Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 20 Story Review – Character Development

There was a certain degree of character development in this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho as well. Tonight’s episode belonged to the director Nadeem Baig who captured every emotion with utmost precision. He has really intelligently made the most of the talented cast. Most of the times the expressions of these actors say more than their dialogues do. The writer it seems is going to keep the viewers guessing right till the end. Every character shows a different side of the picture which basically confuses the viewers even more. Some of the changes tonight were difficult to relate to but for the most part yet again team Mere Pass Tum Ho gave the viewers yet another intriguing episode. There has still not been any mention of Mehwish’s family which perhaps is a surprise which the writer wants to reveal in the end. The fact that Mehwish has nowhere to go suggests that she doesn’t have the option of going back to her parents, we can only wonder why at this point!

The Change In Mehwish

Until last week, Mehwish clearly came across as a manipulative person who thought she deserved to be forgiven. In this episode however, there were certain scenes which clearly suggested that she was indeed a changed person. Although the attempted suicide seemed more like a cry for help/attention and perhaps a little more manipulation but her conversation with Maham showed a different side of her. Unlike before Mehwish owned her mistakes because she said that she deserved the slap. Not only this she thanked Maham for giving her this much needed reality check. This was perhaps the first time that the viewers heard what Mehwish actually felt about this entire development. Mehwish wasn’t even eager to get that cheque from Maham, which was quite unlike her. Wealth always fascinated Mehwish but now even such a big amount did not excite her at all. Even though Maham came to ‘make up’ for the embarrassment she caused Mehwish but few of her dialogues gave Mehwish more reality checks. She basically told Mehwish that Shehwar used her and she sold herself too cheap! Maham’s dialogues also suggested that Shehwar was out of jail and she was not going to leave him.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 20 Story Review - Character Development

Since the business and everything else belongs to Maham, I couldn’t help but wonder why she needed pocket money from her husband. Savera Nadeem’s last performance in this episode was powerful. Everything about her performance was perfect from the way she looked to her cold expressions. Ayeza Khan has also transformed her looks to suit the situation she is in. The scenes at the hospital suggested that Mehwish missed Danish’s love and attention. She obviously wants Danish to love her the same. It is interesting how she remembers the way Danish looked out for her when she talks about her past and not once has she thought or talked about how much she loved him. This aspect of Mehwish’s characters makes her comes across as someone who would expect her man to shower her with love but would she do the same in return? The writer has shown different sides of Mehwish’s personality because he perhaps did not want her to come across as a bechari after all!

Danish, Mehwish and Hania

The mental turmoil Danish is going through was represented brilliantly. Some of his dialogues were exceptional. Danish’s first scene in this episode clearly showed that he still had a soft spot for Mehwish but Mehwish had lost her value in his life. The damage Mehwish had done was irreversible in his eyes. Although last week he said that he had forgiven Mehwish when Salman talked to him in the office but clearly he cannot forgive Mehwish. Danish still remembers and lives the hurt Mehwish caused therefore he cannot just forgive her move on. Humayun Saeed’s outstanding performance throughout has made Danish’s character easier to relate to and feel for. Did Mehwish attempt suicide so that Danish would come see her? It seems like Mehwish knows only too well that if and when Danish meets her, he will automatically forgive and forget everything she did. Danish too is doing everything in his power to avoid meeting or seeing Mehwish. In this way, the writer is keeping the viewers on the edge – making us wonder what is going to happen when they meet eventually.

