Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 Story Review – Engaging Episode

Opening Thoughts – A Lot of Developments:

Ohkay so, a lot happened in this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. I am glad that there was a lot of development in almost all the tracks because I absolutely feel it’s high time they should wrap this drama up. Once again, this episode ended on a cliffhanger but then it is pretty obvious what it is going to be. At this point, I feel a lot of time has been invested in this drama, therefore I am just keen to find the answers. I really hope in the ending episodes, they actually take the time to clear everything up because they have been leaving a lot to the viewer’s imagination for the most part, which is definitely good but I hope they don’t leave any loose ends when this drama ends!

Kashif Should Be Honest:

For the first time, I felt Kashif should be honest & truthful to Donia. Although he was never into her but he got engaged to her after thinking things through, yes he made a sacrifice so now, the least he can do is just respect it & also respect the fact that she is putting in so much effort into this relationship. Gauhar is married so Kashif needs to move on too. The first thing Kashif needs to do is tell Donia everything honestly so that she knows what she is dealing with & how she can take care of Kashif’s emotional state. He was fine with the idea of being engaged to her but ever since he has come across Gauhar, he is stuck on her which is fine but it is totally unfair to his fiancée. Donia deserves Kashif’s attention, honesty & truthfulness because he himself signed up for it so to see him depriving her of it is not cool.

Gauhar’s Approach Towards Sameer:

There are definitely flaws in the direction of this drama & how certain things are carried out, which definitely makes you question why such details were not taken care of. We all got to see how Gauhar actually had to make an effort, seek permission, inform Noorah & let Sabeeha know that she was going to see her family. She had to ask Sameer twice, which was fine that she is now being cautious & doing everything according to Sameer’s liking & limitations set by him. This made me wonder how did she go to see Akbar in the last episode out of nowhere? What was the excuse that she used? Sameer is definitely being very particular about Gauhar, so it just didn’t really seem convincing that she went to see Akbar, that too to police station without informing Sameer, like how did she go out of the house?

So, Gauhar met her family & she got the chance to set the record straight. She is never turning back. I am glad her family is done with because their scenes were fillers anyways & didn’t have much to offer. Jahangir’s scene however was an important development which came as a shock to Kashif. Jahangir is problematic & that is why Donia immediately figured that something was absolutely wrong about the entire scenario that she got to witness. Kashif should at least take Donia on board because she obviously has a soft corner for Gauhar. Donia also has high regard for Sameer so she would definitely understand & would help Kashif get his message across to Gauhar. Kashif trying to deal with this on his own is basically going to create a lot more problems for Gauhar & it is unfortunate that he is underestimating the gravity of the situation!

One of the highlights of this episode was Sameera’s confession to Gauhar about Sameer & his complexes. Sameer has always relied on Sameera to channel out his inner feelings, his secrets, his fears & complexes, therefore he once again relied on her to let Gauhar know that he was afraid of heartbreak. He was raising his guards & he didn’t want to be fooled. Gauhar is getting to learn more & more about him, which I feel is actually turning out to be a teamwork which is so important for a healthy relationship. Sameer is letting Gauhar know everything about him gradually & Gauahar is picking up on all the details which are helping her understand Sameer better. In a complicated relationship like this which demands a lot of emotional heavy-lifting from Gauhar, it is nice that Sameer is being a total help to her instead of making things difficult & complex for her. Sameer knew he had to show his vulnerable side to Gauhar when he contemplated getting married to her, so it is nice that he is being easy on himself & relying on Gauhar for the help he needs. I like seeing how Sameer has this faith in Gauhar that she will not only understand him but help him deal with his issues too. Good to see a relationship of this kind on-screen.

So, Shakira has turned out to be his mother & she is definitely the woman on the wheelchair in old age home. This was something that was hinted clearly by the end of 20th episode & now they have made it clear. Sameer doesn’t know about it but in his subconscious, he has always seen her as a figure of comfort, solace & love, which the figure of mother is all about. Sameer is bitter about the word ‘mother’ but he has developed those feelings for Shakira without even knowing about the bond that they both share. In one of the Sameera’s scenes, it was suggested that in his imagination he sees her as his mother that is why he is so emotional about her, which was sweet!

