Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 9 Story Review – Brilliant Performances

Opening Thoughts – Phenomenal Performances:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb had some phenomenal performances to its credit. The story has started to progress now & a lot more is being revealed, which is now making Ishq Zahe Naseeb an interesting drama to tune to. The direction is making a lot more sense & I am glad that the not-so-needed flavors have subsided & the focus is now on emotions & circumstances of all the characters. This kind of script obviously needed the seriousness & I am glad that has finally kicked in.

Kashif Broke The Silence:

Jahangir created quite a scene at Gauhar’s workplace. Jahangir just wanted to let Gauhar know what he was capable of. It was his tact of intimidating Gauhar so that she feels oppressed & understands that she does not stand a chance against Jahangir. Sameer was disturbed because he didn’t really approve of the drama that Jahangir created at his home, but also because he found out that Gauhar was engaged to a man like him due to the debt her family had to pay.

Gauhar knew that she’d have to do some answering but she was finally pushed to the limit that instead of simply answering her family, she ended up giving them a reality check too. Saleem has been a useless brother, a selfish one at that who just dances on his wife’s tunes, that is why Gauhar reminded him that he had no other choice but to simply accept the fact that Gauhar was working at someone’s house. Saleem thought he was doing the right thing by questioning Gauhar but then, he just showcased his hypocrisy & nothing else. Gauhar has made up her mind that she will continue to work but she did take a little break till the situation normalized at her home. Gauhar’s transition into this mature young girl who is bearing the responsibility of her family has to be one of the best aspects of this drama. I am so glad that she had this side to her too & that is now being elaborated. I will however say that hearing all the things that Gauhar’s mother said to her about having no other ‘option’ than to just marrying her off to Jahangir was quite disappointing. They are helpless, that is a fact but to let your daughter know that she is being used as a barter bargain is the worst thing that parents can do to their child.

Kashif just wanted to do something nice for Dunya by checking upon her but she turned it into another chance of insulting him. Kashif knew that he was tossing away an amazing job for the sake of giving Dunya a reality check but he still acted impulsively & said everything that he had in his heart. Kashif was silently observing Dunya & he did realize that due to her medical condition, she had become tunnel-visioned. Dunya believed what she wanted to believe in & because she was trying so hard to fight her insecurity, she thought everyone was only being ‘nice’ to her because of what she considered her insecurity too but Kashif told her otherwise. Kashif actually respected Dunya, it was because he saw the potential in her & he respected her for the fact that she was running such a successful business on her own but then Dunya saw his respect as a sympathy as well. That exchange of words between Dunya & Kashif was my favorite part of this episode. I am so glad that something has happened in this track as well. Dunya did need this reality check but because she had erected these walls around her, no one could dare say the truth to her but Kashif decided to say it out loud, not to anyone else, but to Dunya, on her face. Bravo! It felt as if Dunya’s father was relieved too that someone did tell her to think & look beyond what is physical state is, he knew that Kashif’s words were bitter but were much needed for Dunya to come out of this bitterness & get back to her happy-self.

So, Sameer could see that his mother has become pretty comfortable with Gauhar & she was also getting used to having her around, that is why when she didn’t show up, she was flustered. Sameer will now do everything to bring her back. Gauhar has left quite an everlasting effect on both Sameer as well as his mother & she is not even aware of it yet. Sameer’s mother has tried to do a lot more research regarding Sameer’s condition, only out of her pure concern for her son. Finally, they did give a name to Sameer’s secret, he has multiple personality disorder & yes, his caretaker that he met in his childhood named Shakira has left quite an impression on his mind, due to which he has not been able to take her out of his mind & has imbibed her personality to keep her alive. Shakira was a voice to all of those evil & negative feelings that crossed Sameer’s mind & because he couldn’t do that himself, he started relying on her persona to channel them out, interesting! I am glad they finally addressed it & now they will show us more about Sameer & the one whom he refers to as Sameera now.

Closing Thoughts – Sami Khan: The Star of The Episode:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was brilliant. Sami Khan was definitely the star of this episode & he showed what a seasoned performer he is. Sami Khan showcased the anger & frustration that was pent up in Kashif just so effortlessly that it actually left a mark & he outdid himself. That scene was so spectacular that taking your eyes off the screen was impossible. Brilliant acting by all the actors in Ishq Zahe Naseeb so far, Zarnish Khan as Dunya, Sonya Hussyn as Gauhar, Khalid Malik as Jahangir & Zahid Ahmed as Sameer/Sameera are doing wonders. Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s plot is unique but the fact that all these actors have joined hands to bring it to us in such a convincing manner is commendable. Hashim Nadeem has chosen a very complex subject but I am glad he is narrating it just so simple for everyone to understand & take something from it. I am glad they have stopped relying so much on the OST but I could do without it totally. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • Great review, Zahra. It so happens that I just happened to watch Besharam (yes I know I am late) recently and I have become a diehard Zahid Ahmed fan. And now seeing him here in Ishq Zahe Naseeb, my penchant for him has deepened further. He is so versatile, so daring to try out such a risky role. But the character that I am enjoying the most is that of Shakira. She has such an eerie haze of mystery surrounding her…..Yumna Zaida rocks! The character which has gone through the most profound paradigm shift is that of Gowhar. From a carefree, rosy-eyed romantic to this responsible, level-headed and courageous young lady, the transformation has been both fascinating and meaningful. But there is a melancholic air to the circumstances of the estranged couple. As for Donia, Zarnish Khan is absolutely breathtaking. Her acting is, as always, on point, not to mention her overall look for this projection is so chic and classy. Sami Khan is doing a fabulous job as Kashif. I loved his outburst in this episode….his role as a romantic lead and then a considerate brother and son and now a man who knows how to speak his mind out and preserve his self-respect….he has depicted all these flavours of his personality with elegant fluency. Overall a wonderful drama and a daring script.

    p.s. i LOVE the ost…..its as beautifully haunting as the drama itself….quite in harmony

  • It was a wonderful episode and so as your review. Kashif was listening quietly because he knows she is insecure due to her disability, but on the contrary she is a strong businesswoman which overshadows her disability. But he gave up when she says how he dares to touch her. He was not having any wrong intention, but to rescue her. He played big gamble by responding Dunya and now he wonders how he will manage his sister’s marriage. Seeing his family responsibilities on screen through a drama, i am started wondering that during our daily routine, we come across many people on street, road, buses, I am sure some of them might have such responsibilities and for them how much important a job would be. Especially working girls and i am sure 50% of them unwillingly doing, just to bear such responsibilities, I salute them. Gauhar’s case is perfect example of it. I liked Sonya’s confidence of acting here, her skill is definitely increased from all the previous dramas.

  • i think Zarish looks beautiful in this drama Ma Shaa Allah, thanks for 4 the lovely review

  • Great review. Its my favorite drama. The storyline is very interesting and unique. Thoroughly impressed by writer, director and definitely actors, they did splendid job. I still remember that scene in which yumna said maar do naa, uski himmat kese hui tumhe mmmujh se cheenne ki uff i loved that scene. This s getting interesting by every episode.

  • Amazing and bold story line with all powerful performances. Now I m praying for Sameer not to die as the woman predicted to gouhar about her two marriages.
    He should be normal as it’s not his mistakes but his step mother n now she is showing her care about him.

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