Danish’s visit to Hania’s house and everything he said came right after Mehwish left that note on Danish’s car. Ayesha read that note but the viewers were not shown how Danish reacted when he read the note. The conversation at Hania’s place showed how honest and confused Danish was. The highlight of this entire development however was what Hania said when Danish was leaving. This was the first time that Hania confessed in front of Danish that she had feelings for him. Hania’s sister kept on reminding her that she was constantly talking about Rumi and Danish. Danish did think about what Hania said to him but it doesn’t seem like he feels that way about her. Hania’s dialogue about what Danish was looking for in a woman right now were brilliant! When Danish recalled Hania’s dialogues at that time he also thought about the time when he picked Mehwish from the airport – this scene was so meaningful and showed that Hania was right.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 20 Story Review - Character Development

Other Characters

Rumi wants his father to forgive his mother and he wanted to spend more time with her too. I liked this latest development because it made perfect sense. Before, when Rumi did not even want to meet his mother, he was scared of being rejected once again. Now he can see that Mehwish is back for good and she needs him therefore he is not only willing to be with her but also pleads her case in front of his father. The change in Ayesha’s attitude was another realistic and interesting development. Salman and Ayesha are great friends, sometimes a little too good to be true but they are nevertheless interesting addition to the show.

Final Remarks

The preview of the next episode was brilliantly put together. On the one hand everyone was pressurizing Danish to forgive Mehwish and on the other hand Rumi proposed Hania on his father’s behalf! Right now the biggest question is that whether Danish will forgive Mehwish or not? Even if he forgives her it is highly unlikely that they will have a future together. What do you think will happen next? Share your thoughts.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Mehwish ko kuch bhi nahi hua..remember we were discussing accident or…anyways,
    Perfect review fatma…
    The start and end was v.meaningful..maham’s scene was needed to show us that even 2.5crores doesn’t mean anything when u don’t have ur dear ones with u…I think this dialogue sums up the entire situation of Danish..”Main maaf karna chahta hu use ,par khuda yaad ajata hai .. matlab? …shirq toh woh bhi maaf nahi karta..”
    I feel for rumi…mehwish ke regrets se ya danish ke maaf karne se uski life thodi na pehle jesi hosakti hai… he needs both of them!

    • LOL Yes! Thank you so much LFI for liking the review. Yes definitely feel for Rumi because he wants things to be ‘normal’ again – he doesn’t understand the complications.

  • Perfect review as usual Fatima. I really liked Hania’s dialogues too. Sawera Nadeem was brilliant in that scene.
    However, I am not sure how do I feel about Salman and Ayesha’s involvement in these recent developments. I mean if they were this close, they should have at least shown them in the initial episodes. That would have been more convincing. And if the show has really 22 episodes only I don’t think that Mehwish’s family would be shown. They have been mentioned only once (that too her sister only). What part can they play in the story now!!
    However, This is what I like about KRQ that you never know how is the drama going to end.
    PS: Do u think Anushey Abbasi will be in drama or was she also just visiting the set like Kubra and Marina?

      • In 2nd or 3rd episode Monty asked Mehiwsh ‘Aapki koi behen hai’ and she said ‘Haan mere se choti behen hai’

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po. About Ayesha and Salman, yes sometimes they are too available and too good to be true!

      LOL!! no idea! Like you said ab last 2 episode mei kya dikhana but then she might ultimately go back to her family. I find it really odd that she has no family she wants to get in touch with – super weird.

    • Yes, Anoushay Abbasi’s in this drama, and most probably as Mehwish’s sister.
      The rest is just guesswork: Either it’s that Mehwish is not on good terms with her family because of something in her past (which has never been talked about too much), or maybe that her sister is the only one she has. That makes this conspicuous absence a bit more realistic.

