight into Sameer’s life, especially in a setting where he is now sharing it with someone. I must add, all the stars that this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is getting is only because of the brilliant acting that Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn have displayed in this episode, it was definitely a treat to watch them!

The Secret Is Out:

Gauhar got to see Sameer as Sameera, she did realize that Sameer was a different person, this was the secret he was hiding all along & that this was the reason why no one was allowed to disturb him after he came back from office & went inside his room till morning. I would’ve definitely liked if they had elaborated Gauhar’s state of mind a little more but I have felt they have always treated her emotions as an afterthought. They have done this in the past when she got attacked with an acid, so this didn’t come as a surprise. Some elaboration was definitely needed because this was something that she must not have imagined in her wildest dreams & seeing her husband in such an avatar that too during their very first interaction as a husband & wife must’ve been petrifying but they skipped her reaction completely. Let’s just say, whatever was shown was not enough to look convincing but yes, Sonya Hussyn did act brilliantly in those limited scenes & she did her best in conveying Gauhar’s emotions as much as she could.

The best scene of this entire episode was the day after Sameer & Gauhar got married. Sameer knew his secret was out, the state that he found Gauhar in was enough to let him know that he had scared her. Sameer did realize that he must’ve looked like a monster to his wife, that is why he was ashamed, he was terrified & he felt miserable seeing Gauhar in such a state. It was brilliantly shown that Sameer was not oblivious & he was very much aware of what he has done. The cry for help was loud & clear, Sameer knew that it wasn’t the time for explanations or answering the questions, it was simply the right time to seek Gauhar’s help because deep down he has this faith in her that she can help him overcome his demons & bring him out of his misery. Sameer obviously didn’t want to leave such an impression on his wife but because he couldn’t help it, he was embarrassed to the point where he also shed a tear. That entire scene was brilliantly directed & both Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn yet again proved their caliber as actors – phenomenal work I must say!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 23 Story Review - The New Chapter

The rest of the episode basically covered the other tracks but yes, this time around even their scenes had a lot of meaning & importance which was good to see. Gauhar’s family found out about Sameer’s condition but yes, her father was right to judge that Saleem must’ve agreed to it by taking something in return. I am still not a fan of Gauhar’s mother, she asks why Gauhar has to pay the price all the time, well I guess she should be asking this question to herself. Jahangir & co. found out about Kashif & now he is going to use this linkup against Gauhar & Sameer. Donia is just being herself, she is behaving like a girl in love & is happy to be engaged to the guy she loves but unfortunately, Kashif’s got nothing to offer in return, which actually is sad. I used to feel for Kashif in the initial episodes but now I feel his character has become quite one-dimensional & there’s nothing interesting about him. He is missing a spark & he’s just another regular character that we come across in different dramas which leaves no impression or impact. Yes, he is engulfed in his misery but aur kuch? Nothing, so basically boring!

Sameer & Gauhar’s interaction was interesting when he came back & showed Gauhar the signs of Sameera yet again. Now the ball’s in Gauhar court & she has to come up with a solution to the problem that she, as Sameer’s wife is faced with. Gauhar had realized the moment she saw Sameer as Sameera that ‘this is the reality’ & she can not escape it. She did understand right at that moment that Sameer needs help & he is not ashamed of asking for it either. This was definitely a defining moment of their relationship because Gauhar saw that Sameer was actually helpless & he was admitting it. If Sameer had acted as a typical husband, failing to acknowledge that he has some issues, that would’ve made things a lot more difficult for Gauhar but just his submissiveness & acknowledgement was enough for her to believe that she can help her husband, which is beautiful! I am definitely interested to see how Gauhar will deal with Sameer henceforth & for this reason I really enjoyed the preview as well. Definitely looking forward to their equation & yes, I’d be glad if Gauhar & Sameer will stay together & find their happy ending because Sameer is not a monster, he is just someone who needs love, care, attention & a lot of unlearning to do in order to feel secure & let go of his complexes! If this is the new ending that the team is coming up with, then I am excited for it.