I really hope they don’t play with the feelings of the viewers anymore because the picture that Gauhar showed to the lady while talking about her & her son Sameer was of someone else & not Shakira. Is it that Akbar has not told Gauhar the reality that his sister who happens to be Sameer’s mother is not actually Ehsan’s wife but the maid Shakira that was raped by him? So, Shakira spent years away from Sameer & when she came back, she took her revenge by killing Ehsan. To be honest, when I saw Ehsan, I thought he was a misfit, they should’ve picked up a man with some strong personality, someone who’d have been intimidating to the point of being scary because the Ehsan that we saw had no personality whatsoever. In fact his bodyguard Rajab Ali had more personality than him. I would have liked if they had picked someone having more or less a similar personality like that of Sameer’s/Zahid Ahmed’s because it would’ve left more impact. He may be a side character but he definitely was an important one considering he played such a huge part in ruining Shakira’s life & that they were saving such an important secret till the ending episodes.

Shakira & Sabeeha:

The scene where Shakira was playing with a toy & seeing it as her child was so heart-breaking & brilliantly acted by Yumna Zaidi. In that scene she explained everything that Shakira went through; a rape victim who had a child, whom she loved dearly but had to lose him. The last scene might confuse some of the viewers where Shakira was seen telling Sabeeha that she avenged herself by killing Ehsan, where after doing so she crossed paths with Sabeeha. It means Ehsan was very much alive when Shakira came back to take care of Sameer & she killed him when she got the chance. How come Ehsan was unaware of the fact that Shakira was back OR was it that Sabeeha appointed Shakira after Ehsan passed away to take care of Sameer? I feel this somehow clarifies Sabeeha’s position a bit too, that may be she picked up on the fact that Shakira who was taking care of her step-son had psychological issues, that is why she accused her of alleged child molestation to save Sameer & get rid of Shakira. Sabeeha’s decision & her planning must’ve been wrong but I feel her intent was to save Sameer. Yes, she had an ulterior motive because Sameer inherited everything that his father had but still, she wanted to save Sameer from Shakira because they have shown it quite a lot of times where Sabeeha was keeping tabs on Shakira & closely monitoring everything that she would say to Sameer.

Closing Thoughts – Good Episode:

I am glad this episode had a lot of developments. I really enjoyed Sameera & Gauhar’s scene the most. All the actors have done a great job & I really hope they continue to reveal the story in the upcoming episodes without any hiccups because it’s about time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: Totally unhappy with the change in Hum TV’s schedule – 4 commercial breaks while watching a drama makes it very very difficult to stay engaged. They are literally killing the charm & breaking the momentum which is needed to watch an episode. I really hope they go back to the old ways of 2 commercial breaks because it was enough. This is a bit too much!

Zahra Mirza

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  • Great review as always Zahra!! Although a lot happened in this epi but the editing and the commercials made it difficult for me to sit through. I am so glad u pointed that out. I was also wondering why was the woman in photo not Shakira bcz I think back in the episode where Gohar saw the photos, it was Shakira in it. I hope they soon wrap it up. I am so looking forward to u reviewing Ye Dil Mera.
    PS: Do u know Feroz Khan and Iqra Aziz (Honestly Iqra Aziz??😒) are the leads in Khuda aur Mohabbat. I am so disappointed.

    • Thank you so much P for appreciating the review. I think Gauhar saw 2 photos one of them with Shakira was deliberately shown to the viewers & other one was not. Noorah tells Gauhar about the 2nd photo that it is Surraya Begum, Sameer’s mother. I really hope they just stop confusing the viewers because it is getting a little tiresome.

