Marasim – Episode 01!

While looking at the promos I thought this drama definitely would offer something different. I must say considering the very first episode they did progress the story with the help of some flashbacks quite appropriately. If I have to explain in the simple words this is just another story about the joint family politics written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah & directed by Owais Khan. I have heard some great reviews from the viewers who have seen the scripts written by Zanjabeel Asim therefore I’m ready to give this one a try plus after APlus’s brilliant Aunn Zara that I covered, I am hoping APlus will not disappoint the viewers this time around too.

It’s the story of Gaitiara (Saba Hameed) who spent all her life miserably under the domination of her mother in law (Badar Khalil). Before her death, Gaitiara’s MIL thinks the best way to keep the family close-knit is to have the interchanged marriage of her grandchildren. Without the consent of her daughter-in-law Gaitiara, the MIL orders Rafique (M. Hanif) & Sherbano (Naila Jafri) to get their children married when they grow up.

Gaitiara & Rafique have a son Daood (Ahsan Khan) & a daughter Deeba (Sadia Faisal) where as Shehrbano’s son is Abdullah (Furqan Qureshi) & the daughter is Momenah (Sonia Hussain). Daood & Momenah have always loved each other because of their pre-arranged relation but Momenah has her inhibitions because of Daood’s mother. Momenah feels that Gaitiara has become quite bitter because of the ill-treatment of her own MIL. Daood tells Momenah to ignore his mother’s bitterness & treat her with love & respect because she can’t resist as she has emotionally suffered a lot. Momenah also dreads that things might go wrong & they’d have to part.

Where Daood & Momenah have a good relation & they love each other, Deeba always feels that Abdullah isn’t interested in her but she decides to give the utmost attention to her relation with a wishful thinking that Abdullah will fathom her love & she will win him over one day. Gaitiara who feels that now she is in a position to break the engagement, tries to talk her daughter out of her commitment but Deeba refuses to let go despite the fact that Abdullah has always lent a cold shoulder to her. Gaitiara tries to explain to Deeba that the way her own father was cold, similarly Abdullah will not treat her well but Deeba remains persistent because she believes the time will change.

Abdullah after an year of his marriage to an Indian Muslim girl in the USA tells his mother, sister & Daood that he has gotten married. Hell breaks loose when Daood finds out as he is devastated & can’t imagine what his sister will go through because she loves Abdullah & this also compels him to have second thoughts about his own engagement to Momenah.

Momenah tries to persuade Daood into getting married to her before his mother finds out about Abdullah’s marriage as she knows that Gaitiara will not allow Daood to get married to Momenah as well. Daood does try to convince his mother for his marriage but Gaitiara clearly tells him that she won’t allow it until Deeba is married off to Abdullah.

This much was revealed till now & I feel the pace was good. I did find the beginning scene of the episode a bit too prolonged & felt they should’ve tackled it better because the conversation seemed never-ending & the flashbacks weren’t supporting the whole feel of the conversation but after that the episode picked up the pace & it got me interested. Let’s see what happens next because we have a lot of characters to know the story of. I feel that the fresh young cast will play a great role in the success of the drama but this depends on the director the most as to how he brings out the best in them, let’s see. Share what you thought about the very first episode.

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