In this episode, another aspect was covered, though I definitely blame Sabeeha for mistreating Sameer & making sure he doesn’t come out of his guilt, like she had her ulterior motives but Shakira was twisted as well. Shakira was no way suitable to be around a child of Sameer’s age because she actually messed with his train of thought & taught him things no one should teach a child. I am definitely not giving Sabeeha a clean chit & yes, whatever she did was because of her own selfish reasons but I won’t blame her for parting Sameer & Shakira because that was actually the right thing to do & very much important for Sameer’s well-being. It also looks like the new angle has been added to Shakira’s story where she was subjected to some kind of mistreatment from Sameer’s father Ehsan, let’s see when will they reveal this detail.

Closing Thoughts – Exciting Precap:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was definitely better than the previous episode. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the acting of Zahid Ahmed as well as Sonya Hussyn & after a lot of weeks the preview of the next episode is making me look forward to it. I so want to see how Gauhar will take care of Sameer & how he will accept her help. Kashif for sure is a nice character but I totally feel Gauhar is better suited with Sameer, he knows how to take care of her, he has shown it in the past & now it is Gauhar’s turn to reciprocate the kindness with which Sameer has treated her all along. I’d be happy to see them both finding happiness & staying together, Kashif shouldn’t get a forced happy ending only because he & Gauhar were once in love. They are past that stage so I am hoping the writer will keep it that way. Yumna Zaidi’s scenes seemed new because her makeup & the overall vibe of her scenes was definitely different from the previous ones, but I am glad they are now giving us an insight into her personality & mentality too, she definitely seemed off so it is a good move that they have decided to elaborate it further, as that will allow the viewers to understand her character better. Yes, I am glad Sabeeha intervened & sent Shakira away because she was not an ideal person to be around a child so young. Also, definitely looking forward to the time when Sameer will get to meet his biological mother, I so hope the remaining episodes cover the actual story & the drama-makers are done with the flashbacks. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • In start of the episode i was like, kya ho rha h gohar react q nhi kr rhi whats happening? But last scenes ne mujhy thrilled kr dia. Mujhy sb se zyada psnd sameer ki sameera mn transformation aai….i mean amazing kamaal ka tha wo scenee. Mn ne esa kbhi nhi dekha kisi drama mn. Truly amazing.

    Review on point zahra….

    • Thank you so much Ali. Yes, wo scene waqay hi bohat acha tha jab Sameer Sameera banta hai, Zahid Ahmed ne outclass performance di hai Ishq Zahe Naseeb mai. :) Gauhar ka character halanke itna acha hai aur strong bhi hai but pata nahi director ne uske reactions ko sahi se tackle aur elaborate kyu nahi kiya.

    • And the proud smile on zahid’s face after that transformation while a tear still rolling down his cheeks…
      He nailed it.

  • Agree with u completely Zahra, this episode of IZN was far better than the previous one, although I am starting to grow tired of watching this drama. They should better end it soon(without dragging plz!!🙏). Gauhar and Sameer’s were really interesting, howeverin some scenes, I found Zahid’s acting a bit too exaggerated and ‘terrifying’. Especially when he finds the blue shawl, he rolls his eyes and looks in such a bewildered manner. U might think that he is possessed or something!!😂😂 I would have liked if more detail should have been given to Gauhar’s reaction. It was very important. Anyways, Shakra always brings a new twist to the story. I am compelled to wonder what had Ehsan don with Shakra? Had he been interested in her or had he been the cause of some harm to Shakra’s family?? This scene also made it clear that Shakra ‘enchanted’ Sameer to become her ‘saheli’ instead of being a man. But one thing I failed to understand why this dissociative disorder only works at night? Sameer is normal throughout the course of the day. Why does Shakra visit him during the night? I hope that the drama makers really answer these qs before the show ends…

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Oh yes, this is what I spoke about in one of my reviews too that it seems a little unrealistic that Sameer gets to become Sameera only at night, like if you have such disorders, you really can not control yourself or your personalities from becoming dominant any time of the day. May be Sameer has psychologically trained himself to just be Sameer when he is around people & be Sameera at night when he is alone because he treats this part of his personality & life as a ‘secret’ so he wants to protect himself from everyone. This is only explanation that suits this scenario but yes, they should actually do some sort of explaining & not just leave it to viewers imagination.