  • Woahhh! Hats off to u Fatima for putting in such effort and writing such a thorough and detailed review. Enjoyed reading it!
    Yes, this week’s episode had some of the finest dialogues, though a bit slow paced. Maham’s interaction with Mehwish and ‘the salary’ was interesting. For some reason, I do not enjoy the scenes btw Hania and her sister. Her sister is like a complete ‘Know-It-All’, who keeps on reminding Hania from Day 1 how helplessly she has fallen in love with Danish while Hania remains in complete denial!
    I also cannot understand Hani’s conflict. While Danish is leaving she hints on saying yes if he proposes, however, to her sister’s inquiries abt her marriage, she just laughs?!! Ridiculous!!
    The only character which is very well written and developed is Danish’s character, whose character evolution is not only brilliantly potrayed but his dialogues are substantial.
    The only problem I had was with the last dialogue:’ Shirk to Allah bhi maaf nahi karta’.
    Now, seemingly this dialogue is completely alright. But when u see the context of this dialogue, it didn’t seem right to me. Yes, Mehwish betrayed Danish but how can he compare this betrayal(‘Shirk’) with the sin of associating partners with Allah? There is a huge difference!!
    Need ur views on this.

      • And in this context, uska matlab tha k Allah Ta’alah is Raheem, baaki gunah shayad maaf ho jaen lekin Shirakat Allah bhi maaf nai kare ga to woh to insaan hai, insaan to kai ghaltiyan maaf nai karte to apnay saath shirakat kese kare.

        • Exactly, this dialogue indirectly compares (Nauzubillah) Danish with the the attributes of Rahman and Rahim of Allah!! Danish used the work Shirk with reference to Allah, Pakistani Po, implying the usual definition of Shirk.

          My point is ke theek hai ke Mehwish me bewafai ki hai, Chalo Shirk bhi Kiya hai, but can u or anyone associate this Shirk with the sin of associating partners with Allah because the dialogue specifically mentions Shirk with reference to Allah.

          • To each his own, but I think k Allah ka reference is liye tha k Allah saare gunaah maaf farma deta hai siwae shirk k . Jab wo har cheez ka Badshah hotay huay banday kay apnay saath Taaluq main shirakat bardasht nai kar sakta to Insaan to bohat adna hai wo kese apnay taaluq main shirakat bardasht kar sakta hai.

          • I agree with you Pakistan Po and enjoyed reading how you explained this dialogue. I honestly felt there was nothing new about this dialogue, I have definitely heard and read it before.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for liking the review and for sharing your views here, I appreciate it. I agree with you, Danish’s character development has been amazing and some of his personality traits have been so well defined. Humayun Saeed has also done a brilliant job.

      I didn’t like that dialogue either it was actually not new, it’s the kind of thing you read on those random poetry pages all the time! I think usually like we say ke pehli ghalti tu khuda bhi maaf kr deta hei just like that people say these lines. I agree with you my instant reaction was the same as yours, there was no need to end this episode with this dialogue.

      • Glad to know that ur opinion abt this dialogue is in line with mine. So true abt those random poetry pages 😂😂. Now I believe that one or two episodes are left for MPTH.

    • Yes so true, I’m glad somebody else agrees. It’s too one sided the bashing of the woman, yes she made the mistake but is that all we going to see for remainder of the show her getting gaali etc. I can see Danish taking her back, it makes sense. They share a child, he still loves her and he’s in doubt that marrying Hania might only be a revenge thing.

      • They are divorced so there is no getting together again unless she married someone and get divorced. Plus do proper iddat unlike last time.

  • Such a beautiful episode it was. Nadeem baig deserves special credit for directing such masterpiece. Beautiful review sister. Baqi 2 episodes

      • No matter in what twist this drama ends THERE IS A BIG LESSON THAT when a girl and boy sign bond (nikkah) they both are committed to be honest sincere and faithful to each other as it is bond of marriage and NOT a ladder to jump whenever wherever finds better opportunity financially or else wise

  • Hi Fatima, The episode was brilliant and you reviewed it honestly.

    I like the two scenes relation. First where Danish says to Salman that, “Mohabbat koi stock market nai hai, yahan ek baar bhao gira gya to bas gir gaya.” Then Salman says to his wife to tell Mehwish go back, Danish will not meet her. The after effect of Salman-Danish meeting was superbly conveyed by Salman. Now, Salman very much understands how Danish feels.

