Izteraab – Episode 05!

Ohkay, this episode didn’t give much in regards to the story but yes, gave us a lot of reasons to loathe Jazib Jee.

Zara & Nano’s conversation gave us an insight that Zara has been struggling with the responsibilites ever since Sophia was in pre-school. So what was Jazib doing all these years? For a moment I felt that at least Zara might cross Jazib’s mind but seems like he’s pretty much settled with his new wife & doesn’t really care how his kids are dealing with the change. As per him, they are just kids when Dua complains but on the other hand he expects them to act & understand everything maturely which I feel is completely selfish of him.

Very easily Jazib told Dua that she needs to have a firm hand on the kids as they are becoming ill-mannered, so I am guessing, apart from the office hours, he has so much time to spend with the kids, so why doesn’t he teach them what they need to learn because he’s their, uh what’s the word FATHER I guess!!! How very conveniently Jazib labeled his kids as batameez, but when it came down to him, he tossed his share of responsibility on Dua as well that now she needs to look after every single thing, starting from their morning alarms to their upbringing to their garam garam parathas. 

While looking at Dua & listening to the conversations she had with Jazib, I kept on wondering Masterchef Pakistan is starting just at the right time, because now she’d be getting so many ideas as to what she must cook for her Jazib Jee every single day, isn’t it interesting? I know she is having a hard time with the kids & they are giving her a tough time as well but are we ever going to hear her talk about anything other than the kids or the food?

Khala Masooma had a short say in this episode & now looks like she went back to her husband so as to understand how step-moms & second wives roll. That’s how she is learning the art of dealing with the second wife & she gives on the pointers to her daughter Dua because she’s in the same spot & she thinks by relating her experience to Dua’s position she can teach her how to make the kids love her. I am glad Sophia’s doing everything possible to make Dua lose her calm.

I don’t know but I felt there were too many shots of Jazib & Dua resting in their room. I don’t know but I feel that much coziness was unsightly. We know the drill, they both have gotten married & Jazib is now sleeping peacefully after eating a good meal he was waiting for his whole life, but to actually show those shots over & over again was unnecessary. I guess they can only show Dua in the frame but now they even had some conversations on the bed which made me upset, I mean things can be shown out of the bed & out of the room so why so much emphasis on shaneel ki maroon blanket & ruffled up hair?

As always, I felt for Zara a lot more. She was upset & she was thinking about Jazib too. It’s like in this separation, the only person at loss was Zara because Jazib is still in the same home, with his kids & totally happy with his new-found chef/wife/babysitter/kinoo peeler & what not. But the only person who’s suffering the most is Zara. I don’t know if there’s a stop to her miseries but seeing her spend time with her kids was definitely a highlight of the episode topped up with the perfect dialogue that she said to Dua which was ‘ja k khana banao’. Dua’s response was quick & seems like she has started to unwind pretty qucikly too. Let’s see what happens next.

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