      I agree, they really should wrap this drama up now, they have dragged it quite a lot so now it’s about time they just show everything & end it decently. I dread they must be trying to touch the 30 episode mark. :| Yes, it does look like Shakira was abused by Ehsan, abb pata nahi ye sach jan’nay ke liye kitna wait karna parega? :/

  • Shakira k scenes new thay finally, bheria ka lfz kisi bri waja se istemal hua hai, or last scenee mn koi aya b thaa teh khane mn… Lets see. Sameer ki mental condition ko ache se dikha rhy hn. Mujhy ye b lga k jese sameer sameera se gohar ko protect kr rha ho k kahin samira use b maar na de. Gohar ka reaction zroor dikhanaa chaiye tha. Ost shukr h utna nhi use hua. Sameer k track k ilawa sb boring lga mjy.

    • Yes, Shakira ke scenes new the aur abb lagta hai Sameer ke father ki entry bhi hogi shayad because Shakira Ehsan ke baray mai baat kar rahi thi. Sameer knows what Sameera is capable of isi liye usay pata hai ke Gauhar usay tackle kar legi.

  • Perfect review. We seem to be on the same wavelength lol.My fav scene the morning after the wedding one too. This drama is certainly not the same run of the mill type in any way.If Zahid’s acting does not get him award this time then for sure award events are a hoax. Well soniya too is doing very well.
    Ps..I do wait for your review as much as I wait for the play☺️

    • Awards will be tough this year. It will be Bholaa VS Momin(Alif) VS Danish(MPTH) VS Sameer(IZN) VS Badar (Do Bol) VS Wajeeh (Cheekh)

      • But for hum awards it will only be bhola vs sameer. And its still gonna be a tough competition😅Both of them deserve it!

        • Same goes for best actress. Noori(RRK) vs Momina(Alif) vs Aina( Yeh Dil Mera) vs Mehwish(MPTH) and even Gauhar(IZN).
          For best actor Ahad Raza Mir should also be nominated for YDM and ehd e wafa

          • Idk why I forgot ehd e wafa and YDM 😂 Ahad for YDM is must, Adnan has main role in MPTH and YDM, he could also be nominate. Ahmed Ali akbar from Ehd e Wafa also is deserving

          • And doesn’t matter how lame Cheekh was, Saba Qamar is lux girl, she will be nominated and she has a hugeeeee fan following in Pakistan. I think she has the most chances.

    • Thank you so much Maliha for taking the time out to read the reviews. :) <3 Yes, that scene was brilliantly done. I am sure there are a lot of actors who deserve an award but it is pretty obvious that either Imran Ashraf or Humayun Saeed will bag the award. :|

  • I liked this episode. So some things are clear now. Sameer turns to be Sameera to get close Shakira and be her friend. I think Ehsan must have abused Shakira which might have cause her psychological damag. But Sabeeha also responsible since she should have monitored Shakira, rather than leave a small kid with her.
    Also, I think Ehsan must have continued with the same condition of not meeting family Sabeeha too that is why she had an idea of the deal between Sameer and Gohar’s family.
    In my opinion Sameer did wrong but getting married since he knew something in wrong with him.
    Sameer might die, since this is what was predicted palmist and the baba.
    Zahid Ahmed is acts so well as Sameera, he actually copies expression of Yumna.

    • Actually Zahid Ahmed not copied Yumna’s expressions.. He completed his shoot fr Sameera 1st then Yumna Zaidi started shooting fr Shakra.. He said in one of his IV.. And it was really a challenge fr both Zahid and Yumna to match the expressions but they r brilliant so they both did it

      • I was not aware of that. But Yumna is phenomenal actress and she proved again. Indeed was a challenging assignment for both of them

    • Yes, Shakira must’ve faced physical & mental abuse at the hands of Ehsan that is why she decided to do that to Sameer, but not sure how was she allowed near Ehsan’s child when he himself knew what he must’ve done? Akbar did tell that Ehsan didn’t want Surraya Begum, his first wife to meet her family so it’s believable that he must’ve subjected Sabeeha with the same condition as well.