    The highlight of the episode was Danish-Hania-Vateera meeting. It shows the real feelings of a man in such a situation thinks of. The revenge feeling was overcome by consciousness & maturity. Danish’s likeness is his honesty. He spoke his heart out every time he speaks. That’s what he did in this meeting.
    Second highlight of the episode was the smile Roomi brought on his face at 33:27 when Danish says to him, “bewafai kar rahe ho tum”. That was the height of cuteness. Three times I have this scene. And over to it, he says, “karne do na papa”. Dil Jeet liya re tune Shees Sajjal Gul.

    Lastly, the last dialogue was too related.

    • Hello Aamer, thank you so much for liking the review. I really liked the stock market dialogue as well. Yes Shees Sajjad Gul is adorable. I am not too sure about the last dialogue, I felt it was nothing new. Interesting insights Aamer, really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep reading and commenting.

      • @Fatima Awan Yeah the “Shirk to Khuda bhi ma’af nahin karta” is cliched, but I think it sets the tone and strongly hints at Danish choosing to not forgive Mehwish. It also ties in with M. Matin’s story around Episode 12 or 14 where his wife said, “Do you think I actually forgave him?” (strongly hinting at a “no”)

  • Perfect and spot on reviews Fatimà .Its now confirmed mahwish found to be guilty of committing shirk not to khuda but with husband a majazi khida that makes her shirk -not a mistake-unpardonable. Sharing rights of husband to another person is sin rather shirk thousands of husbands do commit the same crime that always regarded as sin equally Forgiveness is ‘wasf’ of allah who knows how one gets pardon of sins by his/her taubah. We all should have firm faith in God and upon His blessings and forgiveness.

    • Thank you so much MR for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I agree with you when a man cheats on his wife it is as sinful an act as it is when a woman cheats on her man.

  • gr8 review fatima, nice to see a different point of view, but i didnt like this episode at all, it was boring, and also senseless according to me. everyone saying philosophical dialogues all the time is annoying. Hania is unbearable. Maham turned out to be a huge disappointment. I didnt like humayun’s acting also much as there seems to be too much repetition of same kind of scenes and expressions. overall i m not liking the way its going forward, not v happy with the promo too, i hope it ends well.

  • In my opinion, Danish should not forgive Mehwish, no matter what, the reason is Mehwish didn’t come back on her own but circumstances forced her.

      • Also because Mehwish still doesn’t seem to repent much, she didn’t even beg for forgiveness, they way she should. She is enjoying all the support from the friends, and also gets to spend time with the kid because of Danish’s generosity. Whatever sympathy was there is also gone after this episode. I didn’t like Shehwar disappearing in this manner.

  • they are “divorced”.so ab kasa danish osa accept Kar sakta ha??? Har koi yahi question Kar raha ha ka Kya danish mehwish ko wapis rakh la ga ,Matlab kisi na drama nahi dakha ya sab divorce ko kuch samajta hi nahi??? Ya koi Western drama nahi ka divorce ka bad dubara mil jao,Islam ma halala ka bad AP pahla husband sa nikah Kar sakta ho

  • i think that Mehwish is still only thinking about herself as usual, she thought that Danish will come running to her & beg to come back but unfortunately that didn’t happen & Salman & Ayesha are getting on my nerves now, why keep bugging someone when they are already upset when Danish can’t have her back even if he wanted too

