Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 7 & 8 Story Review – Intense

Opening Thoughts – Intense & Interesting:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb were intense & very interesting. I like how the story is unfolding now & they are giving us more insight into the characters & their lives. From last few episodes, they have started to focus a lot more on the real issues & it is now gelling in together to form an interesting narrative.

Insight Into The Characters:

Gauhar did not back out from her job. Even after she was humiliated, she continued because more than feeling for herself, she felt for Sameer’s mother. Gauhar knew that there might be a reason why Sameer behaved that way but then she had no other choice than to just forget & move on. Sameer was uneasy at what he did, it is like he doesn’t want to do all of this but he ends up being mean. All this while they kept on giving us hints about the traumatic childhood that Sameer has had & that showed that it has shaped up his personality. Although Sameer could not control the circumstances back then, but somehow he seems at peace with his personality & his life at this stage. Sameer likes routine, he likes everything systematic, Gauhar has entered his life & she is breaking the rules he has set, which riled him up but as he started noticing Gauhar more, he could feel that she was basically a good change, a much needed change that his house & his mother actually wanted.

Kashif got to learn more about Donia & her past. Donia’s father sees Kashif as a trustworthy person, that is why he shared the pain Donia has been carrying with Kashif. Finding out more about Donia made Kashif change his mind about her, not that he was complaining but he was unable to figure out why she behaved this way, why she had erected her guards & believed in giving others a hard time. Kashif continued to do his work but then, he was excelling at his work & that what made Donia ease out a bit in front of him too.

Donia was engaged to her cousin Farhan, but after she developed muscular atrophy, Farhan left. I really liked how they took us back to show the kind of relationship that Donia shared with Farhan. Even though there was a lot of liking that they both had for each other, they were still not soulmates, they were not compatible & they didn’t really have that mental wavelength. Farhan was already feeling trapped & suffocated by being in a relationship with an opinionated, strong-willed, level-headed girl like Donia & even though Donia could see that Farhan was not into her as much, she continued to ignore it. Donia was in denial, because she loved Farhan so much, she didn’t want to even think about the possibility of him not loving her as much as she did.

Sameer mended his ways & allowed Gauhar to take the decisions that she wanted to from now on. Sameer could see that Gauhar’s presence has brought a good change in his house. Gauhar has realized that Sameer’s mother is just lonely, that is why she made a personal request to him. Sameer has seen that Gauhar has also had a good influence on his mother, so he was kind of happy & relieved that Gauhar will not run away like the previous governesses.

Gauhar’s professional life is full of challenges & hardships, it is not an easy job by any means but Jahangir is now making her personal life difficult too. Gauhar has so much on her plate right now but she is just doing her thing because she wants what is best for her parents. This entire fiasco over a huge car coming to pick & drop Gauhar was so real & typical at the same time. People couldn’t stop talking & no one for a second thought that Gauhar must be doing something noble, they just judged her as per their perception & limited vision. Jahangir decided to show what he was made of to Gauhar by barging into Sameer’s home but then Sameer intervened. Now this incident will further force Sameer to develop a soft corner for Gauhar in his heart because he will see that a girl like Gauhar who is so full of potential is just going to have her life ruined due to family pressures. Sameer was also dealing with the rekindled agony of losing Zoya. Her cousin showed up & accused Sameer of being a murderer. Sameer once again didn’t really bother much & put a brave face in front of everyone but after he found out that she was Zoya’s cousin, he couldn’t take it out of his mind.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant Direction & Acting:

Ishq Zahe Naseeb has surely begun & the story is getting interesting with each passing episode. The direction is intelligent & the little moments which have been left out to the viewer’s imagination is making it even better of an experience to watch. All the actors are surely delivering their characters to perfection but Khalid Malik is on a whole new level. Zahid Ahmed & Sonya Hussyn are doing their job well too. Zarnish Khan has given a perfect treatment to Donia’s character. I wish to see more of Sami Khan & I am glad that the next episode showed Kashif lashing out on Donia. It will be quite interesting to watch. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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    • Sorry for leaving the comment incomplete. I was saying it was indeed a perfect review.
      If you have noticed the same things are happening with kashif which happened with gohar.
      The way gohar gave a piece of her mind to sameer the same way kashif will do that with donia.
      Anyways, keep making excellent reviews.

      • Thank you so much Eman. Oh yes, they both have parted ways but the circumstances & situations in their lives are pretty much the same. They both are dealing with the same kind of scenario in their own way. :)

  • Nice review, Zahra. The drama is getting interested now. Sonya is doing great job, no overacting, no rona dhona. Zarnish is justifying Duniya perfectly. Yes, i also want to see Sami khan more. The talent like him should not be overshadowed by the other lead characters/story. It looks like soon there will be end of Jahangir’s role. I really enjoying Khalid Malik’s acting here. He is not totally negative character, but grayish comic, innocent and one sided lover. I like the character and the actor too.

  • thanks for the review as I don’t watch this drama anymore, I was scared that u might not give as much detail thinking that everyone has watched it, I can imagine that in the scene were Jhangir comes face to face with Sameer would have been entertaining, both faces would have been worth watching

  • Brilliant review !!
    Though m not a big of sami khan but here m liking him ..

    Everything is going well but i hate that joker gauhar’s fiancee .they shud not give him thatuch screen time ..

  • Just here to comment about Zahid Ahmed’s nose, i first noticed it in Pukaar but didn’t thought much of it. What has he done with it? It looks like he fell down right on his nose and flattened it.

    • Yes KK ..he has done nose job ..and trust me now it looks like melting pakora ..
      He z the one who is criticizing imran abbas for doing make up ..but what happened now ?? Plastic hair and plastic nose ?

      • Yes it was stupid of him. Whenever i watch him onscreen now i am always distracted by his nose. He has lost his charm.

  • Great review, Zahra. It so happens that I just happened to watch Besharam (yes I know I am late) recently and I have become a diehard Zahid Ahmed fan. And now seeing him here in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, my penchant for him has deepened further. He is so versatile, so daring to try out such a risky role. But the character that I am enjoying the most is that of Shakira. She has such an eerie haze of mystery surrounding her…..Yumna Zaida rocks! The character which has gone through the most profound paradigm shift is that of Gowhar. From a carefree, rosy-eyed romantic to this responsible, level-headed and courageous young lady, the transformation has been both fascinating and meaningful. But there is a melancholic air to the circumstances of the estranged couple. As for Donia, Zarnish Khan is absolutely breathtaking. Her acting is, as always, on point, not to mention her overall look for this projection is so chic and classy. Sami Khan is doing a good job as well. Overall a wonderful drama and a daring script.

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