      I so agree, the commercial breaks & confusions in the episode make it difficult to tune to Ishq Zahe Naseeb. I think I will now wait for the upload & watch it in 1 go but that would mean waiting another hour for it. :|

      Yes, I saw the news. To be honest, I am not too sure what to feel but I do know that both Iqra & Feroze are very good actors. They might prove themselves yet again. I hope Imran Abbas lets his fans know why he is not a part of KAM3 because I remember he did post about it & also replied to one of the questions on Insta stories that KAM3 will go on air. Apart from that I really hope we get a NEW story now. Have seen the original one twice already. Something new would be amazing.

      • You are always welcome 🙂
        Yeah they really need to clear these confusions now!!
        Feroz is good but I liked iqra only in RRK. She always goes OTT in other dramas. But I hope she proves herself here the way Kubra has done in Alif. About story, Hashim Nadeem has confirmed it is going to be a new one. And sadly about a month ago Imran said that ‘Kuch cheezain jesi hon unko wesa hi chor dena chahiye. KAM one was phenomenal aur usk jesa koi nai ban sakta. I think k mje season 2 bhi nai karna chahiye tha’ 😔

        • And I really don’t trust 7th sky. They have ability to draaaag dramas for nothing. Even Sarwat Nazeer’s script (DKS) has become a snooze fest.

          • I think ye beemari to abb sab hi production houses ko hai. Look at Balaa, Cheekh, even ye gul Ishq Zahe Naseeb!!!

            I am following Dar Khuda Se, I swear it is so slow & boring!

        • Thank you so much PP. Yes, about time now because I am losing interest in Ishq Zahe Naseeb. It is a task to sit through its episodes now.

          Yes, I do agree about Iqra though but I hope she underplays it & gives it the kind of treatment this character would deserve.

          Accha, I had no idea that Imran Abbas had said that. Season 2 was good till the point Hammad was in Pakistan, after he went to USA, it was heavily flawed with super bad direction & illogical scenarios. I hope KAM3 surprises the fans of the series.

  • You guys will not believe me Hum is paying shitty Zahra. Every Review of a Hum TV drama is positive. If someone wants to overreact or ban me, you’re most welcome. Hi, fucking Pakistani Pro aka BF of two shitty reviewit rewiers.

    • I usually delete the comments containing profanity but will definitely leave this one just to show the kind of people & mentality I as a reviewer have to deal with. 👌

      Before opening your foul mouth, you should have gone & checked last week’s review.

      I am leaving this comment as it is. Amazing how your language does not go with your name “Muhammad Ahmad”, tsk tsk tsk! 👎👎👎

      • I like your and fatima’s reviews and yes well said this type of mentality exists.muhammad ahmad if u think that hum tv paid them for positive reviews so what dont read reviews simple

        • Thank you Guest for taking the time out to read the reviews. 😊

          No, not even a single channel has ever paid Reviewit. What we say is totally based on honesty & what we feel while watching a drama. This is the reason when we write positive reviews, they get shared & when we don’t, no one from the drama team shares it on their social media. 🌞

          • Great effort from u guys. I love to read reviews and discussions in comment sections but never comment . Today that bad language force me to do a comment.

      • I found this episode very confusing. If Shakira is his mother why did she screw him up so badly mentally? She seems sick in the head and maybe that’s where his mental illness comes from. Ghaura showing a pic of another woman was extremely confusing! And yes Kashif needs to admit everything to his fiancee just as she did abt her marriage. That is silly to me. Why play games, be honest. Excellent acting by the main actor Sameer. Difficult acting to do without making light of the issue. Duel personalities exist due to some sort of childhood trauma and he’s shown this brilliantly.

        • Thank you Sads. Yes, Zahid Ahmed has a grip on this character & he has nailed it. Totally in his element & without making Sameera look creepy, he has actually made her look very real & believable so kudos to him!

          Yes, this is the concern that I had & raised the point about Shakira messing up with her son’s mentality but a lot of commenters stated their point of view which was like we can not expect her to behave normally because she herself was a victim who had gone through so much. I think that’s totally fine & we can give her a clean chit but in this regard, we should also give Sabeeha a clean chit because she must’ve accused Shakira of child molestation to save Sameer from her. I think Sabeeha did the right thing then. Let’s hope we get the answers soon!