  • I loved this episode like I’ve loved almost all the ones that came before…that said, this one came across as unnecessary to me…or at least most of it did. You do great reviews and they explain a lot of confusing stuff away…but shouldn’t we have been able to understand certain things ourselves? Maybe I’m suffering from vacay lethargy but what exactly was the point of Maham’s visit to Mehwish…to rub her face (further) into her misery? Or maybe those 2.5 crores will come in handy once Mehwish is really on her own. What was the purpose of Mehwish committing suicide and recovering (remarkably) quickly from it without it having any effect on the drama except for Ayesha becoming rather affected by it??? For the first time since Hania’s entry…I preferred her scenes to the rest of what was going on in the drama. She acted really well when Danish comes to (not) propose. Didn’t say much but her expressions were quite good. As you said, the supporting cast is very interesting and Rumi is the heart of MPTH. But why do Ayesha and Salman and even Hania act as if Mehwish and Danish getting back together is a possibility? I mean I can understand Mehwish’s approach…since she lived with one man without a ‘legal bond’ it wouldn’t make much difference to her to do the same with another….but why’s everyone else ignoring the divorce? Because unless those divorce papers were fake…she and Danish cant get back together, can they? Tbh this has really been a weird scenario for me ever since Mehwish returned from the den of Shahwar. I sometimes look back and think of Monty and wonder if Mehwish will approach him for halala? Forgive me… I’m just thinking out loud in frustration here.

    • Thank you N for liking the reviews and yes I always say that my review is my point of view, it is not the final verdict, it is a way to start the discussion therefore yes the comments section is here so that everyone can draw their own conclusions and share them here.

    • Finally someone speaking sense..exactly my thoughts. Why are they ignoring the main point..they are divorced

  • I feel Danish will die leaving all wealth and son behind that’s a punishment for her
    Coz you can love once and if trust broken you can’t trust anyone and the fact that someone left you for another person, money or status is a pain that die with you:(

  • “Shirk to Khuda bhi Ma’af nhi karta”
    AOA Fatima!
    I will start with my above quote as although i am man still i found it problomatic because Shirk to man bi kurta hai by having extra martial affair to usko kia khuda MAAF kur deta hai? Having said that Khuda kis ko maaf kurta hai kis ko nai let it leave to HIM.
    We can say ”
    محبت دل کا سجدہ ہے،جو ہے توحید پر قائم۔۔
    نظر کے شرک والوں سے،محبت روٹھ جاتی ہے
    lol and btw this is my thinking it could be wrong also :)
    Moving on Shohar biwi Ka mujrim ho Jaye toh us Ka baki Ka waqt Acha guzarta hai……..👏👏👏👏👏 😂 very deep 😭 by Maham uff what an amazing entry by Swera Nadeem and her acting/eyes were sooperb ..I loved it…
    AyezaKhan performance has been excellent throughout the drama but Mateen Sahab daughters OMG hazam nai hoti mujhy ha ha I mean Hania is dying to be with Danish but denying it and her sister philospher se kum nai hud hi naia.
    Danish will not accept her not matter what because

    خزاں میں ہوتا ہے ، امتحاں وفاؤں کا محسن
    جو شجر کو ہوں پیارے ، وہ پتے نہیں گرتے…
    Overall Nadeem baig has done phenomenal job as director and he is very intelligent with right casting he has provved that.
    Overall i enjoyed the episode and again missed Shahwar :(
    thank you Fatima enjoyed reading your review and yes i am loving this drama after long thing something attracted me …
    till then
    Allah Hafiz

    • @AmirBasharat Leave the man vs. woman thing when watching this show. The writer’s infamous “interview” shows the mind at work behind it (which – honestly – spoiled the show in good measure for me). I personally agree with your view here but apparently the drama’s writer will not… Just look up “Khalil ur Rehman Qamar interview” and you’ll get it.

  • In the previous episode madam mehwish was shown going to a dargah and crying…why???.. she should have prayed to Allah on a Jaaye Namaz and asked for forgiveness!!!!

    Anyway.. i just cant fathom the fact that she is still so selfish… i find her smile so evil.
    She should not be forgiven.
    Romi is giving her a few left, right and center.. only if the character understands it!!!

    Shirk in this instance is shirakat…
    Mohabbat mein shirakat ki gunjaish nahi.

    • Maybe she’s going to a shrine because she’s Asian and Sufism is a major thing in Asia.