    • Thank you so much Hira for taking the time out to read the reviews, it means a lot. Thank you once again. <3 :)

  • Amazing review Zahra. I totally enjoyed this episode. Secrets are being revealed slowly. Maybe Ehsan was twisted as well. An important aspect has been covered in this episode is that they way a child is brought up has a lot to say about the way he reacts when he grows up. I mean upbringing has a strong impact on a child. Ehsan might have a strong role to effect sabeeha as well. Maybe she was also not treated nice3, hence she was rude towards Sameer. But after his death, she must have developed a soft corner for Sameer.
    Looking forward for next episode.

    • Thank you so much A for your kind words of appreciation. :) Yes, it seems like each one of them left an impact on each other & that ended up taking a toll on their mental health, but unfortunately, Sameer was the innocent one in this entire situation & he ended up paying a huge price for it. I felt for him a lot when he said he wanted help. Sabeeha does feel guilty though, let’s hope she comes to terms with Sameer’s new life & allows him to become normal once again. Just like you said, there are a lot of possibilities, can’t wait to find out more. :)

  • Hi Zahra, it was definitely a nice episode and your reviewed it beautifully. Liked the state of mind Sameer after first night, guilt of down playing husband’s part and afraid for the secret revelation and then insecurity for his second personality, which is beautifully shown through blue Dupatta. You said right about Gauhar that she reacts a little late for such situations though here she should have shown sudden reaction. But anyways, i like Gauhar’s part to take all the surprises silently and not over reacting. I think this is the best role for Sonya jahan so far. Yes, i too liked to see how Gauhar would treat Sameer/a with love & care. She knows more now about his original mother, so definitely it will be help for her to deal this dual personality case and finally it will make Sameer win over Sameera. Regarding Kashif track, you are right, i was expecting him to bring out Donia from her past in more detailed like Gauhar doing for Sameer and showing in falshbacks his memories with Gauhar, that would have more impact. But definitely i don’t want to see both of them together, just for happy ending. I don’t blame Shakira for current situation of Sameer, because Shakira was there with him in his childhood when Sabeeha discredited him as step son. But due to unfortunate circumstances like Sameer’s father interest in Shakira, made Shakira to speak out loudly about the world especially surrounding is always with full of bad people. And when the secret of Sameer’s father with Shakira understood by Sabeeha, as she cannot give the original reason for her termination, so gave a reason of child molestation, which Sameer as child & until now knows, was a wrong reason.

  • The serial is flounerig. And shakira is boring.. To তে point of being a nuisance. This girl is so flat that one wonders why no other talents actor wa taken. Zahid Ahmed and Sonya are absolutely brilliant.. In looks, in get – ups they are better suited
    Jehangir should be done away with. No nee to have his ugly mug around

  • An excellent episode, in comparison to the last 2 I feel. Would have preferred to see more emphasis put on Guhar and her emotions / thought process, having found the truth out!!

    Fantastic, apt review as always Zahra.

    I think I missed a detail, how do the viewers know that Ehsaan Saab has a connection to Shakira? Is that an assumption, or was something said ?

    Mpth used a track today with no lyrics, through a few scenes showing how the lives of the characters had changed. IZN should learn a lesson from this, it was very impactful – rather than repetition of OST.

  • I think Shakira visits Sameer only at night because as a child he was locked up in the kothri with Shakira when he was scared of the dark. Sameera protects Sameer from the darkness. It is this time when Shakira visits him, however twisted had Shakira been, she had been his only friend during the childhood days. Goher is using the right tactic with Sameera. To befriend Sameer one has to first befriend Sameera who is Shakira’s friend. Shakira tells Sameer that only one woman in his life truly loves him and that is she and hence that’s the reason Sameer becomes Sameera to get that acceptance that love. Sameer is still the small child who is looking up to people for validation and acceptance. Goher has has to play a lover, a friend and at times a mother too.