Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 27 Story Review – Powerful Episode

Ohkay so, it was the most powerful & iconic episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. This episode worked for me because there was absolutely no focus on Shakira’s half-baked story & there was a lot of progress in Sameer & Gauhar’s track. This episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb had some of the most unforgettable moments as well as phenomenal acting done by both Sonya Hussyn & Zahid Ahmed. The main thing I noticed was the misleading promo that was shown last week because none of those scenes were a part of this episode, which goes to show that even the drama makers acknowledge the fact that people have lost interest in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, so in order to give them reasons to tune to it again, they had to show one of the most important scenes which was not even a part of this episode. Anyhow, it seemed as if after a long long time, the main leads got the screen time they deserved & it was enough to keep me engaged.

Gauhar Took Charge of The Situation

Gauhar has started tackling Sameer the way she deems right. She knows she has to allow him to channel out all that he has been keeping inside, in order to get better & what’s rewarding was that it worked. Gauhar pushed the wrong buttons for Sameer to word his feelings. Sameer has been a lonely child, he has barely any such relations in his life which he has a good memory of, or that he can cherish. This is the reason why against all odds & strong opposition of his mother, Sameer brought Gauhar in his life because he wanted one such relationship that he could call his own. Sameer also saw Gauhar as a person who’d be able to help him & she has proved him right.

It was absolutely amazing seeing Gauhar being so selflessly involved in Sameer, to the point that she does not even care what might be the consequences. Gauhar also has been opposed by Sabeeha but her focus is Sameer’s well being. Gauhar’s selflessness also denotes her selfless love for her husband. She has finally fallen in love with Sameer to the point that she accepts him for who he is & wants him to get better. Another interesting aspect was Gauhar’s contact with the Doctor, it is like she is taking everything in consideration while she deals with Sameer. It is definitely worth mentioning that they have also shown the importance of a doctor and medical assistance needed in this case, which is one of the strongest points. I would’ve liked if they had also shown Sameer going to the doctor himself & finding out how he can get better. I think it might happen in the future because for the first time Sameer shared what was in his heart & he also acknowledged the fact that his traumatic childhood experiences shaped his personality in a manner that he is not proud of. Before this conversation, Sameer always saw himself as a normal person who did not have any issues but slowly & steadily he is growing comfortable with the idea of acknowledging his problems & is now also looking for solutions.

Another important revelation was Sameer admitting that Sameera killed Zoya. I am not sure how they are going to justify it. Yes, there have been some conversations about how damaging multi personality disorder can be for the one who is suffering from it but I hope they just do not brush it under the carpet & show Sameer doing something which gives Zoya’s family some kind of emotional or moral compensation. Gauhar has also put this secret of Sameer’s past aside because she wants to see a better version of him, someone who is not going to harm himself.

The most powerful scene of this episode was Gauhar transforming herself into Shakira & appearing in front of Sameer. At that moment when Sameer is sleep-talking, as if he is giving words to his nightmares was when Zahid Ahmed’s flawless acting made me emotional. He was so realistic, where he seemed disturbed, scared & yet someone so innocent who was tired of being chased by the demons of his past. The moment when Gauhar finally realized that she actually succeeded in giving comfort to Sameer & the fact that he also saw her as a comforting figure was so rewarding & beautiful. This entire scene was absolutely brilliant because it showed that Gauhar was finally in control of the situation & that she was actually helping Sameer the way he deserves to be helped.

Donia’s outburst was also very convincing. She has hated disloyalty & this was the last thing she expected from Kashif, someone she was ready to trust. To be very honest, I did feel for Donia but I find Kashif’s character absolutely boring & one-dimensional. He is coming across as a halaat ka mara bechara who at first could not get married to Gauhar because of his family burdens & now he can not commit himself fully to his fiancee Donia because he is still holding onto his feelings for Gauhar who actually is married to someone else. That scene was nicely acted out by both Zarnish Khan & Sami Khan but I do not find their track least bit of interesting, therefore I couldn’t bring myself to feel invested in Donia’s heartbreak & Kashif’s unexplained explanations!

Zahid Ahmed Stole The Show

This episode for sure belonged to Zahid Ahmed as well as Sonya Hussyn. I am so glad this episode worked for me & I as a viewer got a break from Shakira/Sameera’s track because it was getting burdensome watching half-baked story of hers. I guess my happiness would be short lived because she will appear in the next episode once again. It is definitely going to be interesting seeing Sameer & Sameera’s battle where he wants to move on in his life but Sameera is going to hold him back. I think it is definitely high time that they should end Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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