      • The above guy should have read last week’s review in which you had to recieve lots of criticism and had to listen to so much against you.. i so want him to be blocked from here.. this language spoils everything… Allah pak hidayat den logo ko..
        I am in love with your and fatimas reviews alot and has been following u guys since 8 years…
        Coming to drama…!!
        Acting was good over all and so is the episode but too much confusions going on… i hope they start wrapping it now.. i am not liking gauhers cousin, forgetting his name right now. He is very annoying and the way he talks ufff samjh nhi ata sunney walay bardasht keisey kertey hen.. and yea kashif shud tell zarnish everything , he shud not be afraid of hiding all this bcoz it will just create more issues and to the girl he is abt to get married had been in this kind of scenario so can understand kashif’s situation and help her too..

        • Thank you so much Saiqa, for reading & appreciating the reviews & most importantly, for your kindness. I am so glad you spoke about last week’s review, app ne khud hi dekha tha wahan kya hua tha, aur aj ye! Oh well.

          Yes, it is actually getting very burdensome to sit through Ishq Zahe Naseeb now where we have to do all the thinking & the drama-makers are just busy playing riddles. Jahangir’s character surely is annoying which shows how amazing Khalid Malik is as an actor. :D

      • Just an attention seeker. Or a mentally Immature and retard person.

        We support you zahra. This was a sample of our large Immature, judgemental and sick minded society. We as a nation are suffering from this. Ese log nhi sudhr skte. Mjy heraani is baat ki h k hum sb family ki trah hn or sb discussion krte yahan, reviewers ka reply krna doesn’t make anyone their bf… I mean check out his level of thinking 😂.

        • Hahaha haan jee, jaisi soch waisi zuban – giri hui aur chotiiiii munni si…probably Shakira ki doll se bhi chotiiii soch. ;)

          Thank you so much Ali. Waqay hi, drama to drama ki hadh tak discuss karna chahiye, agreement disagreement chalta rehta hai but yahan logon ko personal hone ki beemari si hai. Last week drama ki burai ki to sab ke liye biased ho gai, aj jo acha laga us pe baat ki to paid reviewer ho gai, bhai wah!

          • Shakira ki doll ki ungli se b choti……

            Pta nhi personal attack q krte hn log, kisi haal mn khush nhi or moonh pe koi lgaam hi nhi haath mn mobile ka mtlb nhi k sari ghlazat ugl do….. Keyboard warriors.

          • Lol @ Doll ki ungli se bhi choti. Chalain nakhun jitni kar lete hain? Sahi rahayga na? ;)

            Zuban to bhai kamal hai, dil baagh baagh ho gaya parh ke.

    • This was so below the belt. Your parents have clearly not done a good job here. And maybe you should learn a thing or two about difference of opinion and clearly you need to learn some manners.

  • Hi!!
    Thanks for this review as it clarified a lot of the misconceptions I had! Secondly, I used to think that shakira was sameer’s mom but then why did she tell him, ” Shadi tum mujh se karo ge” in episode 26’s promo! like that part just confused me so much and made me rethink whether shakira was actually his mom or not!! What do you think ?

    • Hi Khan. Thank you so much for reading the review. Yes, instead of clarifying the confusions, they are creating more but this thing is for sure that Shakira is Sameer’s mother. Now the mystry about the wheelchair ridden lady remains whether she is Shakira or not because Gauhar showed her the picture of a different woman. Let’s see.

    • Ye concern mujhe bhi tha aur isi baat pe last episode ke review mai kafi behas bhi hui thi. Some of the viewers feel Shakira should be given clean chit because she herself was a victim who had gone through a lot & suffered physical & mental trauma, therefore we can not/should not expect her to behave like a normal mother!?!

      After that discussion, I don’t have anything against Shakira, I feel its understandable that she messed up with her son’s brains because she herself was not normal but then I feel this way we’ll have to give a clean chit to Sabeeha too who got rid of Shakira to save Sameer from the mental torment she was casting on him. I think Sabeeha then did the right thing by accusing Shakira & parting her from Sameer.