  • Hi Fatima ,

    I agreed with you about yet another intriguing episode but somehow i feel MPTH has lost its charm which it held for so so long.It is getting quite predictable and lacklustre. But one thing is for sure Danish cant take Mehwish back as she is divorced and never got married to shehwar. Secondly i feel after watching yesterday’s episode that Danish isnt going to marry Hania.because he knows he wont love her .I think that there will be a tragic ending of this drama for sure.

  • To me it seems:
    Rumi understood his dad –
    “Mom will be forgiven when dad forgets her”
    Danish will be betraying his own self if he gets back together with Mehwish since he just acknowledged that even Allah (SWT) does not forgive shirk.
    Ayesha and her husband represent public at large in a society with their doubts, questions, etc..
    Mehwish still trying to manipulate the situations perhaps not as concienciously as before but is doing it nonetheless.
    Getting her son’s sympathy and trust by reminding him that she remembers how his dad was such a kind person to her and she misses that.
    Rumi represents in a way how kids of these situations grow up too fast. He seems to have to take care of his needy mother all the time now whereas it’s the mother’s job to take care of and sheild her kids from all calamities as much as possible – k ik nd of how Hania and Danish behave with Rumi.

  • The story packs intense potential along both possible roots – that of Mehwish’s “unforgivable sin,” as well as that of Danish’s maturity in forgiving her.
    Either way, it seems highly unlikely that they can be back together. I’m personally betting on #Dania (Danish + Hania) thanks to little Rumi.
    Besides, even from Rumi’s perspective, Hania has been more of a motherly figure to him than Mehwish, so…

  • If the divorce was such a issue, Danish would write off any suggestions that he would take her back. He does not do this, instead he did say he forgives her. He knows she wants him back but if the halala situation is needed then surely he would have said it straight and ended it. He’s conflicted about Hania or her, my money is he would get her back.

  • Islam me divorce k baad maafi nai hoti . 4 months 10 days iddat b poori ho chuki ab Rujoo ho he nahi sakta . Is lie maafi ki baat krna b ghalat he

    • As a matter of fact Islam mein shaadi ke baghair kissi mard aur aurat ka saath rehna bhi ghalat hai. So agar dramey mein yeh justified hai tau divorce ke baad wapas aana bhi theek ho ga 😁

  • On one hand, Danish is taking a strong position against the sin committed by Mehwish and on the other hand he had nothing but respect for his mentor Mateen Sahab who was guilty of the same sin. The usual double standard of our unethical society. We expect women to be perfect in all their roles while the men can get away with murder.

  • How can he even take Mehvish back , they are divorced . She was going to enter into a Nikkah with another man like 2 days ago . This makes no sense whatsoever

  • Every body thinking from different angle.
    Nice comments by Amir Basharat with good supporting poetry.
    It seems to be the next comming difficulties faced by the couple rejoining after separation especially from our religious point of view.

  • Fatima your reviews are indepth and unbiased. Your approach impresses me every time. You analyze the story and execution from every aspect. Keep doing this. All the best.

  • Salaam ! Great Review! Maybe I am in the minority, but perhaps Mehvish just wants Danish to forgive her, and there is no expectation for him to take her back? Clearly even she cannot ignore the fact that he divorced her at her behest… am I being naive?

  • I loved this drama purely for the strong willed characters portrayed in it. But at this stage i think Mehwish should not go back to Danish. Being the dominating, headstrong woman that she is will she ever be able to live happily with the one she left/cheated? How will she look him in the eye?
    Danish may forgive her but will he ever respect her and dote on her the way he did before?
    For the sanity of both of them they should part ways on a friendly term and instead Mehwish should work to be an independent woman who can buy what she wants without the mercy of a man.

    And where is her good for nothing friend Anoushay who was there to incite her all the time before!!

    This has been an emotionally strong out of the box drama and i think I’d like to see it end like that too, not on a low pleading for mercy note or someone dying to make things right note!!

  • >