Izteraab – Episode 01!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so sad that I expected something different by looking at the promos of this drama. I know it’s too early to pass a verdict about the story but as far as I can foresee, this drama is another of those infidel love triangle sagas which do have a capability to make your head spin. Written by Amna Mufti & directed by Misbah Khalid – let’s see what this duo has come up with.

When I saw Saba Qamar act like a normal lady as in not as a villain in the promos I thought I definitely will give this drama a try but seems like Mikaal Zulfikar didn’t want to experiment & to be on a safer side, there he is, once again playing a role of a bored husband who’s bored with his wife & is egoistic. Zara (Saba Qamar) is a working woman who handles everything on her own but only expects her husband to acknowledge the efforts she puts in running the house. Surprise surprise, Jazib (Mikaal Zulfikaar) is once again a discontented husband who is not only egocentric but thinks highly of every single female other than his wife. They have a beautiful home with two lovely kids Sofia & Tabrez.

Jazib is now taking care of his Khala (Seemi Raheel) who separated from her husband just because he got married again. Khala has come to stay with Jazib because apart from him she has no one to seek help from. She has an only daughter Dua (Sanyia Shamshad) who’s B.A & Parathas have impressed Jazib so much that he expects his wife to leave everything & try to be like Dua for once & if not totally, she must at least try her hands on parathas by herself which will improve the state of their turbulent married life by heaps.

I must say I really don’t understand why all the working women in our dramas are shown as head-strong females who have a good salary & a dysfunctional marriage to their credit? In reality, I have seen so many working women who know how to maintain a balance between their professional & personal lives. Who excel in their careers & also have a squeaky clean home & kids but sadly none of such character has ever made it to our TV screens. It seems like the writers want to impose the fact that all those working women who leave their homes for their jobs have sulking husbands who miss their presence & a bunch of servants who take care of the house. Seems like Jazib very easily wants to get away with his unfairness by taking his wife for a lunch & by apologizing to her after belittling her, because it was the very same Jazib who just snubbed Zara off as he didn’t want to remind kids of their routine.

Even though Zara has wholeheartedly accepted Jazib’s gesture to help his Khala, Jazib thinks Zara is unhappy because she’s being exposed for not taking care of the home like a normal married woman. Zara on her own feels that Jazib has provided her with everything except loyalty. Khala herself has sussed that Dua’s presence might prove to be a hurdle in Zara & Jazib’s rocky marriage but she unwillingly & hesitantly has chosen to stay because Dua is having a time of her life by making Pink Tea for her Jazib Jee & Parathas for Jazib Jee’s kids. I found it a bit too clingy to see Dua getting so much involved in household chores; I mean who does it these days?

Overall, it was a pretty average episode & a very disappointing start because the story has begun with the negativity. The direction was pretty ohkay but I am not too impressed by the script as yet. I am not sure what the drama will offer because for now it seems like a predictable love triangle & nothing else. For the sake of my wishful thinking I’ll give this drama a chance, so let’s see how it goes! Share your opinion about the very first episode of the drama.

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