  • May be ehsan had a son from Suraiya begum, and a son from shakira too. And may be shakira killed the child instead of ehsaan. May be the lady on wheel chair is the wife of ehsaan too. Too much confusion. Sabeeha made her way to ehsaans life from his office. When she got married surraiya begum wasn’t in the home. Or may be shakira murdered ehsaan and after that she came again as maid to keep an eye on her son…… Ufff now its irritating. We are tired. Exhausted….

    • I knowww, too much confusion but I think it is a done deal that Shakira is Sameer’s mother & had him after she was raped by Ehsan.

      All this while there has been no image, no mention of Ehsan’s first wife – just a few dialogues about his mother, BUT the writer has invested a lot of time in Shakira’s character so I don’t think he will take the limelight away from her by not showing her as a mother in the end. This thing is crystal clear that Shakira is Sameer’s mother.

      The only mystery left to be solved is about the wheelchair ridden lady. I am sure she is Shakira but let’s see. I so agree Ali, exhausted is the word! :)

  • i think Shakira is not Sameer’s mother. She had her face covered when she crossed Sabeeha’s paths after killing Ehsan. So she came back as maid and Sabeeha hired her unknowingly and Shakira completed her revenge by twisting Sameer’s brain and personality. But then what happened to the baby who was the result of rape..too much confusion

    • Yes, I guess we should now wait for the remaining episodes. It won’t be a lie if I say that my head hurts now thinking about it. The poor editing also doesn’t help otherwise I would’ve gone back to watch the important episodes & see if they have given any clues. :)

      • That baby might have been killed by ehsan or given away to someone, that’s why shakira took revenge from sameer by changing her mind and personality, by the way I’m silent reader making comment for the first time, I always read your reviews after watching dramas.

      • Really enjoy your reviews. I used to enjoy the drama but it is really dragging now. Regarding Shakira, she said two three episodes back something to the effect of if my son hadn’t gone to pariyon ki duniya he would have been like you. So, either the son has been killed or given away by Ehsan. Also Gauhar identified the lady based on the photo of a different woman, so she would be Surayia begum, not Shakira. Lets see how it enfolds.

  • If the wheel chair ridden lady is shown as Shakira then its a big mistake by the makers. Because I clearly remember that Gauhar recognizes Sameers mom after she has seen Surraiya Begums picture at home. Thats how she was introduced to Gauhar in the hospital. And by that time Gauhar has had that conversation with Noorah that there are 2 ladies – one mother Surraiya and the other maid Shakira. If it is Shakira then Gauhar would not have identified her as Surraiya.

    • You must be right. I think it’s about time that the drama makers start revealing the secrets that they have been keeping. It is becoming tiresome.

  • Why didn’t shakira take her baby when she killed her rapist? Confusing drama, jumping all over the place now. At first it was so good now just want to know the ending. Hope the makers don’t disappoint and do quick 5 min finish.
    Thank you for reviewing all the dramas. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Xx

    • Thank you so much G for your kind words. Yes, the story definitely is all over the place & they better start wrapping it up. It is too much work tuning to this drama now.

  • i’m not surprised that Hum TV have come up with 4 commercial breaks, it’s exactly something they would do, i’m glad that i don’t watch the channel any more

  • Thanks for your review! Pretty decent episode and nice review. I think the person above should refrain from foul language. Not very nice at all.
    There’s a lot of reviews I may not like here or other sites but no excuse to go around cursing.

  • Ok, now I’ve gotten very confused as the drama has carried on, I remember in the beginning they mentioned “Surayya Begum” as his real mother, and Shakira as just a slave/maid, now they’re somewhat claiming Shakira is the mother? And the fact Shakira once told Sameer she also had a “shahzadah” (probably referring to her son) and how he was taken away by “pariyaan” or angels. So I really don’t understand whose her son and who’s not 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve honestly started to think that the author/writer of this drama was forced to change the story.